Swaragini- sister bond Episode 3


Sanky and lucky come in class room and sit behind swaragini and sanky is seeing ragini only
Lucky: what happed bhai
Sanky: no reply
Lucky: shakes him and ask what happened
Sanky: lucky I want to tell you something when I saw this girl (point towards ragini) I get lost in her and his sweet innocent face my heart beat get faster
Lucy: love at first sight not a bad choice bhai
Suddenly principal come and tell them about fresher party tomarrow at 8:00 pm all student get excited hearing this and classes get over
Lucky: bhai lets go to canten
Sanky: no I have borrow a book from liabrary
Lucy: ok bhai I wiil wait for you in canten
On the other hand

Swara: I so excited about party
Ragini : me too
Swara: lets go to canten I an so hungry
Ragini: swara I want to borrow a book from library so you go ok I wiil come and join you
Ragini and sanky headed towards library and swra and lucky towards canten and strike with each other and lucky hold swara from falling
and shair a eye lock( bg music kuch to ha tere mere darmiyan)
Swara: how dare you to touch me
Lucky : I have saved you from falling and you stared scolding me
Swara: you only want a chance to touch a girl
Lucky: oh as you wish
Lucky free swara and she fall down
Swara: ouch why you leave me
Lucky: you tell me not to touch you

Swara: ek toh dekhe ke nahi chal sakate aur muje ghira diya you are such a cheap preson
Lucky: if I am cheap then you are a bandariya butani
Swra: how dare you to call me this mr phattu
Lucky and swara start fighting
Lucky : iwill see you you have to pay for it
They both headed towards canten and looks at each other angrly in the mean in library sanky and rangini put hand on same book and share an eye lock (bg music ankho ki gustakhiya)
Sanky: hi
Ragini: no reply
Sanky: my name is sanskar yours
Ragini runs from their and go to canten to swara and see swara fuming in anger
Ragini: what happen swara
Swara: bcz of that boy(point towards lucky)
Ragini: yeah what he did
Swara : she tell him the whole incident how he flirt with him and their fighting
Ragini: how cheap buts lets forget it don’t spoil your mood ok
On the other side sanky is continusly watching ragini
Lucky: I will not leave that girl
Sanky: what she diid lucky why are you soangry on him
Lucky: he tell him the whole incident how she slap him and their fighting
Sanky start laughing

Lucky: bhai
Sanky: ok ok
After sometime they go to their home
Gagodiya niwas:
Sumi: shekar swara and ragini are not come till now I have call them on their but they are not attending the call
Dadi: aa jave gi sumi
Suddenly a voice come aa gay hum and both sister go and hug shekar
Sumi: how your day my princess
Both say awesome maa
Sumi: you sit I bring coffe for you ok
Swara gini start talking with their papa and his papa told him about his collage days and his frndship with dp and their going to London for bussines
Swara: now where is he papa
Shekar: idont know
Ragini: hum bhgwan se pray karege ki vo aapko jaldi mile
Swara: I wnt to tell you that tommarow is our fresher party at night sall we go
Shekar: why not

Both sister hug their papa and tell him worlds best papa and take dinner and go to their room
ragini: tumne papa ko kyu nahi bataya us lake ke bare me
swara: my sweet sister I will handle him and meine both dehkhe ase cheao insane
ragini: but uska bhai buhut aacha ha
swara: oh my sister is praising aboy means he nice
ragini: swara! lets sleep and you know na tomarow we have go shopping for the party lets sleep
they get sleep and ragini see a dream in which she is closed in room with sanskar and sanskar iscoming towarda and is about to kiss hin suddenly his eyes get open and start thinking about his moment with sanskar and try to sleep but it fails on the other hand sanky isalso thinking about his moment with ragini and lucky is thinking about how swara insulted him and thought about fresher party and a simle come thinking about a plan to insult swara

Credit to: pooja

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