Swaragini-My Sister Is My Enemy ( Chapter Seven )

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Chapter 6

So let’s begin:

Recap: SwaRadh friendship, a glimpse into Radhika’s past, intro of Maheshwari family, Flashback of Swalak first meet, and Sanskaar’s La La land.

In Mumbai:

Swaragini, Resham and Radhika reached home, it was almost 8pm and they all were tired so they all went to fresh themselves up in their respective rooms, after sometime they all were back in the hall, ‘’Hey guys wait for some time I will make something for dinner’’ said Resham and was about to go but she was stopped by Radhika ‘’Resham you take some rest because today I will make dinner for you all’’ said Radhika and made Resham sit on the couch with Swaragini ‘’

And yeah my company is launching its new album on 16th may in Kolkata so we will leave for Kolkata within this week so if you want to come then finish all your work and take a leave for two weeks and it will be a road trip to Kolkata. It may take at least 27 hours and 50 minutes by car so tell me your opinions when I’m back’’ said Radhika and went into kitchen ‘’Oh my GOD a road trip to Kolkata we should go na Swara plz plz plz’’ said Resham to Swara. But she was silent; her face was beaming with happiness because she really wanted to go to Kolkata so that she can meet Dida, and she knew that Radhika planned it specially for her ‘’Yes Resham we will go too it would be fun right Ragu’’ said Swara ‘’Yeah…………I think I should go and see what is she cooking ‘’ said Ragini and went from there, her tone was cold and Swara and Resham realized it. Ragini stood outside the kitchen to see what Radhika was cooking;

it seemed that it was pasta and Ragini’s mouth was getting watery because of the delicious smell that filled the kitchen. ‘’You can join me instead of standing at the door Ragu’’ said Radhika without even turning around ‘’How did you knew that I was standing here, you didn’t even turned around also’’ said Ragini childishly ‘’I can feel your presence Miss Ragini Gadodia because you are my other half’’ said Radhika while cutting the vegetables. Ragini was overwhelmed by her reply; she slowly went inside and hugged her from back and closed her eyes ‘‘so are you going to tell me what’s bothering you’’ said Radhika with smile. ’’Did you planned our album launch in Kolkata so that Swara can meet Dida, did you planned this especially for her?’’ asked Ragini. ‘’Aren’t you happy with this, I thought that you will be happy by seeing her happy’’ said Radhika ‘’It’s not that I’m not happy ‘’ said Ragini

‘’Then what is it han, tell me’’ said Radhika gently. ‘’I’m afraid Laado, I feel that if you will be friend with Swara then you will start avoiding me and I will lose you forever, but I don’t wanna lose you’’ said Ragini still hugging her. Radhika broke the hug and made Ragini face her ‘’Jealous han’’ said Radhika teasingly ‘’Why should I’’ said Ragini trying to justify herself but it was a failed attempt ‘’Ragini you both have a separate place in my heart and no one can take that place ok and about losing me I promise you that I will always be with you till death do us apart’’ said Radhika assuring her ‘’Pakka’’ said Ragini ‘’Pakka’’ said Radhika ‘’But I will kill you if you took this death word out of your mouth again’’ said Ragini angrily ‘’Ok baba now spare me so that I can cook’’ said Radhika. ‘’Just taste it and tell me how’s it’’ said Radhika feeding her some pasta ‘’It’s delicious, I want more ‘’ said Ragini pouting ‘’Here you go’’ said Radhika giving her more and she sat on the kitchen counter, ‘’Ragu can I ask something ‘’said Radhika. ’’ Yeah’’ said Ragini, ‘’Do you love Sanskaar’’ said Radhika. (Sanskaar was listening all this through phone,, Radhika secretly called him before asking her and put her phone in her pocket)

‘’Of course I do, see na now also I’m thinking about him only’’ said Ragini sarcastically ‘’Oh come on Ragu I’m serious’’ said Radhika. ‘’Are you mad from where did this love came from’’ said Ragini, ‘’I think you love him Ragu and maybe he loves you too but you just don’t realize it’’ said Radhika with a challenging tone ‘’ Such a great imagination you have Laado but it’s not true, I can’t love him and if I even try to think that way, his behavior around me always make the situation awkward for me, he is such a ghonchu I really don’t know how do his family members tolerate him in his home. And you I just love to tease him. How cute he looks when he is angry I just love to see that expressions on his face’ said Ragini. (Sanskaar was happy and hurt at the same time, happy because at least she like something about him and hurt because she said that she cannot love him. Radhika disconnected the call) ‘’Ok fine I surrender, now help me in serving pasta they must be very hungry’’ said Radhika and give her some plates to place on dining table and she carried those outside. There Swara and Resham were talking about something and laughing

