Swaragini – Since You’ve Been Around (Episode 1)


She sat there sipping her wine and watching her friends dance. Oh what she would do to get back home and comfortably sit and read her novel and have wine, but she was stuck at this New year’s party, loud music and people screaming and dancing. This party was everything she hated, but she could never say no to her friends. She smiled watching them dance like maniacs and thought how we ever became friends. She gave a little laugh to herself, and started reading a novel on her phone .Thank god for ever evolving technology she thought.

He spotted her the moment she had entered with her friends and had been observing her since then. She was nothing like her friends for sure, she was reserved and an introvert. But she had an air of confidence around her. It wasn’t that he had never seen girls prettier than her, but there was something about her and he could not seem to move his attention off of her. She was sitting alone occasionally smiling and laughing at her friends who were dancing beside her table. He saw her glass and thought So she’s a wine person. Mature and strong minded. After a he noticed she was constantly gazing at her phone and saw her changing expressions every second. He realised she was reading on her phone. He laughed to himself such a nerd. A cute one though

He noticed once of her friend practically snatch the phone from her hand and drag her onto the dance floor. She reluctantly started dancing with her friends. So Ms Nerd can dance as well he thought with a smile. After a few minutes she returned to the couch. She signalled her friend something and walked towards the balcony. He took his glass and followed her to the balcony.

She stood there with her eyes closed feeling the cold air on her face. “Mind if I join you?” someone asked. She turned to see the person and replied “By all means, it’s your house after all”. He stood beside her, “Do we know each other?” he asked her. “I’m aware of who you are, the host for the evening and one of my friend is probably you friend’s friend’s friend or something like that” she said without looking at him. He smiled and said “You don’t seem to be enjoying very much”. She nodded “Loud music, maniac dancing, getting drunk is not really my idea of fun and I hate being at a stranger’s party” she sighed “But-” he cued. “But I cannot say no to my friends”. He gave a smile; she just gave me a small insight of her personality. She’s pretty straightforward he thought

She realised she was talking to a stranger and she just told him a minute detail about herself. Maybe it’s the wine she thought. She turned to face him “So you always throw such parties where random people show up”. He shrugged “I throw parties, but I cannot say no to my friend’s friend’s friend”. She laughed. He felt his breath stop, she had such a contagious laughter, and suddenly he heard a faint countdown in the background. They both turned to look inside, “Oh the clichéd countdown to new year” she sighed “they act as if something magical will happen at the stroke of 12” she said. He laughed and said “You never know, something might happen”.

The clock struck 12 and there were fireworks in the sky. She looked up at the fireworks “The only thing I like about New Year’s Eve. Fireworks that light up the sky”. He was looking at the sparkling bliss on her face while she looked up in the sky. She suddenly turned to him and their eyes met.

Something did happen that night, only they both were not aware of it as yet.

Hey guys,
Here is the first episode of my new FF. I haven’t named the characters yet, i would like to know from you guys as to which couple you want to read about. Hope you like this FF too

Lots of Love!!
Eshana 🙂

Credit to: Eshana

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