Swaragini : my side story (episode 8) ragsan

Hai guys .Shrilatha is back again..I know I am late but you know me…I don’t know why unworthy people are talking utter nonsense about PPK..see as far as I know this show’s concept is really unique and actually deserves applaud for its new creation not bashing. No one has right to say a word against this show as you really have no idea about it. some people consider someone great if they just shoot at outdoors but when Teja does go for some unique concept she is bashed. I really don’t understand this. I am with my princess no matter what….
So here goes…

Sanskar takes out his special Tuxedo for his “Special” date with his ragini. Pari comes there to give him coffee..
Pari notices him looking at mirror and shuffling his hair again and again and cross checking his looks..
Pari smiles and comes to him and places her elbow on his shoulder .he looks at her and blushes..
Pari: devar ji something is missing..
Sanskar becomes nervous and starts checking everything..
Sanskar waives his hand in air with his finger.
Swara comes there.But stands at the door hesitating whether to enter or not
Sanskar: this done ,the other thing done and what more??
Pari laughs. swara is confused .
Swara: Bhabhi what happened..
Pari: swara come inside na..
Sanskar looks at her with discomfort..

Swara notices it..
Swara: I don’t think sanskar will like it.
Sanskar: its nothing like that swara..please come
Swara smiles and comes inside..

Sanskar: bhabhi say na what is missing..
Swara: what is going on?
Pari: sanskar is going to propose rag..
She realizes what she was going to say.. and stops abruptly and swara’s face changes..
Sanskar: I am planning to propose ragini..
Tears come into her eyes but she tries to avoid them but sanskar notices her.
Sanskar(in mind): why do I feel that swara is not happy with laksh. Is she still in love with me .no she agreed to marry laksh..but that was to hurt ragini ..huh..
His thoughts get disturbed by pari.
Pari: sanskar wait I will come in five minutes don’t go..
Swa_____________san were left alone now both felt very uncomfortable.

Swara: so you are proposing ragini.
Sanskar avoids looking at her
But ragini’s name bought a wide smile on his face which swara notices.
Sanskar: yes.
Swara: why so early?
Sanskar raises his eye brows.

Swara: I mean ..just now she was discharged from hospital.
Sanskar: I know swara but I don’t think I can stay away from her any longer..these days she was in this house now this doesn’t even feel like home to me without her.
Swara feels bad..
Pari comes there excitedly..
Pari: sanskar give this to ragini.

Sanskar: what is this?
Pari: sanskar when I saw ragini I felt so connected with her and wanted her as my sister but when swalak wedding was planned I felt bad
she looks at swara apologetically.swara nods as it was fine .
pari: when I saw your bonding with ragini I was fixed that she would be your wife.so I bought this I thought when you will become fine I will talk to all elders about your marriage with ragini..but you know what happened so I kept this with me..give this to ragini if she accepts your love.ok.
sanskar hugs her
sanskar: thank you so much bhabhi..
swara: I have some work I need to go.

Ragini comes out of badi in orange coloured anarkali.she was dressed up s earlier except that earlier look was no more.she was more pale.as if her smile was taken forever..
One lady: see look at ragini.I know whatever she did was under the influence of drugs but still she is married to that laksh..she got him married to that bangalan.I swear if janki was alive she would have never allowed her to do this..
Ragini feels bad and is about to leave but sanskar comes there and holds her hand..
Sanskar: what ?
Ragini nods as in nothing
Sanskar: this is cheating. you promised you would come.

Ragini: I am not in mood.
Sanskar looks at those ladies.
Sanskar: just because dogs barked at you …you are running home
Ragini looks at him
Sanskar: ragini people who don’t know the value of diamond value it better but those who don’t they think of it as mere stone don’t ever give a damn to those who don’t know the value of this ragini.
Saying he pulls his cheek.

She was still not convinced and had a sad face..
Sanskar bends down and holds her feet..she jerks back but he holds it firmly..and takes out mud from her feet.
Sanskar: the people who speak bad about you are not even worth this mud.so stop bothering about those useless people who don’t know anything else apart from bashing you..
She smiles.
Sanskar: so lets go.

She goes with him.

In the car
Ragini: you know sanskar this is why I want to leave.
sanskar looks at her.
Ragini:I cant fight them alone.
Sanskar places his hand on hers. she nods
They reach the temple.and ragini gets out..
Sanskar: ragini you go I will park and come..

Ragini comes inside but is surprised to find the whole temple was decorated in marigold flowers.even floor was covered with them .she was surprised.ragini walks on those flowers and goes inside.
Ragini: pandit ji is there any special pooja today.
Pandit ji: yes betaone boy did this.he said there is a special pooja for his princess today.
Ragini: hmm looks like he loves her a lot.
Pandit: I asked him the same but he said he doesn’t love her he worships her..I understood how much he loves her..I really wish he gets his love.
Ragini: even I wish the same

Sanskar who was listening to all this smiles to himself..
Ragini turns around.all of a sudden beautiful marigold flowers were falling on her.
Ragini was stunned..a letter also fell on her.
Ragini opened the letter
Dear ragini,
Stunned? I know .Yes all this is for you..My ragini ..you might be thinking why marigold..well it suits your dress.have you noticed..

Ragini looks at the dress immediately
Wait you want to know who am I come to your favourite spot of this temple.
Yours lovingly,
Ragini immediately runs to the tree where she used to tie the thread.(the place where sanskar and ragini used to talk)
She finds the whole tree was decorated and on the floor it was written I LOVE YOU RAGINI.
Ragini : who is it?
Sanskar comes out with the gift in his hand and kneels down in front of her.
Ragini was shocked.
Ragini: sanskar?

Sanskar: ragini.that moment when I placed the knife on your neck It held my breath now I want to take every breath with you forever. In the car you told me you cant fight this society alone. Please give me a chance I will fight them for you.I love you ragini.
He forwards the gift given by pari.

Epi ends.

Precap: ragini’s decision
So guys extremely sorry for delay. thank you everyone .
This episode was a way to say that guys those bashers are not even worth a penny so just ignore them.
Some people don’t acknowledge a word called gratitude so please ignore them..
Just keep on loving Teja ..and please do watch PPK

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