‘’Come guys dinner is ready ‘’ said Ragini happily that cold tone was gone now and she looked normal and Swara and Resham took a sigh of relief ‘’Oh my God this delicious smell is making me crazy please bring the food fast’’ said Resham excitingly ‘’Here is the dinner’’ said Radhika and she served them the pasta ‘’Tell me how’s it ‘’ said Radhika and she also sat with them ‘’Oh my, it’s delicious Radhika you should have be a chef instead of lawyer’’ said Swara and they all enjoyed there dinner and they were back again in the hall ‘’Hey guys shouldn’t we go outside for a walk ‘’ said Radhika ‘’Yeah I think it’s a great idea we should go’’ said Swara agreeing with her ‘’Ok then come on ‘’ said Ragini and they were about to leave but Resham stopped them ‘’Wait will you all go out like this in such a cold weather. I will bring shawls’’ said Resham and went in her room and came out with shawls in few minutes. They all covered themselves with shawls and went out.


‘’There is a park nearby we will go there in pairs, let’s see who will reach there first. ‘’ Resham you go with Ragini and I will go with Radhika’’ said Swara and took Radhika with her and they started walking ‘’Radhika I want to discuss something important with you but promise me that you will talk to me as my friend not Ragini’s just for sometime’’

said Swara with a serious expression and held her pinky finger up ‘’Ok I promise now tell me what do you want to say’’ said Radhika holding her pinky finger ‘’As you know that mine and Ragini’s relation is not quite good and you know the reason also, so tell me am I doing the right thing by holding her responsible for our mom’s death. What would you have done if you were in my place that day?’’ asked Swara ‘’I will tell you Swara but before that I want to know that what does your heart say about this’’ said Radhika ‘’my heart says that I’m doing wrong but my mind says that I’m doing right’’ replied Swara with a confused expression. ‘’Whom do you want to hear Swara your mind or your heart?’’ asked Radhika ‘’I asked you for suggestion but you are confusing me more Radhika’’ said Swara.

‘’I would have placed myself in Ragini’s shoes and then I would have asked myself then am I responsible for it or not, I think you should do the same thing so that you can find the answer of your question‘’ said Radhika and her phone rang it was flashing Sanskaar’s name, she smiled and excused herself and went on a distance to talk to him and Swara signed her that she is going to join Ragini and Resham and Radhika nodded in yes and Swara went in the direction where Resham and Ragini were. ‘’Hi mere pyare ghonchu bhai’’ said Radhika teasing him ‘’Radhika you also started teasing me now I won’t talk to you’’ said Sanakaar faking anger ‘’Are baba these words are not mine your Ragini said these words for you didn’t you heard’’ said Radhika, ‘’ She says that she dosen’t have any feelings for me and even if she try my behavior around her dosen’t let her to do so’’ said Sanskaar ‘’What the hell is wrong with my behavior? Why does she think like that’’ said Sanskaar, his tone was upset ‘’Relax Sanskaar its normal, when you love someone you always act strange around them’’ said Radhika ‘’So what will we do now’’ said Sanskaar

‘’You don’t need to worry Sanskaar leave everything to me I have an idea’’ said Radhika ‘’What are you going to do my behna’’ said Sanskaar eagerly ‘’Wait my dear brother I will tell you that tomorrow. Be ready at 12pm I will come and pick you ok bye ‘’said Radhika ‘’Bye Radhika ‘’ said Sanskaar and they both hanged up and Radhika went to join the rest. Here Ragini, Resham and Swara were walking ‘’I want to tell something to you guys’’ said Swara jumping excitedly ‘’Oh my GOD Swara this much excitement, have you found someone or what’’ said Resham teasing her ‘’It’s not me who had found someone, it’s Radhika’’ said Swara ‘’WHAT’’ said Ragini and Resham at the same time. Radhika who just came now listened all this and hide behind a tree to listen further.

