Swaragini-My Sister Is My Enemy ( Chapter Nine ) Part Two

Hey guys I’m back with part two of chapter nine and I’m terribly sorry for being late, actually my internet ditched me for three weeks I guess. I hope you guys liked the previous part; here is the link in case you missed it:


So let’s begin:

Recap: Resham and Ragini’s successful attempt to send SwaLak Baadi alone, Swara’s realization of Love, Dida came to know about Sanskaar’s family, Swara and Resham to support Ragini.

At night in Maheshwari Mansion (Sanskaar”s home)

Sanskaar parked his car and walked in to the Mansion, there he saw Annapurna waiting for him in the hall “Sanskaar where were you and why weren’t you picking up my calls? You know how much worried I was? You could have at least texted me back saying that you are ok, why are you so careless Sanskaar!” she started scolding him.

“I’m sorry Mom actually there was an important meeting in office today that’s why I put my phone in silent mode” he replied holding his ears “It’s ok just go get fresh I will serve dinner” saying this she caressed his cheek and was about to go but Sanskaar stopped her “Maa where is Dad?” he asked, Annapurna was shocked as Sanskaar never ask about him generally.

“He’s in his room beta but why are you asking this?” she asked worriedly.

“I just want to talk to him” he said,

“Sanskaar I want you to behave well, I really don’t want to witness a fight between you both” she said firmly.
He nodded and headed upstairs towards his room Annapurna also went in kitchen.

Sanskaar’s P o V

I was standing outside of his room; to be honest I was scared, scared of him, but I had to confront him sooner or later, I have to do this for my Ragini, keeping my thoughts aside, I was about to step in but my world stopped there itself seeing sight in front of me, I wasn’t able to believe my eyes. My father was on his knees in front the temple which my mother made in their room.

“GOD please forgive me for my sins, I have realized that how wrong I was, I was taking lives of innocent people just for money, I never ever cared about what would happened to their family after them, I want to do something for them. I want to reunite with my family, I have always treated them unfairly because they wanted good for me but now I have realized it and I promise I will change for good, I will leave this world of crime and sins and I will make sure that Adarsh will do the same, please forgive me GOD, I want redemption, I want forgiveness!”

My mouth was hanging open in shock, I wasn’t able to believe that my father was saying all this, I forget everything at that moment, all I wanted to do was to hug my father and receive all the love for which I longed for years, tears were brimming in my eyes, tears of happiness. I knocked at the door to gain his attention and I was succeeded too, he lifted his face, his eyes were red due to tears, I too kneeled down beside him and hugged him as tight as I could, not letting my father go ever again.

“I’m sorry my son, I’m sorry for being a terrible father, I know I have neglected you, I never loved you like Adarsh. I know you hate me and I deserve this hatred too, but please forgive me if you can my son, please forgive me”

At that time I felt like I was his father and he was my son, actually it’s somewhat true also, people don’t grow old, they simply go back in their childhood again, parents become grown up kids of their children.

“Dad, I don’t hate you, I really don’t hate you for what you did to me. I hate you for what you did to my mother and I cannot forgive you until you earn her forgiveness” I said to him.

“I know, I know my son I really do and trust me I won’t give up until I get forgiveness from everyone, I want to turn over a new leaf and start a new life with my family. Will you help me in all this?” he asked me.

“I will, it’s my promise but now please wipe your tears and come with me, we will have dinner together, and it can be the first step for you to have a normal life once again” I reassured him and we headed downstairs.

I could say that my mom got the biggest shock of her life seeing us together, her face went pale and she even pinched herself to check if she was dreaming or not. Guess what happened after that, she fainted right there.

“Annapurna!” I shouted,

“Mom!” dad shouted.

We both looked at each other, hey wasn’t that kinda weird?

“Sanskaar, she’s my wife and your mother” he said.

“Dad, she’s my mother and your wife” I said too.

“Oh yeah, my bad” we both said at the same time scratching our heads.

After clearing our confusion, we both went towards her and somehow managed to take her to the nearby sofa; I must say she had gain some weight. Okay, I mean a lot of weight. We both looked at each other clueless, but I think Dad got an idea.

“Sanskaar, go get some water so that we can make her conscious” he said.

“Yes Dad” I replied and my eyes started searching for water in the hall and fortunately I spotted a jug at dining table and I went to get it, I came back towards them.

