Swaragini : my side story (episode 9) ragsan

Hello everyone shrilatha is back …sorry for being late but what to do I got PPK fever.guys why are most you not there we are missing you lot.and this story as I said will be fully focused on ragini as its her side story..so here goes.

Sanskar was still kneeling infront of her with the gift .
Sanskar: bolo ragini will you give me a chance to love you to be with you,to fight with you.Please.
Ragini: don’t love me sanskar

Sanskar’s face fell
Sanskar: that is not the answer to my question.I asked do you love me.
Ragini turns around with tears.
Ragini: no sanskar I do not love you..I am not made to love anyone..love is a doom for me and for those who love me.

Sanskar looks at her
Ragini: I loved my mom a lot sanskar .but she left me and then papa but he never even realized or acknowledged me as daughter.dadima loves me but if her society is compared to me then its always the world not me.and then swara My love for her brought disaster in her life. And then finally laksh ji.
Sanskar feels pang of pain when ragini said she loves laksh.

Sanskar: you love laksh.
Ragini: no I don’t love him anymore..the moment when I came to know that he loves swara .I forgot my love for him but it was my fate that we had to marry …
Ragini: whoever is close to me or loves me or loved by me always faces pain and I don’t want you to go through any pain sanskar.I lost almost everyone.I cant afford to lose you.
She goes from there crying

Sanskar looks at the vanishing ragini
Her words echo in his ears
Suddenly a smile crept on his lips..
Sanskar: you can’t afford to lose me.that means you love me ragini but you don’t want to realize it ..i will make you realize that you love me.I will make you mrs.ragini sanskar maheshwari and then I wont let any pain come to you.

Here at MM, laksh was in deep thoughts.its been two weeks to his marriage. everything is sorted he got his love,he got his brother ,ragini whom he always considered as best friend whom he hated for cheating him was innocent and now his brother loves her more than his life .everything is going on smooth .is it?.is everything really fine? No..he always loved swara but she ….

On the first night of swalak.
Laksh came close to her but swara called out sanskar’s name.
Laksh moved back hurt.
Swara: I am sorry laksh, but I don’t love you anymore.I love Sanskar.
Laksh was deeply hurt.

Laksh: then why did you marry me.
Swara: because I thought ragini loves you and I thought she was snatching sanskar from me,first you and then sanskar.I hated her .so I wanted to snatch her happiness so I agreed to marry you but after marriage I came know that ragu was innocent..Laksh please give me some time …

He gave a fake smile
FB ends
Laksh has been waiting for swara to love him once again.but he cant find that charm on her face for him.everytime her smile and that glow in her face for sanskar was not unnoticed by him.only his angel ragini who always helped him can do something but how can he tell her this.his face became pale.

A girl: so sanskar loves ragini and ragini does not love him..intresting love tangle.let me enter into itand see what happens.

Epi ends.

Sorry guys for such small update but next time it will be all about ragsan and this new girl.

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