‘’It’s not possible, how did you even came to this conclusion, what did she told you and who is he?’’ asked Ragini ‘’It’s Sanskaar ‘’ said Swara and Radhika rolled her eyes ‘’did she told you that?’’ asked Ragini, her face fell instantly after listening this ‘’No she didn’t told me but just now when we were walking she got his call and her face beamed with happiness, you should have seen her face and she didn’t talked to him in front of me but she excused herself to talk to him in privacy, now tell me what does it show, it shows that they are in love’’ said Swara finishing her explanation ‘’You assumed it wrong Swara you know when we were in kitchen she asked me if I love him and also told me that I do love him but I’m not realizing it so if she really loves him then why would she say all these things to me’’ said Ragini,

‘’Maybe because she wanted to be sure that her lover is not being loved by someone else’’ said Swara ’’But still……..’’ Ragini was about to say something but stopped seeing Radhika coming towards them ‘’what are you guys talking about’’ said Radhika as if she didn’t knew what was going on ‘’Nothing important Radz we were talking generally’’ said Resham ‘’shall we go home now we almost reached at the park’’ said `Ragini ‘’Hey what happened to you why are you upset’’ said Radhika but she knew very well what happened to her, ‘’Nothing what would happen to me’’ said Ragini, her tone was different than usual ‘’Ok come on’’ said Radhika and they all went home

In Kolkata:

It was almost 12am and everyone was asleep in both mansions but two people were still awake and they were Annapurna and Sujata. They both sneaked out from their rooms silently without making any noise so that their husbands doesn’t wake up and they both went to their respective terraces with paper, pens and stones (I think you guys must have understood their solution) and they both were in front of each other Sujata took the paper and wrote something on it and warped that paper in one stone threw that towards Annapurna and she caught that. ‘’How are you and Sanskaar’’ it said, a smile crept on Annapurna’s face after she read that and she also threw one letter ‘’we are fine choti he has gone to Mumbai for some work, how are you all’’ it said. Sujata threw the letter ‘’we all are also fine….Today another year passed but she is still missing’’

it said now Annapurna threw one ‘’Yes Sujata but don’t worry she is very strong and I have full faith that she is happy and save wherever she is ‘’ it said they were talking like that only until Annapurna realized that it was 1am and they both stopped their conversation and went inside. Sujata went to sleep but Annapurna went towards store room instead of her own room. She unlocked the door and went inside; it seemed that the room was never opened in decades, the whole was obliterated by cobwebs and the room only contained some paintings and pictures of Maheshwari family and there was a big photo hanging on the wall in that picture was of younger Durgaprasad and Ramprasad with Annapurna and Sujata but there was also a girl with them. Annapurna caressed that picture

‘’Where are you Divya? Are you even alive? Why did you left your bhabhi alone? But it is good that you ran from this hell but didn’t you realize that your big brother will never spare you, 20 years passed but he is still finding you here and there so that he can kill you. How long will you run away from him? You know I always pray to God that your brother will never be able to find you but I don’t know why these days I feel that he is about to track you again like last time but I hope that he would fail like last time.


Durgaprasad and Divyaa were close from the beginning because she was the only one in the house who wasn’t scared of him and he always admired her courage whereas Ramprasad was scared of his brother but he loved Divya a lot, she was older than him but younger than Durga, as she grown up she became more independent and she fell in love with a boy from her college and he also proposed her which she accepted and he also came to ask for her hand from Durgaprasad refused because he was Bengali and warned him to stay away from his sister but they were also stubborn so they eloped and did a court marriage but soon Durgaprasad found them and killed him but Divya was saved by her friend and after that Durgaprasad was never successful in tracing her (only according to Annapurna)

You know I always wished that we all could be together just like we were 20 years back but I know it’s impossible because your brother has changed a lot now. Take care of yourself wherever you are Divya, your bhabhi loves you a lot’’ said Annapurna and went back to her room. Here in one house a lady is felt that someone is missing her ‘’I know bhabhi it’s you who is missing me I miss you too bhabhi, I miss everyone’’ she said.

