Swaragini : my side story (prologue)

Hello everyone .. I am not new here..i never thought I would write from here..please read my A/N at the end..this ff starts from the point where ragini’s truth is out infront of laksh ..but swara and sanskar are not married for real they reveal it with the help of laksh…so here goes…
Laksh drags ragini to maheshwari family .Ragini is numb..as soon as she enter maheshwari family she stumbles feeling dizzy ..and is about to fall but swara and sanskar hold her..
Swara: laksh she is not well..

Laksh: this another of her trick swara…I wont fall for this one..
Sanskar : lucky look at her she seems ill..
Laksh: I don’t care bhai..
He drags her inside and pushes her . and he plays the video…
Ragini stands up shocked…she felt as if her world is crashing in front of her…
Everyone is shocked to see her true colours..
ragini comes to dadi..

ragini: dadi I didn’t do this trust me…da
a burning sensation is felt across her cheek..ragini holds her cheek in pain..
ragini: dadima..u believe this..this is all a

swara: conspiracy..
ragini goes to swara…
ragini : haa swara..
swara: u will say this only na that this is all planned by me…
AP: I never expected this from u ragini u spoiled three lives..because of swara and sanskar had to marry ..because of u swalak had to separate.. I feel so ashamed of u..
Ragini: vo…

Laksh: stop ur dramas ragini..we believed u once now it will not happen…
Ragini : why don’t u trust me..i didn’t do this…

She falls on her knees..
Sanskar: I want to trust u ragini…but I am the witness to ur deeds…
Swara: we were half sisters but I always thought of u as my soul sister..but u ..u snatched my love from me..u didn’t care about ma baba..today I hate u ragini…
tears were continuously falling from ragini’s eyes
DP: I don’t want this girl in my house any more..

Sumi: ragini atleast change now…come lets go from here..
Shekar: sumi she cant come with us…I am ashamed to say that she is my daughter…she wont step in my house…
Swara: baba..how can we leave her…she didn’t respect relations…but we have to ..please baba…
Shekar: okay for u I will allow her but she has to sign divorce papers..
He goes to laksh
Shekar: laksh beta this is the only way we could say sorry to u..
A broad smile comes on laksh’s face …while swara, sanskar and sumi r shocked..ragini is standing still..fighting an unknown battle..finally she moves forward and signs on divorce papers..
Laskh mocks her..

Laksh: this is u r love..for mere shelter u signed on divorce papers…
Ragini looks at him with painful look and snorts..
She leaves mm alone like a dead body..
Gadodias also decide to leave…

Laksh: one minute papa..
Gadodias wait…
Laksh comes to swara and bends on knees…
Laksh: swara I was wrong to u..I loved u but trusted ragini …please accept my sorry as well as my love for u…
Sanskar looks broken while swara is taken back…
Swara: sorry laksh..u r my sister’s husband…
AP: haan laksh also swara is married to sanskar..

Swara: no badi maa..we r not married..it was our plan to bring out ragini’s truth…but now I cant accept laksh..ragini snatched my love but I cant snatch her love..besids I love sanskar..
Sanskar was even more shocked now…
Sanskar: swara what r u saying..i don’t love u…I LOVE RAGINI…

SO THAT’S IT GUYS…it’s a ragsan and swalak ff

Precap: ragini’s POV is she guilty

So yeah many of u may not like this..if i should say sorry to anyone its raglak fans i am so sorry guys..
This is a dedication to all ragsan fans…there was a controversy guys..and ragsan being bro sis is coming again and again..so for them…if ragsan r bro and sis then please do tell me ragini’s elder sister swara ,doesn’t she get the first right of being sister to sanskar..

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  1. Swasan fans let’s not give attention which the author wants….we saw the cheap mentality…we can never steep that low to match their level…the author proved herself …no more to say. Jitna BHI edits banaye or jitney bhi FF baney….it won’t change the fact that swasan is the pair and we have loads of real moments which we watched on screen….unlike some non existing pairs….so chill guys… And ignore it.
    It’s just a suggestion to my fellow swasanians​

    1. AMkideewani

      Oh hello you have a cheap mentality, you brought out my angry avatar now no one can save you from me??

    2. Shrilatha

      Hai again u real moments ended six months back.u go n enjoy but before going a small correction u don’t have to stoop u need to jump to reach our level…otherwise u will blame us later on why r u so high

    3. Jayanti

      well we can see how u people are ignoring the so called “ATTENTION” u think shri wants….and give your suggestion to them some where else not here….don’t spread negativity swastika and u can’t match writers level…because its much much much much more higher than yours……this comment of yours is actually showing someone’s cheap mentality
      good luck to you..

      1. Yahavi

        Please jayanti. Unless your name is Google, stop behaving like you know everything.
        You are blindly supporting Shrilatha, np but then dont blame someone else when u r urselves wrong.
        In more thing- go round, a round, a round and f**k off!

  2. Thank you thank you very very much at first I thought it was raglak but feeling much more happy that its ragsan looking forward for this ff to start . If possible update first episode soon .

  3. Kakali

    Awesome..!! Awesome..!! Awesome..!! Shriiuii, loved it sooo much dear..!! Good to see a bhai behen lover writing on our EVER HEAVENLY COUPLE SWASAN.!
    Coming to ur episode, Superb start dear, “Sanskar: Ragini what r u saying..i don’t love u…I LOVE ONLY MY SWARA” <<—– I loved when Sanskar said this.! It made smile Wide and so damn proud as well.! It was sooo beautiful..!!
    M eagerly waiting for next part..!! More than you m excited here..!! Continue soon dear..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Sus

      Wow dear what a reply, a world wide recognise HEAVENLY COUPLE
      LOVE U swasan, what you guys taught us great things, love u guyss alot
      and special Thanks to all ragini lovers who are giving HEAVENLY COUPLES SO MUCH ATTENTION THAT NEEDED THEM FOR OTHERS ALSO.
      Ohh very Good … why nit afterall everybody want SWARA SANSKAR, THEY ARE SO IN LOVE COUPLE.