“Dad I got it”\

“Ok, just pour some water on her” he said.

Hey wait a minute, wasn’t I supposed to sprinkle the water, I mean pouring the whole jug of water was a little more.
“Sanskaar, what are you waiting for?” Dad almost shouted.

Without wasting a second, I poured the whole jug of water on her face and she immediately got up, making both of us jump from our places.
“Sanskaar, only a few sprinkles would have been enough, why did you poured the whole jug” Mom said coughing.

Her face was contorted in fury. She was as angry as a bull. Her cheeks flushed and her eyes sparkled with ferocity. The water was flowing from her nose and ears too, Oh shit! You have gone today Sanskaar.

“Aa-ba ba Mom it was not my fault, Dad only said to pour water on you, I was just obeying him” I said pointing towards Dad.
Mom shifted her gaze from me to Dad and he gave me an I-Will-See- You-Later look. I needed to save him somehow.

“Mom why don’t you go and change so that we can have dinner together” I said.
Hope this would work.

“You’re right, I totally forgot about dinner. You both go I will join you in a minute ok” she said and went to her room.
“Phew!” we sighed at the same time.

We both looked at each other and burst out laughing. After few minutes mom came at the table to join us and I was waiting for the food to be served greedily, actually I’m a great foodie when it comes to my favorite dish “Aloo Gobhi”

“Mom please serve fast na I’m hungry” I said eagerly
“Sanskaar, what’s the hurry, your Aloo Gohi is not running anywhere ok” she said.

Finally I got my first love, my Aloo Gobhi and I started eating like a hungry beast but then I realized that it was the right time to talk to both of them about me and Ragini.

“Mom, Dad, actually I want to tell you both about something important” I said.

Oh boy! This was hard, I was already sweating.

“What is it my boy? Tell me? No need to be nervous” Dad said.

“Yes Sanskaar tell us” Mom said too
“Actually Mom Dad, I love someone, her name is Ragini-”

I was about to say further but Mom chocked hearing the name Ragini, I couldn’t describe the expressions on her face first it was something like joy, which turned into sadness and then into helplessness but seeing me she composed herself.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, you can continue now” she said wiping her face.

Her voice sounded weak at that moment as if she will burst out crying at any moment. Dad was also confused about this but I decided to let it go and continued further.

“As I was saying Mom I love Ragini and I want to marry her, we both work together and I want your permission and blessings” I finished.

I looked at their face for a positive response and luckily they didn’t seem angry, they just looked at each other and turned to me.

“If you want this then we both are ok with it Sanskaar, in fact we both will go to her house for your alliance, right Annapurna?” Dad said with a broad smile.

“Yes Ji” she approved too.

Oh My GOD! I was on cloud nine, was it that simple? They were the best Mom Dad in the world, Mom was since beginning but Dad also joined her today, but there was something in mom eyes which was bothering me, but I decided to figure it out later. Finally it was decided that they both will go to Baadi tomorrow. Yippee! I wanted to do a happy dance but I couldn’t do it in front of them of course. I hope everything is fine on Ragini’s side too. After Having Dinner I decided to call Lucky, I dialed his number but he didn’t lift up, I guess he’s with Chachu and Chachi, he’ll later.

At Maheshwari Mansion (Laksh’s Home)

Laksh was watching football match with his family but only Ramprasad and Laksh were enjoying, Sujata and Uttara were sitting there clueless, there gazes were fixed on the clock, as the clock strikes at 11m, the mother and daughter duo were having the naughtiest smirk on their faces and the father and son duo face fell.

“TIME UP! Now it’s our turn. Can we have the remote please?” Sujata said in a teasing tone.

“Whatever” said Ramprasad and handed her remote.

“Yoo-hoo” Uttara and Sujata shouted and high-fived.

“Uttu what should we watch first?” Sujata asked eagerly.

“Mom what about Saath Nibhana Sathiya?” Uttara said.

“For GOD sake, not that one, what the heck happened to your choice Uttara?” Laksh was annoyed.

“Like your choice is praised by the president” Uttara said in an angry tone.

“Ok fine then we will watch Sasural simar ka” Sujata said to stop their argument.

“Of course not, who’s going to watch that thing, it’s better if you watch something like CID or Savdhaan India” Ramprasad said.

“Have I ever considered your advice before? I don’t think I have” Sujata said.