In Mumbai:

It was 5am and both Swaragini were sleeping peacefully hugging each other. Radhika came in their room to wake them up ‘’Swara, Ragini wake up its 5am’’ said Radhika shaking them but they didn’t wake up. After thinking for some time she decided to pull their blanket so that they can wake up and she pulled the blanket, Swaragini immediately wake up feeling cold and they were surprised to see Radhika standing there with their blanket in her hand

‘’What is this Radhika let us sleep it’s only 5am’’ said Swara yawning ‘’Oh so madams want to sleep’’ said Radhika sarcasticly ‘’Ok then sleep as much as you want but remember that you both will clean the whole house twice including store room and also outhouse and you both will not get the breakfast until you finish cleaning’’ said Radhika angrily and threw their blanket towards them and left the room. ‘’Ok fine’’ said Swaragini at the same time and drifted back to their beauty sleep

Morning at 9am

Both Sawragini wake up only to find Resham in their room with all cleaning items ‘’Resham what are you doing here with these things?’’ asked Ragini ‘’Radhika said that you both have to clean the house twice including store room and outhouse’’ said Resham ‘’WHAT? WAS SHE SERIOUS’’ shouted Swaragini standing up from their bed ‘’of course she was serious what did you thought that she was joking around at 5am and trust me she is very angry because of what you did in the morning’’ said Resham rolling her eyes ‘’Where is she?’’ asked Swaragini at the same time she is making breakfast for us ‘’Thank GOD at least we will be able to have our food’’ said Ragini ‘’No dears us means me and her this us doesn’t include you both’’ said Resham with a smirk, they heard some footsteps ‘’Oh finally the queens are awake’’ said Radhika, her tone was sarcastic yet angry

‘’So now get up and clean everything twice you have only two hours and if you both didn’t finish on time then you will not get the lunch and dinner also’’ said Radhika angrily and the trio gulped down in fear ‘’I SAID GO’’ shouted Radhika and they both ran outside with all the cleaning items.

In hall

Swragini were cleaning the hall and Radhika and Resham were keeping an eye on them while eating their breakfast. Both Swaragini were eyeing their breakfast hungrily ‘’If you want the breakfast then finish it fast you both don’t have a whole day’’ said Radhika ‘’WE HATE YOU’’ shouted Swaragini ‘’I LOVE YOU BOTH TOO’’ shouted back Radhika with a smirk and Swaragini started cleaning. After the hall they were cleaning the staircase Ragini was cleaning the banister and Swara cleaning the stairs ‘’Ragini clean it properly, see how much dust is there at the right side’’ said Radhika ‘’If you are seeing that much mistakes then why don’t you clean it yourself’’ said Ragini getting annoyed ‘’Why should I? It’s your punishment not mine’’ said Radhika.

After cleaning the whole house twice, only the outhouse was left for them and they were tired as hell ‘’Ragini I never worked this much in my whole life now I don’t even have energy to walk how will I clean this outhouse that too twice, it was better if we would have listen to her in the morning at least she wouldn’t have given us this much work’’ said Swara in a weak voice ‘’I also think the same Swara but we have to finish the work or else I would die with this hunger’’ said Ragini ansd they both went in, there they saw the pictures of their childhood with their mom dad ‘’ How happy we were at that time Swara,

I wish we could be like that again’’ said Ragini to herself caressing the pictures ‘’Ragini do you remember this picture, it was your first day at school and you were crying very badly’’ said Swara ‘’Yes I remember and you promised me that you will be there with me and you sat in the kindergarten with me whole day while you were in 1 class at that time and your friends also teased you for days’’ said Ragini smilingly ‘’Can’t we be like that ever again Swara?’’ asked Ragini ‘’I don’t know’’ said Swara and at last they finished their work on time. Swara was silent all the time, so was Ragini, they both didn’t knew that what would be the end of this, ‘’I don’t know what would be your decision after we get our shares Swara, will you chose to be with me or our paths will be parted for the rest of our lives. I don’t know what will you choose but it is fixed that I will support you and that’s what really matters to me’’ said Ragini to herself

‘’I’m really confused what should I do, should I reunite with Ragini or not, if I follow Radhika’s advice and put myself in Ragini place, I think she is innocent but if I think being myself then it is opposite. Urghh why it is so difficult to decide’’ said Swara to herself and she ran out of the outhouse ‘’Swara wait’’ said Ragini and also ran behind her but Swara didn’t stop and they came inside where Radhika was waiting for them ‘’We finished all the work can we eat now ‘’ said Swaragini weakly ‘’Of course have it it’s all yours’’ said Radhika pointing towards the dining table and Swaragini ran towards the table and started eating as if they will never be able to have it again. After finishing the food they lied on the couches in the hall their bodies were paining very badly Radhika came towards them with water and pain killers

