Swaragini : my side story (episode 5) ragsan

Hai I am new here I don’t know anyone.I am Srilatha’s cousin .My name is madhu.actually this part is written by ammu only but ammu I mean shri is admitted in hospital.she fainted yesterday.She will be discharged today at 3 .so she will answer ur comments.hope u like this.

Its swalak marriage…
Swara has mixture of feelings..its guilt for being wrong,determination to teach ragini a lesson and pain for losing sanskar and laksh..its true he was her first love no matter what..she could never forget her feelings for him..though her heart said that she loves sanskar somewhere deep she knows she still has feelings for laksh still intact…
Here ragini was pacing..she was really worried and tense….
Ragini: I have to stop them..I cant let anyone spoil my dream..at any cost they should be stopped..
Sanskar is keenly observing ragini..
Sanskar: ragini .I don’t know what ur thinking but this time swalak wedding will take place..even if its u whom I have to face…

Sumi takes swara to the mandap..wedding rituals were taking place..
sumi: ragu beta come here na…
ragini: no maa..its okay I have something important to do..
sanskar: what is more important than this marriage ragini(skeptically)
ragini: preserving happiness is more important than being happy sanskar..
she goes from there..

a man enters in the hall..ragini gets a call
caller: ragu..the person came..he will kidnap swara..u know the plan right..
ragini: I am ready yash…thanks for ur support..I will see to him..
caller: all the best..
ragini cuts the call..and looks on..
swara is asked to take blessing of goddess.the person follows her with choloform in his hand..he is about to drug swara someone hit him on his head..and closes his mouth so that he doesn’t shout..
swalak marriage is completed and swara Is taking blessing from elders while laksh is waiting for her..
but someone kidnap her and take her away..
sumi: shekar someone took swara she is missing..
shekar: what u were with her na..
sumi: she said she wanted to use washroom..but when I went to check she was not there..
laksh is shattered.. sanskar immediately look around for ragini but she was missing too…
sanskar: ragini
laksh looks at him..
laksh: ragini..where is she..she kidnapped swara..
shekar: oh no..she can do anything we have to find her soon..
laksh fumes in anger..
dadi: this girl will never change..thats why I told her not to come in this house…
pari comes running..
pari: laksh..i found a unconscious man..in ragini’s room…
everyone rush there..
shekar: this girl is born to destroy our lives especially my daughter’s life..
sumi: I trusted her so much but ..first her mother now this girl….I wish she died in that accident
sanskar eyes become red..she knows ragini was wrong but cursing her to death he couldn’t take it..
person: wow..what a family…
everyone look at his directon…
the person is revealed to be rithik(arjun bijlani)..
arjun: Mr. shekar gadodia..there ur “daughter” swara is fighting with life and death and a girl who is nothing to u ,ragini she is putting her life in risk for ur”daughter”..and ur playing blame game here..why am I giving justification..ragini didn’t kidnap swara..she went to save swara..and this person came to kidnap swara..but it was ragini who saved her..
shekar: what r u saying..
arjun ignores him…
arjun: sanskar and laksh..swaragini r in danger..I will tell u everything later please come with me now..
sanlak look at each other and nod..all the three of them run…

in an old godown swara is unconscious…she wakes up to find herself in a dark place..
a person come to her ..
swara: who r u…
person: say ur death..
swara is shocked..
swara: so ragini hired u to kill me right..I knew she was always behind laksh and my happiness..
person: u know what swara I am more intelligent than u…
he immediately stabs her..swara remains frozen..but she doesn’t feel anything..because it was ragini who came between swara and knife…
swara: ragini..
person: ragini urgh…why do u always interfere…no problem both the sisters will die..
he is about to stab swara but ragini pushes him..
by that time sanlak with arjun reaches the spot..
they hold him..sanskar is shocked to see the person..
sanskar: vikas…
sanskar holds ragini who was bleeding profusely..remaining family members also reach there..swara is in shock…
ragini: swara..I didn’t do any..anything..trust me..she falls unconsiuos..
swara felt as if something eternal from her was going..
swara: ragini(she shouts on top of her lungs…)

sanskar: ragini u cant leave me like this get up…
laksh holds vikaas..
swara grabs his collsr..
swara: who r u….
sanskar: vikas.kavita’s brother
everyone is shocked..
sanskar: tell me the truth vikas
vikas: truth..
he laughs evilly..
vikas: u want to know the truth ..then listen..It was me who did all this..i was not alone initially sanskar was with me..(sanskar bends his head in shame)..he (he points to laksh) was responsible for my sister’s death..so sanskar and I wanted to snatch his love..so we tried harming ragini thinking that he loves her..but we failed …later we came to know that laksh loves swara not ragini..we wanted to use ragini against laksh..but that day when ragini threw her engagement ring away for her parents I mean for the father who never cared for her and the other lady..I knew this girl will never go against her family..she wont hurt her sister..but sanskar was confident…so he came as amad person..I had doubt..so I kept on observing ragini…u know what ragini is a unique character..that day when sanskar placed the knife on her neck..instead of hurting him she took care of him like a mother..after that inspite of knowing that he is a maheshwari…which actually tried snatching her happiness…her concern for him never faded ..then only I knew changing this girl would be difficult..but sanskar thought it will be easy to manipulate her..so I made up my own plan..so when ragini met with accident..I drugged her..I drugged her with the same drugs which she used on swara…
everyone widened their eyes..
vikas: sanskar didn’t knew about this plan…because he had developed soft corner for her..if he knew this plan..he would have spoiled everything..so according to plan.sanskar started manipulating ragini..and she did everything on my commands..she was like a robo..and u know what..sanskar thought ragini was with him in this..u all thought ragini did this..but bechari ragini she doesn’t remember anything…everyday I used to drug her..everything was my plan…
laksh slaps him..
laksh: because of u .we blamed ragini..
swara: I insulted my own sister..
vikas: no swara..u call her soulsister na..then why did u believe all this..u people never had trust on one another..dont blame me now..thsi father never trusted his daughters..first it was u and now ragini…this dadi..who claims that ladoo is my shan but never trusted her own upbringing..and mr. laksh u…U failed as a brother ,as a lover and as a friend…if ur relation r so loose what can I do…
suddenly sanskar feels something odd…
he looks at ragini.. he was holding her hand..he felt her hand was becoming cold..he immediately took her in his arms and and started running..

epi ends..

precap: ragsan love story starts..

I know not upto expectations..but I hate the fact that ragini was negative..so I did something…please don’t throw ur chappals on me..so tell whether I should continue or not..

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