She was about to change the channel but suddenly the cable went off. Sujata and Uttara were shocked whereas Ramprasad and Laksh smirked without letting them notice.

“How did this happen?” Ramprasad signed Laksh.

Laksh raised his collar victoriously. They both continued their conversation in sign language whereas Sujata and Uttara were busy in flipping through the channel.

“I know you both have done something” Sujata said she was hell angry as well as annoyed.

Not a good combination for Sujata Maheshwari you see.

“Maa you doubt us huh, we both were sitting here only in front of you, but still you doubt us. That’s not fair Maa.” Laksh said wiping his invisible tears off his face.

“Awww my baby is crying huh. Ok leave all that tell me did you find your girl or not? I guess you remember our agreement, you have only 12 days left” Sujata said to change the topic.

Hearing this Laksh’s face lit up and he started blushing.

“Oh my, someone is blushing here huh? So this means you found her, I must say you’re quite fast in this matter. Ji you should also learn something from my son. Thank GOD he isn’t like you, I think my DIL wouldn’t have to propose him like you” Sujata said.

Color was drained out from Ramprasad’s face, Sujata realized what she said and blushed too. Uttara and Laksh who were trying hard to suppress their laugh finally burst out laughing.

“Mom did you really proposed first?” Laksh said not able to believe it.

“Yeah” said Sujata shyly.
“Oh no! I forgot that I left the milk in the oven to boil” Sujata said and ran in the kitchen.

“Who the heck boils milk in oven? Something is surely wrong” Uttara said confusedly yet thoughtfully.

“Dumbo she was trying to find a suitable excuse but she failed terribly” Laksh said and they both high-fived.

“By the way what happened to our cable suddenly?” Uttara folded her arms demanding answer, eyeing them with a death glare.
Ramprasad pointed towards Laksh, her gaze shifted to him.

“Ok fine I messaged Rohan and he came and pulled the wire out from outside” Laksh said.

“Thanks for the information” Uttara said and her serious expression turned into normal ones.

Sujata came from the kitchen with a tray which contained ice creams for everyone.

“I guess you were boiling milk, Mom?” Uttara said teasingly.

“That too in oven” Laksh also joined her.

“Do you both want ice cream today or not?” Sujata said faking anger.

“Of course I want” said Uttara and grabbed her bowl and the family enjoyed their ice cream.

At Baadi:

Ragini’s P o V

I was roaming here n there along with Shona and Resham in our room.

“I think we should call Radhika” I said.

“NO!” Resham shouted and we both looked at her.

“I mean she needs some rest, we should not bother her right now” Resham added.

“She’s right Ragu I think we should wait till tomorrow. Isn’t it weird only in few days we all are depended on her for every small thing” Swara said smiling.

“Yeah she has a charm, she’s just like a magnet, no matter how much you try but you are still attracted towards her” I said.

“I think we should wait till Radhika arrives after that we can talk to Dida together, what say?” Resham asked.

“I think that’s a great idea” I said.

I noticed that Swara was looking at the necklace which we all have, she got “friend”, Resham got “best” I got “forever” and Radhika was having “n after”. I remember I asked her that was she having something in her mind while she gave us our necklaces. And she said “That you will come to know when it’s the right time.” I was confused at first but I decided to leave it on the time itself.

“Where are you lost young lady?” Resham asked waving her hand in front on me as I was lost in my thoughts.

“Ah, nowhere actually I was thinking have you guys noticed that she’s always a mysterious type?” I said to change the topic.
But I think that was not a good idea.

“That’s true I never saw her enjoy something our even laughing, she never laughs just like a robot” Swara said.

Her tone was a little strange and suspicious at that time.

“Maybe something terrifying happened which made her like this” Resham said.

We both looked her, she had a point there, and maybe Radhika is having a terrible past which is still effecting her present.

“Ragu do you know something about her, you know her from last two years?” Swara asked.

“No I don’t, Shona” I said.

That was the biggest failure of mine; I never tried to know anything about my best friend.

“How come you don’t know anything about her, aren’t you both best of friends, I mean come on she knows you more than me” said Shona confused.

I felt guilty at that moment; my head was down in shame, because I failed as a friend. But as you see truth is hard to accept and painful too but at the end truth is truth we can’t change it. I think they both knew what my answer was going to be, Swara lifted my chin up and Resham hugged me from side. At least they are more good friends of her.