‘’Here have it, it will reduce your pain’’ said Radhika ‘’and I think that you will think a thousand times before refusing me and don’t need to come to office now you both will be there at 4pm until then me and Resham will manage your work’’ said Radhika and went from there and Swaragini had the pain killers and she came back with Resham ‘’Remote is here beside you if you want to watch TV, I had made the lunch it’s in the fridge and we are going to office take care, bye’’ said Radhika and went outside ‘’Bye girls’’ said Resham ‘’Bye’’ said Swaragini and she also went behind Radhika. Resham and Radhika started off from the house ‘’Radz it’s not the way to office where are we going?’’ asked Resham ‘’Resham actually I have to pick Sanskaar also we will go together that’s why we are going from here to the hotel where he is staying’’ said Radhika. They reached outside the hotel blue and she called Sanskaar ‘’Hello Sanskaar I’m here come fast ‘’ said Radhika ‘’Ok I’m coming ‘’ said Sanskaar and he came in a minute

‘’Hi Radhika’’ said Sanskaar and hugged her Resham sat there open mouthed ‘’So Swara was right they are together Oh My GOD how handsome he is ‘’ said Resham to herself ‘’Hi! You must be Resham right’’ said Sanskaar forwarding his hand towards her, ‘’you are right nice to meet you Sanskaar’’ said Resham shaking hands with him ‘’Radhika talks a lot about you and Swara’’ said Sanskaar ‘’Radhika talks a lot about you too’’ said Resham in order to tease him but he didn’t understood what she meant. They kept talking until Resham’s office came and she got down and waved by to them and they stared off from there ‘’So now tell me your idea’’ said Sanskaar ‘’I think that you should change your physical appearance so first we will go to a saloon to give you a proper haircut and we will remove this beard n all, then we will go to mall to shop some clothes for you so from now on you will wear t-shirts with blazer and jeans instead of this boring pant shirt and after that I have to fill some confidence in you I think that’s all for now’’ said Radhika in one go ‘’Ok Baba do whatever you want to do but are you sure this will work?’’ asked Sanskaar ‘’

And I have another idea also but I want you to agree for it’’ said Radhika ‘’Ok tell me’’ said Sanskaar and Rdhika told him all the happenings of last night. ‘’Oh My GOD she thinks that I love you but how can I love you, you are just lie my Uttara for me and you also tied me Rakhi last year didn’t you told them’’ said Sanskaar ‘’I was about to tell them but I stopped after seeing Ragini’s reaction on it, she was jealous, she was feeling bad, though she don’t confess but she loves you so my plan is that we should make her jealous by acting to be in a relationship so that she can confess that she loves you , what do you think?’’ asked Radhika ‘’ No I don’t think it is a good plan how will I act to be in love with a girl who is like my sister Radhika? I can’t do this’’ said Sanskaar ‘’Do you have any other idea?’’ asked Radhika ‘’No but…………….’’ Sanskaar was interrupted by Radhika ‘’But what Sanskaar, if you want to make her realize her love then we would have to act, ok if nothing like that happens in two days then we will stop acting’’ said Radhika ‘’Promise’’ said Sanskaar ‘’Promise’’ said Radhika and they started their mission ‘’BADLO SANSKAAR’’

In Radhika’s Office at 5pm

Radhika and Sanskaar entered together in the office.(It seems their mission is successful) Everybody was left open mouthed after seeing Sanskaar, he looked like a hero in white t-shirt with teal green blazer and blue jeans. Ragini who was doing her worked looked up to see that everybody was so shocked and the same thing happened wih her too, she was speechless after seeing this side of Sanskaar Maheshwari , he looking like a Greek GOD but her trance was broken by Radhika’s voice

‘’Ragini come to my cabin I want to discuss something’’ said Radhika and she went towards her cabin with Sanskaar. Everyone in the office was talking about Sanskaar only, especially girls. Radhika and Sanskaar were in cabin ‘’did you saw her reaction, her mouth was opened in o shape she was so shocked. Am I looking that much handsome?‘’ asked Sanskaar ‘’Of course my handsome bhai ‘’ said Radhika. (Radhika’s cabin contains the live footage of all the cameras in the office on a LED TV so that she can see if everyone is doing their work or not )‘’Sanskaar see she is coming, we have to do something so that she believes that we are in relationship fast’’ said Radhika pointing towards the screen ‘’But what will we do’’ said Sanskaar, both were walking here and there ‘’ Idea!

