Swaragini – My Sister Is My Enemy ( Chapter Five )

Hey guys I’m back with chapter five I hope you guys will enjoy it, here is the link of previous chapter in case you have missed it


So let’s begin:

Recap: Radhika rocks Swaragini shocks

In Swaragini’s room

‘’This is what ideal sisters should do right’’ said Swara mimicking Radhika ‘’ My foot! What does she even think of herself, she is sick and also cold hearted b***h. She doesn’t even know with whom she is messing with I’m Swara Gadodia and I will not let her do whatever she wants, and Ragini she is your best friend na then why don’t you just go and tell her that you don’t want to share this room with me, she will not say no to you right ’’ said Swara mockingly. ’’ Who said that I don’t want to share this room with you and mind your language because whatever she is doing is for our good only and she would not get any benefit from it she is just fulfilling the promise which our father gave her and I will not tolerate any single word against her so if you want your share then listen to her or else you would have to live in streets not in this room’’ said Ragini with the same tone and went towards the cupboard to find something comfortable to wear and she decided to go with tank top and pyjamas , while Swara bang her fist on the wall hardly ‘’Ouch shit my hand’’ she said shouting and jumping in pain ‘’Seriously what kind of sister you are Ragini you only care for her not for me ‘’ said Swara still in pain, ‘’Do you even consider me your sister when you are not in pain or in fear’’ said Ragini weakly ‘’No you don’t Swara, you really don’t but she does, she is always there for me in my good and bad times and up till now she has taken place of a mother, of a sister and of a best friend in my life and what about you Swara? Were you there for me when I needed you the most?

Think about it once Swara and then tell me should I care for you or for her’’ saying this went in bathroom to change. But her words were constantly ringing in Swara’s ears ‘’Was she right?’’ said Swara to herself, then she remembered the morning incident, when she was afraid she behaved as nothing ever happened and when she when she was back to normal she again started her cold and rude behavior towards her and again she was doing the same thing knowingly or unknowingly she was hurting her and she realized it ‘’Should I apologize or not? Wait…..Why should I apologize, she is getting what she deserves I will not apologize that’s clear but firstly I should do something to get rid of this Radhika’’ said Swara with a determined face. While Ragini broke down in the bathroom ‘’Why Maa why, why is she doing this with me, am I that much bad, am I really responsible for your death, do I deserve this ‘’ said Ragini……’’NO I really don’t deserve this and I will prove it to her and she would have to realize this sooner or later’’ said Ragini to herself with a determined face and wiped her tears. Here Swara was on bed reading a magazine while Ragini came out from bathroom; both were behaving as if other one was not there. Ragini sat on the couch and took out her laptop to do a Skype chat with Dida but Radhika came in with her laptop ‘’No need to login Ragu she is here with me and trust me she is very angry with you right Dida’’ said Radhika while she came in and sat on couch with Ragini ‘’Ragu I told you to call me as soon as you reach but you didn’t called I’m very angry with you’’ said Dida faking anger ‘’Sorry Dida I forgot but trust me I was about to call you only’’ said Ragini holding her ears and they both were busy in chatting with Dida. As usual Swara was jealous of their bound but her mind always overpower her heart and she denies to accept the fact but this was not the matter which was bothering her, she was missing her Dida, she wanted to see her, she wanted to talk to her, she wanted to hear Shona from her mouth so, she leaned forward to see her face without getting noticed but Radhika caught her gaze and she understood what Swara wanted ‘’Won’t you talk to Swara Dida she is here only wait I will call her……Swara come here na’’ said Radhika and went towards her but Swara was numb with happiness, she shook her ‘’Swara are you listening…..go she is waiting to see you’’ continued Radhika, listening this Swara got up from bed and went towards the couch where the laptop was kept and came face to face with Dida, her Dida ‘’ Shona how are you my child see how much big you have become you both look almost the same you don’t know how much I missed you, how much I wanted to see you but your father never allowed it you don’t know how much happy I am, please beta say something, I want to hear your voice’’ said Dida. She was crying, her voice was shaking, Swara was also facing the same situation, she wanted to say many things but she wasn’t able to form word, Ragini hugged her from side and squeezed her shoulders in an assuring way. Even if they both deny, they still care for each other and they both know this very well ‘’ Di…Dida I also missed you very much ‘’said Swara. Radhika went towards Ragini ‘’I think we should leave them alone Ragu’’ said Radhika ‘’ I also think the same come on ‘’ said Ragini and they both went outside leaving the two long lost people alone.They both went in Radhika’s room ‘’ I think I should sleep here today we both had an argument’’ said Ragini while they both sat on bed and she placed her head on Radhika’s lap and she started caressing her hair ‘’ About what?‘‘ asked Radhika ‘’ She was saying bad things about you and I got angry’’ said Ragini smiling sheepishly ‘’ Don’t tell me you fought with her for such a silly reason if you will fight with her like this then how will I reunite you both’’ said Radhika faking anger ‘’Acha baba sorry na ‘’said Ragini holding her ears ‘’Hey I’m not angry it’s just that I want you think maturely, her reaction about me was obvious and anyone in her place would have reacted in the same way, just try to understand her’’ said Radhika taking Ragini’s hands off from her ears ‘