“Maybe you failed as a friend Ragini but at least you realized it na and I bet you will change for good sissy” Swara said.
She messed my hair, she knows that I really hate it when someone messes with my hair.

“Shona! Resham, grab her I think my sis is in mood of playing games” I said mischievously.

“Ok, ok I’m sorry, I’m sorry” Swara said.

She was going backwards and was about to escape when we both grabbed her and started tickling her and she started laughing her heart out.

“Ok guys stop it, can’t bear it any more” she said begging us.

I stopped tickling her because we both had enough; now it was someone else turn, we both eyed Resham with a devilish smile, who was busy in laughing but she immediately stopped as she saw us coming towards her.

“Hey, wait look I didn’t do anything ok, you both were the ones who started it. I’m an innocent soul, please leave me”

She was pleading and we both were enjoying, but her innocent soul wasn’t going to stop us from tickling her. We started tickling her and she was laughing like Mogambo. She was also spared after sometime and now I was the one who was left from this torture and they both started ticking me but I somehow escaped from their hold and jumped on bed and grabbed a pillow as my shield, and this led to our pillow fight. The room was a mess. After sometime we fell on the bed tired. You see we had a lot of fun.

“Okay guys I’m going to sleep, tomorrow is a big day for us we should get up early” Resham said.

She was tired as hell her eyes were hardly open but she somehow managed to walk to her room. I got up to change into my night dress. I came out after few minutes, that was when I noticed Swara she was taking some pills. I think she didn’t my presence up till now.

“Shona, what are these pills for?” I asked

She flinched hearing my voice; I could see in her eyes that something was surely wrong with those pills.

“Ah nothing Ragu these are for headache” she said.

She didn’t took any pill, she just hurriedly put those pills in cupboard and was about to close it but I held the door and grabbed those pills.

“Ragini! Move aside” She shouted nervously.

“Just tell me what are those damn pills for and I will move” I shouted back.

“I told you these are for headache Ragini”

She was trying hard to snatch the pills from me but I pushed her slightly to have a look on those pills, those were sleeping pills. That was the breaking point of my patience, my sister lied to me. At that moment, I was blinded by a five-course serving of rage that tasted bitter.

“Why the hell do you need these pills Swara! You are addicted to them aren’t you that’s why you were hiding these from me” I shouted.

She didn’t answer me. Wow! My sister was addicted to sleeping pills and I never knew it argh. She was just standing like a statue, silently weeping. I realized I was too harsh on her; I should handle this matter with love and care. I sighed deeply calming myself.

“Shona I’m sorry, I was too harsh but who the hell can stand their sister taking these pills. Tell me since when and why are you taking these pills, please” I said cupping her face.

Swara’s P o V

I just fell in her arms hugging her as tight as I could; I was crying hard, her arms as shields of love, a hug so warm yet so different than a motherly embrace. When we finally parted, I felt is absence as a cold wind, wishing I could keep my sister wrapped around me like a well worn sweater for always. She made me sit on the bed and turned towards the jug. She give me some water and sit beside me, I know she was waiting for me to open up about everything but it was hard for me as I never told anyone about this, not even Dad. I was about to say something but she cut me off.

“Sshh, take your time Shona, I will wait but you cannot avoid this conversation okay” she said.

I knew that it was the time to open my heart out to her; she has a right to know. I put my head on her shoulder and she started stroking my hair. I closed my eyes letting the words flow out from my mouth.