      Now i get it SWARA SANSKAR are for each other na, how can others leave in peace. They want them .. ohh now

    2. Shrilatha

      Go on Kakali
      ..u saw that great…and yeah I am creative…thanks for loving it…

  4. Best wishes for ur this ff…..being a writer is a tough job. But dont u think dat u are promoting fights instead…..adding the couple name in d title is a simple request to avoid issues and misunderstandings……those who are fans of dat couple will read it and those who dislike dem will not read it….
    Its too simple dear…..just keep aside ur ego…..show some maturity.
    You are some couple’s fan dat never existed and its not ur fault dat u like dem but it certainly doesnt make sense dat how can u like someone dat never existed…..whether its swasan or raglak fans all are too emotionally attached to them and so they dont like swaps in couples….ok fine leave dis matter….u r free to post on whichever couple u like….but d simple request is to mention d couple itself in title…..and moreover u know how much fights are there among diff groups of SR…. so why are u promoting d fights?? The serial has been off air for nearly 6 months now and people are hell bent upon degrading the glory of SR….

    See writing is passion….being author is a tough job……author holds many responsibilities regarding his her creations….try to respect an author’s job……writing is not easy…..
    I dont know how u take it on writing fictions but for authors they ake writing as worship…dey respect reader’s opinions too…….
    Dont try to show ur immaturity…..respect writers and this profession…..
    I am not discouraging u…. u r doing a fab job…all i want is just post rag____san in d title as well……
    And one thing u must remember…since d couple u chose was never to be….therefore its natural for d fans of original couples to be upset with you….but they certainly dont have d right to bash u……

  5. Sara830

    ooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggggg useless concepttt with uselesss writersss and her uselesss army… betaaa kindlyy use some brain before writing anything crap..muu chukk krrr muu uthaa krr kucchh naa likh diyaa karo… and what stupid logicss u r saying??? and tell mee firstt how will u slap rosey?? will u parcel a slap?? by cutting your hand??? or imaginary slap??? kindly mind yourr stupid tonguee.. andd what u want to sorry to only raglak fans?? we swasan fanss dontt need your blo*dy sorryy.. barii aii apnay aap ko mahaan samjhnay wali.. kindly goo and get someee wisdom in your pea size head and then talk with readers.. dont know the why of how to talk with readers andd thinking yourselff as a queen of someee big empire.. huhhh i only want to say sorry to raglak fanss huhhh.. for swasan fanss u havee too touch their feet for forgiveness.. andd yourr thiss storyy will surelyy flopp :).. thankuu too muchh sweet talkss i did naa noo problemm will surellyy say something moree… till then byeeeeee

    1. Sara830

      andd yeahh kindly ignoree gramatical mistakess because the writer likee u i dontt want to waste my time in editing.. 🙂 thankuuu

  6. Anjali30

    I just have one question..

    are you writing this story because you love ragsan? or because you wanted to show that swasan are brother and sister?

    it’s the same qn.. just has 2 parts.. 😛

    1. Not fair Anjali ?

      You didn’t tell me you started new stories, I’m still halfway between Mr Maheshwari and I, damnnn, got loads to catch up on, yaar, meri train bahot slow jaa rahi hai ?

      Aaj achcha hua that I saw you here and decided to check for new updates, or else my train wouldn’t have moved, it would’ve stayed there ?

      This was the small complaint I had ? Other than that, hiiiiii, how are you? Long time no talkkkk ?

  7. Nice shri.i am also from south India especially from AP.but don’t the stop the ff for the negative comments.RAGSAN fans will stand for u.waiting for next part.????

  8. Snow-White

    One thing is making me confuse?? Why u post this post?? To get many comments?? Butt awwwww imm sooooo sorrrrryyyyy u put your foot on axe by yourself becoz by creating this mess in next epi u will not going to get these many comments.. what u thought if u will say sorry to raglak fanss then they will comment?? Nopessss andd u naa i think only ragini fan who knowss u can even put her as a couple with dp,rp alsoo.. because raglak fans i saw many times very much loyal towards the couple but those u only wantss ragini paired her with manyyyy then whats wrong in pairing her with dp and rp??? U naa surely thinking about this also.. it will help u in next concept of your story..

    1. Snow-White

      Who* and think*…… andd yeah plzzz stop replying like an idiot to the readers.. being a writer first rule is too talk politely.. soo u have to learn this first and i think your frnds also need this…..marriage is not jokee once before writing put yourself in that girl’s place.. if u want fiction doesnt mean that u start writing too much fantasies…

  9. Don’t need to apologise, even I got mistakened it to be RagLak and SwaSan, what to do, love them two ?

    I haven’t got anything nice to say so I’m sorry, I should keep my mouth shut and zipped because it’s your story, your opinion, your forum page and your mindset, nothing of mine is here. . . ?

    Good luck for all your stories and what you’re showing, hoping a RagLak story from you, if it’s okay with you, I don’t want to force my opinions on you. If I miss to see it then could you please kindly message me ? If possible then on SwaSan too but it’s okay if you don’t wish to. . .

    And in my opinion, no ones brother-sister on that show, nor Rag Lak and neither Swa San, Rag San and Swa Lak . . . ?

    Have a good day and take care Shrilatha. . . ✨

  10. Yahavi

    Hey Shrilatha!
    Good morning dear! I have a looong comment coming ahead. But I have a big day today so I don’t have much time for you 2 Kodi people! So will comment later, wait for it!

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