’Now sleep as it’s almost 10pm you both will wake up on 7am instead of five because Swara would have to go to office also and we both will also work in our Mumbai branch good night’’ said Radhika making her sleep on the bed ’’ Such a kid you are…Oh I forgot to ask did you talked to him’’ asked Radhika ‘’Yes I called him but his phone was switched off maybe he’s busy’’ said Ragini ‘’Ok you sleep I will check on Swara ‘’ said Radhika and went towards Swara’s room. When she entered into the room she saw that Swara slept on that couch only in half sitting position, Radhika she went towards her and shook her ‘’Swara get up and sleep on bed“ you will get a sprain if you sleep like this’’ said Radhika but Swara didn’t get up but Radhika noticed the change in her facial expressions it looks like she was having a bad dream she was sweating and trembling and she was mumbling Maa continuously ‘’Swara get up it’s just a bad dream nothing has happened’’ said Radhika shaking her hardly ‘’Maa ‘’ Swara shouted waking up and hugged Radhika tightly ‘’Sshhh it’s ok it was just a bad dream….. Ragini come here fast ‘’ shouted Radhika. ‘’Come on get up and sleep on bed see everything is alright nothing happened ‘’ said Radhika assuring her and Ragini also rushed into the room ‘’What happ……Di ‘’ shouted Ragini and ran towards Swara holding her and Swara hugged her ‘’What happened to her Laado’’ said Ragini worriedly she beaked the hug and cupped her face ‘’ Hey look at me see I’m here na it was just a dream ‘’ said Ragini and hugged her again ‘’Ok now come we will sleep ok ‘’ continued Ragini and made her sleep on the bed and lied beside her she was holding her hand and Ragini was caressing her hair ‘’Ok I’m leaving Ragini take care of her ‘’ said Radhika and went out ‘’Do you want to talk about it’’ said Ragini to Swara and she nodded in no ‘’Ok fine let’s sleep Good night’’ said Ragini and kissed her forehead ‘’Promise me you will never leave me just like Maa promise me’’ said Swara ‘’ I promise I will not now sleep’’ said Ragini and they both drifted off to sleep

Morning at 6:59am

Both Swaragini were sleeping peacefully until the alarm clocks started ringing in the room, there were almost six alarm clocks in the room ‘’Arghhh who the hell kept these much alarm clocks in our room’’ Swaragini shouted at the same time ‘’ I kept these clocks here because I knew very well that you both will not wake up on time’’ said Radhika who was standing at the door ‘’Now get ready we are going for jogging and yeah as you both are late you will not get the breakfast and if you want then you will cook for yourselves ‘’ continued Radhika ‘’That’s not fair’’ said Swaragini annoyed ‘’Everything is fair in war dear ‘’ said Radhika with a smirk and went downstairs ‘’Come on let’s get ready or else she will snatch our lunch also’’ said Swara and ran in the washroom

At 7:20

Both Swaragini came downstairs hurriedly where Radhika was waiting for them ‘’Ok so let’s go and I got two ipod shuffle for you both so that you should listen music while jogging I’m sure you both will enjoy’’ said Radhika and handed them the Ipod shuffle ‘’I think we should leave now’’ said Radhika running outside ‘’Yes madam’’ said Swaragini and followed her outside. They reached at a park which was nearby ’’Ok girls so we will jog here for at least one hour daily so we should get started’’ said Radhika ‘’For whole hour? This is torture’’ said Swara ‘’No dear it’s not called tortureit’s called jogging’’ said Radhika and started jogging. When swaragini switched on their ipods it had only one song in it which was ek hazaroon mein meri behna hai ‘’Hey don’t you have any other song except this ‘’ said Swaragini at the same time ‘’ Are you also having the same song’’ asked Ragini to Swara ‘’Yes’’ said Swara ‘’ What is the need of any other song when you have such an amazing song ‘’ said Radhika ‘’We can’t listen this song for one whole hour again n again’’ said Swaragini angrily ‘’ I’m not asking you I’m commanding you so shut your mouths and start jogging or else’’ said Radhika ‘’Yeah yeah you will not give us our lunch also’’ said Swaragini sadly ‘’ You both are quite guessers I see’’ said Radhika and they started jogging.They jogged half n hour and Swaragini stopped there breathing heavily ”Radhika can’t we rest here we are very tired please” said Swaragini making a puppy face ”Ok fine old ladies but only for ten minutes not more than that and yeah you will not take off your ipods so that your mind stays fresh” said Radhika ” Arghhh I’m fed up of this listening this la la la again n again ” said Swara ” Same here” said Ragini and they both almost collapse on a nearby bench and after taking rest they continued their jogging fort the rest of the hour.

One hour later

‘’At last we finished our jogging , so how was your experience’’ asked Radhika ‘’ Terrible ‘’ both muttered under their breath ‘’Sorry I didn’t hear properly’’ said Radhika ‘’ It was the best experience of our life really’’ said Swaragini ‘’Ok now let’s go home we will watch Frozen ‘’ said Radhika ‘’Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo’’ shouted Swaragini………………………………to be continued

Precap: Entry of our Heroes

Hey guys so this was a long chapter for you all I hope you will enjoy it, sorry if this chapter contains some grammar mistakes as i didn’t get enough time to correct them, see you all with my next chapter and please give your reviews about this chapter. Take care Bye

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