“All this started after mom’s death, after you left. There was no one with whom I can talk too, with whom I can share my secrets. You can say I was longing for a motherly figure, I know Dad was there but you know that we cannot share everything with our Dad. There are something which only a mother knows, some things which only a mother can understand. I too wanted someone but no one was there. You know I was having a feeling since childhood. That feeling was strange; too familiar yet too strange. I never knew how to define it. I wanted to smile, laugh along with everyone but something in me grabs my heart tight, crushes it to pieces. The brightness inside of me was gulped by something dark. No, I would be wrong to say it is dark – it is empty, nothing else. I used to have nightmares about mom’s accident, slowly; slowly I was afraid of sleeping in night. I never knew what the heck was it until I was all grown up, I realized that I was suffering from a though phase of depression but that was not all. There was something else from which I was suffering but I didn’t knew what it was? I used to hold you responsible for it. I started developing hatred for you in my heart. Dad was never there for me, to make me sleep just like mom always did, to help me with my homework. All I had was a bunch of servants to help me. I was awake for 3 long days and I passed out in front of Dad, I was admitted to hospital that was when doctor told him about mine being awake. Doctor told that I was probably suffering from insomnia, fear of sleeping and it turned out to be true. My treatment was never successful because I needed comfort and love at that time, not some blo*dy bitter medicines or a heartless cold blooded psychiatrist but dad never understood, he was always engaged in his work actually he became a workaholic to take his mind off from mom’s death and neglected me completely. This insomnia haunts my nights; fatigue rules my days. When I need to be lucid and clear my brain begs for unconsciousness, for sleep at any price. But come the hours of darkness in the comfort of my bed, my mind lights up with new possibilities, new sources of disaster and danger. I want to let them go, to count sheep and relax, but soon the sheep are telling me what can go wrong tomorrow because of some avoidable blunder I made today. When I finally sleep I wake after only a couple of fitful hours and wake as if a whole night had passed, but it hasn’t. I wish I could be one of those people who roll over and doze off but I can’t. I can either lie in my bed watching the color slowly seep back into the walls, waiting for the dawn chorus, or I can get up. Sometimes I curl up in my pyjamas with my laptop, other times I get dressed and go downtown to a late night club. If I’m going to die early from never sleeping enough I figure I should make the most of my time.”

I paused for a moment thinking that she would say something but she didn’t. She was just listening without any interruption and that’s what I want at this moment.

“I started taking these pills four years back because I didn’t have any other option and as long as these pills give me comfort which I wanted I didn’t care for any other option either. I was never addicted to them before, but as time passes without even my knowledge they became essential for me. I was a sadistic soul until Resham came into my life as my cheerful pa and later became my bestie and I’m still thankful of her, she taught me how to live my life. I started to live a normal life again but I was never able to get rid of these pills. Remember that day in Mumbai when I had a nightmare; it was because I forgot to take these pills. I know you are angry with me, I’m sorry Ragini, I’m sorry for holding you responsible for my problems” I said.

I felt hot tears running down from my cheeks; Ragini made me lay on bed tightened her grip around me.

“You don’t need to say sorry Swara, I would have done the same if I would have been in your place, but promise me you will never consume these pills again. They can kill you slowly Swara and I cannot lose you again” she said.

“But Ragini-”

“I know what you want to say, but it’s final, you are not going to take these pills anymore and don’t worry you can have a good sleep without any nightmares and I will help you in that, just lay here and close your eyes, think about those childhood days which we spend together playing pranks on people, playing with our dolls, riding our bicycles and all those beautiful moments” she said hugging me tight.

She closed her eyes and I did the same and slowly I drifted into a deep and peaceful sleep in my sister’s arms without having those pills.

Next morning:

I woke up hearing the noise of our annoying alarm clock, I tried to get up but I was unable to do so, I realized that Ragini’s arms were still wrapped around my waist. I didn’t have any nightmare last night, she was right; I can get rid of these pills with her help. She’s no doubt the best sister anyone can ever have. I glanced at the alarm clock to see the time. Shit! It’s already 9am and visiting hours for morning are from 9 to 11.
“Ragu get up we have to go to hospital” I tried to free myself from her hold but wasn’t successful so decided to shook her instead.

“But I’m not sick Shona, let me sleep” she said lazily

“Dumbo we have to pick Radhika and Prachi Maa from hospital and yeah let me get up, I’m not running anywhere”

I reminded her and she was jolted awake from her beauty sleep. Aww I hate it but I loved it at the same time, I mean who the hell doesn’t love to irritate their sister.

“Oh shit! I totally forgot about that, come let’s get ready fast” She said and was about to go but I held her arm.

“Thanks for last night Ragu” I said.

“Mention not sissy”

She said and kissed my cheek and ran towards bathroom.

Resham’s P o V

I can honestly say I don’t hate anyone, I never have. Ok that’s not true but this traffic jam is getting on my nerves. We were already late all thanks to Swaragini, that’s why we left them in Baadi only, I’m somewhat evil when I’m angry you see but Dida was also involved in this so no regrets. We brought clothes and some breakfast for them. I noticed that the signal turned green and the cars started moving.

“Finally” Dida sighed in relief.

“Yeah finally” I sighed too.

Suddenly my phone started ringing, it was flashing Swara’s name.

