Swaragini : my side story (episode 4) ragsan

Hello ….shrilatha is back…one thing I may be forgot to metion something…In this ff.swar realized her love for sanskar..sanskar doesn’t love swara so all the scenes from show in which sanskar says that he loved swara r not there in my ff and thanks for loving my ff..

It was swalak haldi…ragini was completely ignored …if it was not for sumi..no one even took care of her medicines and food…..
Ragini stand near the window and remembers her old days…
Dadi comes there..
Dadi: laado?
Ragini feels very happy after long time her dadima was talking to her..
Ragini goes to hug her but dadi shows her palm to stop her..
Dadi: I want to tell u something…I want u to move to shoba’s house for few days…I don’t want any obstacle in my shona’s wedding…u already did many things…
Ragini feels hurt but composes herself…
Ragini: its okay dadima..I will go…..
Dadi: better….
.she leaves leaving ragini with tears….
Here @MM

AP: sanskar just see if laksh is ready…
Sanskar nods..
Sanskar goes followed by pari…
Pari: I know sanskar u r feeling bad for ragini…this is wrong…
Sanskar: I know bhabi but no one understands her..
Pari: u really love her na..
Sanskar: more than my self bhabhi..
Pari: I hope everything gets sorted soon..and sanskar I want my sister back in this house…
Sanskar looks at her…
They reach laksh’s room….
Pari looks for laksh..while sanskar looks at ragini’s things which were thrown on corner…
Sanskar goes and carress them…he finds her diary…
He opens it..it was completely filled with herself which no one knew..from childhood her wishes ,her experiences everything was in the diary..it was like knowing her more and more..swara’s friendship..the eagerness to know her more but how her dadi used to keep her away from swara….and finally at one page was the entry of laksh..how her life changed after his entry..and then it was all about sanskar..his entry,his innocence, his constant persistent that his duppate wali dost should be with him..their moments..this all brought a smile to him..he was dreading the next page which would contain her..no their evil deeds..he flipped the page but to his amaze it was empty..he immediately flipped the pages..but after that page everything was empty..
Sanskar(in mind): ragini is not like this..writing diary is not just her hobby..she shares everything with diary..why didn’t she write diary….did she not want her deeds to have any proof…no but ragini is not like that….
Pari: kya hua..
Sanskar: nothing bhabhi..
Laksh: bhai I am ready lets go…

Here @GM
Swara was dressed in yellow coloured lehenga…she was tensed..
Sumi: shona come beta….
Swara: maa am I doing right..
Sumi: swara ..u should have asked this question before taking this decision..
Swara: but maa.ragini has to be taught a lesson..she should know what it feels when someone snatches ur love…
Sumi: then what is the difference between u and her…u know ragini did everything for her blind love for laksh..but u..just to hurt ragini u r doing this…in fact ragini is more respectable than u….
.swara keeps on thinking…
Swara was seated and across her laksh was seated..
Ragini was standing at one corner silently crying ..sanskar was just staring her..his heart pained to see her like that…
Sumi: ragu beta..come apply haldi to swalak..
Ragini hesitates but comes forward…
Swara stops her..
Swara: no need ragini..this time u dodnt have to apply..In fact stay away from my marriage..
Ragini comes forward..
Ragini takes the turmeric in her hands and applies it to swara forcefully..
Ragini: swara..u can snatch my husband but not my rights…let me see who stops my motives..
She goes from there..sanskar follows her..
Sanskar: ragini..what did u mean by that..
Ragini: don’t worry sanskar..I wont stop this wedding..I already said ..they don’t matter to me anymore..
Sanskar: ragini why did u stop writing ur diary..
Ragini becomes pale…
Ragini: wo..wo..because there r no more memories for me..
Sanskar: what do u mean…
Ragini: u r intelligent sanskar..i don’t need to tell u everything..
(in mind)I want to u find out everything sanskar only u can help me…
She goes..
Sanskar: something is going on in ur mind ragini..I will find it…

Swalak all rituals r completed..next day Its their wedding..
Swara is still thinking..
Laksh comes and back hugs her..swara Is startled….
Laksh : I am so happy..finally I am getting my love…
Swara: me too finally ragini will be out of our lives..
Laksh: u know swara I think something is fishy..she is planning something…just be carefulll.
Swara: don’t worry laksh..this time..I will win..

Ragini : this time my plan should not flop..especially they should not know about it….they think I will be quiet..but how can I…I have come this far..now I wont lose….

Sanskar: ragini something is going on…but this time I wont let u become evil…
Epi ends..
Precap: swalak wedding ..

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  1. Nice one . Keep it up . I too think that something’s fishy like someone’s blackmailing ragini . Plz update next part soon of this ff and of Two hearts with one beat .

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