Sanskaar bring your face close to mine’’ said Radhika ‘’OK ok …….wait what?’’ asked Sanskaar but Radhika held his face and bring close to hers and at the same time Ragini entered the room without knocking and saw them like that, it looked like they were kissing, Ragini felt that someone was stabbing her heart and she ran from there ‘’Plan successful ‘’ said Radhika and they both hi fi. Here Ragini was confused about her recent reaction ‘’Why the hell I am feeling bad, I should be happy for my bestie but why I am being sad? Was Radhika right? Did I fell for Sanskaar? Do I really love him?………Yes I do, I really love him but it’s too late I realized it only after he got someone else, now I can never get his love‘’ said Ragini with teary eyes, someone put a hand on her shoulder, it was Sanskaar, she quickly wiped her tears and turned around to face him ‘’Ragini why didn’t you came inside we were waiting for you’’ said Sanskaar ‘’What a great way to wait for someone’’ muttered Ragini under her breath but Sanskaar listen it. ‘’Did you said something?’’ asked Sanskaar ‘’No nothing I’m coming’’ said Ragini ‘’Wait come to my cabin as Radhika got some urgent work so went and told me to discuss that matter with you’’ said Sanskaar and they both came in his cabin ‘’Tell me what’s it?’’ said Ragini trying avoid eye contact with him and he started telling her but she was busy in staring at him all the time ‘’So what do you think about this Ragini?’’ asked Sanskaar but she didn’t respond so he waved his hand in front of her and she came out of her trance

‘’Yes what were you saying’’ said Ragini ‘’I think you are tired Ragini, come on I will drop you home’’ said Sanskaar. She was happy seeing his concern, ‘’No it’s ok I will go by myself ‘’ said Ragini ‘’Ragini I said come with me’’ said Sanskaar in a demanding tone and Ragini was now unable to refuse him so she agreed and they both came out of office and sat in car. There was a complete silence between them; both were stealing glances at each other without letting the other one know about it, Sanskaar broke the silence ‘’What do you think about my new look Ragini?’’ asked Sanskaar ‘’You look great Sanskaar’’ said Ragini with a genuine smile ‘’I knew it Radhika also liked it very much’’ said Sanskaar to make her jealous and her smile faded ‘’Actually Ragini I want to tell you something,

I don’t know if Radhika told you or not, I must say she is very shy in these matters so don’t get angry with her” said Sanskaar ‘’Ok but tell me first’’ said Ragini faking a smile but she was very hurt from inside( oh poor Ragini but she hurted him also so now it’s her turn to suffer) ‘’Actually we both love each other very much but I didn’t proposed her in a proper way. I want to tell her in a grand way that how much I love her, so I want you to tell me her likes and dislikes so that I can arrange everything according to that, I will propose her tomorrow and I want you to come also to help me’’ said Sanskaar ‘’Of course I will, and actually we both have same like and dislikes (He knew that) and she started telling him everything with a heavy heart. They both reached home and she got down from the car and was about to go in but she stopped hearing his voice ‘’Take care Ragini and yeah come to xyz place tomorrow at 5pm, Bye’’ said Sanskaar ‘’Ok I will be there on time and you take care too bye’’ said Ragini and went inside. ‘’I know Ragini that you realized your love and I’m hurting you but trust me tomorrow you will forgot all this suffering because I will make tomorrows day one of the most special and memorable day of your life’’ said Sanskaar with a determined face…………………………………………

To be continued

Precap: Swalak second meeting (this time for sure), Ragsan love confession, Kolkata trip of Swaragini including Resham, Radhika and Sanskaar, attack on Radhika.

Hey guys so this was chapter 7 and big sorry to Swalak fans because I couldn’t give their scenes but I promise the next one will contain more Sawlak scenes and do tell me what do you think about this chapter. Where you think Divya is hiding? Is she related to Swaragini? Will Duragaprasad be able to find her? Who’s gonna attack Radhika? Will the couples be one this much easily or there are some problems which are waiting for them? If you want to find out them keep reading ‘’My Sister Is My Enemy’’. Take care….Bye

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      Thank you very much Jazzy

  13. Asra

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    1. Frozen_Queen

      Thank you thank you thank you so much for such an amazing comment Asra love you lot too and don’t worry you’re not dreaming. I have read this comment almost 10 times up till now and I every time when I read this I kept asking myself that am I dreaming or not, a big hug for you tkcr dear

    1. Frozen_Queen

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