“It seems that your granddaughters want to talk to you Dida” I said giving her the phone.
She put it on speaker. Smart woman I must say. She wasn’t going to listen to them alone.

“WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU” Swara shouted from the other side

It was so loud that we quickly hanged up.

“Okay I think we are gone today” Dida said.

“You think? I believe we are gone today” I said.

Okay I knew she would be angry but I didn’t expect till this extent. But nothing can be done right now as we already reached the hospital. Thank God its 10:20 we still have forty minutes.

“Dida you go ahead I will come after parking this thing” I said.

I really hate driving because I failed 48 times in driving test. But past is past, now I’m a good car driver but still I prefer riding bikes instead. Dida just nodded and went inside. I parked the car and also headed in with all the stuff we brought. I was outside of her room in two minutes but then I noticed that Dida was still standing outside, she had a surprised look on her face, I wondered what is she looking at, I went towards her and brushed my shoulder with hers as I was carrying all the stuff, my hands were busy. And the most annoying part was that these things were blocking my vision.

“Dida why are standing here, come on let’s get inside” I said to her.

“Just look inside once” she said.

Why was she behaving strange? Anyways obeying her I handed her all the things so that I can look inside. And that was it, I was in same condition as Dida, I saw Prachi Maa lying in place of Radhika and she was nowhere to be seen in the whole room, bathroom’s door was also opens so there was no chance of her being there.

“Are you also seeing what I’m seeing?” She asked.

“I think I am” I replied.

I scanned the corridor to see if anyone from the hospital staff was there or not and I spotted the same nurse which came in the room yesterday.

“Excuse me sister, can you please come here” I said.

She looked at us confused but she came towards us.

“Yes, how I can I help you” she said smiling.

I bet her smile will not last long.

“Can you tell me where the patient is?” I asked pointing towards the room.

She looked in that direction and her smile faded. Yippee! I won the bet, but from whom? Ah whatever but that’s not important right now, the important thing is that where the heck is Radhika?

“Where is the patient?” she was stuttering.

That poor soul was confused herself. But she doesn’t work here to roam around confusedly. Does she?

“We asking the same thing, where is the patient?” Dida asked this time, she was more annoyed than confused.

She was about to say something but someone interrupted her. It was a female doctor.

“I guess you are asking about Radhika, isn’t it?” she said.

Okay at least she knew something. Thank GOD!

“She is in children ward, come I’ll show you” she said.

“But what is she doing in children ward?” I whispered to Dida.

“How would I know that” she whispered back.

Oh yeah she was right. I think only Radhika can tell us about that.

“Ok fine, give us the lead” I said.

“Wait wait, we should take Prachi with us too” Dida said.

I totally forgot about Prachi Maa, actually I’m desperate to see her reaction when she’ll be awake.

“We got you both finally huh”

Shit! Swara and Ragini both are here, standing with their hands on their hips in anger, but they won’t do anything in front of that doctor? Would they? Probably not. They both ignored us and went in the room and they shocked to see Prachi Maa on bed.

“Prachi Maa, get up” Ragini said shaking her.

She got up with stretching her arms and yawning her eyes were still closed. I guess she’s thinking that she’s alone in the room. We were trying hard to suppress our laughs; she jumped almost 4 cm from the bed when she saw all us staring at her.

“What the heck are you all doing in my room?” she asked scanning the surroundings.

“I guess you are not in your room, you are in hospital and on the bed on Radhika was supposed to be lying. Where is she?” Swara asked.

“I don’t know where she is but how come I reached here, I was sleeping on that sofa” she said.

She was confused as hell.

“She’s in children ward and I think we should go there and ask her instead of arguing like kindergarten students” I said to ease their confusion a little.

Thank GOD we finally head to children ward. When we were near the ward we heard someone playing guitar, that tune was so calm that I was just somehow attracted to it and when that doctor opened the ward we were shocked to see the person. It was Radhika, I never knew she can play guitar. She was surrounded by the children of the whole ward that’s why she wasn’t able to see us except one girl who was still on her bed with a serious expressions, she didn’t looked hurt though, and it seemed that she didn’t want to join them. Radhika’s gaze was fixed on that girl. It was funny but it seemed that they both have same personality, mysterious personality. This girl always remains an unsolved mystery. I thought this shock was enough for today but no she had something else in the store too.

“Didi can you sing a song for us we want to listen in your voice” one child said to her.

“Okay I will sing but only if Radhika join us” she said pointing towards the same little girl whom she was staring at earlier,

So they were not only having same personalities, they were having same names too. Hearing this all the kids went to junior Radhika, I think that’s what we should call her. After a lot of pleadings she agreed to join them and Radhika started singing.

Labo pe baat thi reh gayi
Nami thi adhuri beh gayi
Khoya jo tu pyaar kho gaya
Dhoondhu tujkhe mil jaa kahi
Dard de thoda thodi phir se de saza
Yaad de thodi thodi jeene ki dua

Yaadein teri yaadein teri
Mere jeene ki dua
Yaadein teri yaadein teri
Mere jeene ki dua
Yaadein teri yaadein teri
Mere jeene ki dua
Yaadein teri yaadein teri
Mere jeene ki dua
She started whistling in between.
Tujh bin khali dil
Khali khali dhadkane
Tujh bin khoye khoye hai
Fiki fiki khushbue hai
Aake dekh tu tujh bin
Kaise ham jiye
Yaado ke nishaan
Apne sine mein liye

Yaadein teri yaadein teri
Mere jeene ki dua
Yaadein teri yaadein teri
Mere jeene ki dua
Yaadein teri

When she finished her song, we all were having tears in our eyes, her voice having such a pain which was indescribable. Children started clapping for her.

“Sorry bacha party, not a big fan of happy happy songs” she said holding her ears.

“She is here since last night; actually there was a power cut last night in this area due to some reasons and they children started crying in fear and were getting out of control. Radhika was a big help, she handled the children until the electricity was back again.” Doctor said.

I didn’t notice that she was still here.

“I think we should also join them” I said.

“You’re right” Ragini agreed too.

“Laado” she called out.

That’s when Radhika noticed us, she was dumbfounded seeing us. That’s what I thought but she wasn’t shocked seeing us there, she was shocked seeing the doctor with us as her eyes were glued to her. Doctor was about to say something but she was interrupted by Radhika who waved the children goodbye and almost came running towards us.

“Manvi, so you’re here, Akshay was looking for you everywhere” she said.

Dr. Maanvi’s face lit up hearing that name, I guess she’s having a crush on that doctor she greeted us and went outside and Radhika sighed in relief. I don’t know why but I feel that Maanvi knew something about Radhika and she didn’t want her to tell us that’s why she sends her from here.

Radhika’s P o V

Thank God Maanvi went from here or else she would have said something about me.

“Radhika! How did I reach on that bed and why didn’t you wake me up?” Prachi Maa questioned confusedly.

“Simple Prachi Maa, I was about to wake you up but you seemed tired so I just carried you to the bed so that you can sleep comfortably” I explained her.

I don’t want to brag but I’m strong enough to lift her from that couch to bed.


“No ifs no buts lets go home I have to do packing also” I said cutting her off.

“Are you going somewhere?” Ragu questioned.

“Yeah I will be staying in my house from now on” I said.

I could sense they all were upset but I have to this for their well-being only.

“WHAAATT!” They all shouted.

Ouch! That “what” just blasted my ears or not?

“But why, I mean aren’t you happy in Baadi with all of us?” Swara said.

Fortunately I can hear, Swara is always calm but don’t know why Ragini is total opposite.

“It’s not that I don’t want to live with you all, it’s just that I can’t risk your lives, did you all forget why I’m here? Someone tried to kill me. Do you all think it’s save for you to live with me? I don’t even know that if I will wake up alive tomorrow or not” I said.

“RADHIKA” they all shouted again.

“Okay I’m sorry I’m sorry but it’s the truth and you all have to accept this.” I said.

“If it’s that then I will come with you too, I cannot leave you all by yourself in that haunted house” she said.

I knew it! Ms. Ragini can never agree with me easily. I signed Swara and Resham to convince her.

“First of all my house is not haunted, second if have to take you there only then what’s the use of going there” I said.

“She’s right Ragu, please don’t make this difficult for her and anyways she isn’t going for forever, isn’t it Radhika” Resham came to my rescue.

“Yes Ragini, trust me all this will be over in few days” I said.

“Promise” she said extending her hand.

“I promise” I reassured her giving in.

“And yeah you all can accompany till there, is it ok for you. I bet Swara and Resham want to see my haunted house” I said in a creepy voice.

“Yoo-hoo! I’m a big fan of haunted houses; I would love to see your house” Resham said excitedly.

Ok someone’s up for the challenge.

“Me too” Swara said.

“Ok baba but let me change first; I cannot go outside in a hospital gown obviously, where are my clothes? I asked.

“Here” Dida said and handed me my clothes.

Something is surely wrong with everyone today.

Baadi isn’t that far from the hospital, phew! I was not in mood to drive today but I had to because I like to do distract myself with something whenever I’m upset or confused, right now second one is right. Dida’s behavior is the first thing which is confusing me; it seems she’s angry with me. But what could be the reason, did she came to know about something she shouldn’t have known. Nah, calm down Radhika no one can know anything about me at least till I don’t want them to know. We reached at Baadi and i quickly packed my things so that we can start off for my house.

Finally we are here. I hope they would like the surprise which is waiting for them inside.

“Boy! This isn’t a house; this is a mansion, castle or something like that, grand and royal” Swara exclaimed as she got down from the car.

“I think you all should take a quick tour around the house, we can have our breakfast after that” I said and they agreed.

Now I was alone with Dida and Prachi Maa, I decided to talk to Dida, it was the right time.

“Dida what’s wrong? I’m noticing you since morning is there any problem” I asked with concern, she was making me worried.

“Radhika do you know anything about Sanskaar’s family?” she asked, her tone was rising with each word she said.

From where did this came from? I think she came to know about him. Shit! I didn’t wanted it to come out like this.

“Dida just lis-”

“Did you knew his father was Durgaprasad Maheshwari?” she shouted this time.

There is no use of arguing with her right now.

“Yes” I said.

That was it; a slap echoed in the air, she slapped me. But this was not her fault too this kind of reaction was expected from her.

“Who the hell give you the right to hide this from me, despite knowing everything about him, you helped him so that he could make Ragini fall for him. Do you think his father will accept this marriage? How could you put her life in danger Radhika? Are you her mother, her sister or even a relative of her? No you are nothing just a friend of her. Who’s hiding a big part of her life from everyone, who knows what you were doing in those four years?” she was yelling continuously.

I now she’s angry right now but she shouldn’t have said these things too loud, thankfully the doors are sound proof so there is no chance that Swaragini or Resham can hear anything.

“Dida it’s not that I was hiding this from you, I wanted you to meet him first and judge him as a person without his family background being involved. I cannot hide this from you neither Ragini nor Sanskaar too. Trust me he can protect her, they love each other and they cannot be happy without each other” I tried to explain her.

Unfortunately she was still angry but she does listened though.

“Can you give me the guarantee that she would be safe there even if Sanskaar is not around? Can you?” she asked.

If she wants it to go like this then let it be.

“Parachi Maa, can I have a moment with Dida alone?” I asked her.

She didn’t respond just walked away like a zombie; it seemed she was just a way too shocked.

“If you want the guarantee then I’m ready to give you one but promise me neither Swaragini nor Resham should know about this guarantee thing and you will go inside and tell them that you are ready for this marriage, leave the rest to me and about this guarantee, you will come to know about everything after their wedding. I know you don’t consider me anything and I’m not sure if you believe me or not but I don’t think you have any better option and yeah my friends are my life and I’m too selfish in the matters of my life” I said firmly and walked in leaving her alone.

She pointed out on my friendship today; she thinks that I’m putting Ragini in danger. She thinks that I don’t care about her. The bound which we shared was not there now. I was always nice with her but now I don’t think I can be after this. I think the time has come for my revenge. It’s time to become Mrs. Radhika Maheshwari from Ms. Radhika Mehra, once again……………………………..To be continued.

Precap: Final chapter.

So this was the part two of chapter nine. I’m sorry there were no scenes of SwaLak and RagSan and I wasn’t able to include Laksh’s Pov also and I’m sorry for that and that tv serial thing, I’m sorry if I have any fan of those serials but trust me it was just for some fun. So what do you guys think would happen next, what’s Radhika planning? Has Durgaprasad really changed for good? Can Ragini help Swara in her addiction to those pills? Will these sister remain together or something will turn them into enemies again? Did Dr. Maanvi knew something about Radhika that no one else knows? What would be Dida’s final decision? There are many more questions but I would be glad if you answer these. See you guys again with Last chapter of My Sister Is My Enemy till then take care, Bye.

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