Swaragini : my side story (episode 3) ragsan

Hello everyone shrilatha is back .. thanks for loving this ff.I don’t know whether I am upto ur expectations…and before starting..I have to say something…when I say my side story yeah its ragini’s story…so kalai..that answers u r doubt.and sorry I couldn’t reply u..and ragini doesn’t know about sanskar’s love..so guys..somethings will get clear now.. so here goes……

Ragsan r shocked while laksh is very happy and the remaining family members don’t know how to react…
Swara: yes I am ready to marry laksh..I think no one has problem with that…
Sanskar: how can u marry laksh swara…how can u do that..?I won’t agree to this marriage..
Swara: why sanskar..who r u to me..my lover?,my husband?..who..this topic is related to me ,laksh and ragini better not poke u r nose in this…
Sumi: shona what r u doing…laksh is ragini’s husband..
Swara: was maa…(swara looks at ragini who was close to tears) laksh was ragini’s husband..not anymore..she signed the divorce papers….haina ragini..so what is u opinion ragini…
Laksh: why do u want to know that swara..we don’t need her opinion..
Sanskar closes his fist in anger…
Swara: we need laksh..who knows again she might try to kill me..lets make things clear….so ragini..
She folds her hands infront of her chest and smirks at ragini..ragini comes to swara..and smiles…everyone is shocked by her behavior…
She taps swara’s cheek and goes from there..
Swara: what’s going on in your mind ragini…
Ragini stops ..she turns around
Ragini: u wanna know swara..
Swara nods confused by ragini’s behavior..
Ragini comes forward..sanlak becomes alert..ragini raises her hands to show that she is not going to do anything…
She comes to swara and hugs her..
Ragini: I am happy..i am really happy for u swara…Congrats laksh..u want my opinion swara..I don’t care what u want to do with ur life..I am over laksh now..
she goes to her room shocking everyone…especially laksh..her don’t care attitude didn’t go well with him…and swara she wanted to hurt ragini by snatching her laksh for whom she did so much..but ragini just smiled this didn’t go well with swara..and sanskar ..he saw another ragini today..she was neither his old ragini nor she was evil ragini..she was something different today…he vowed himself that once ragini’s truth is out he will protect her in everyway..but this new ragini didn’t need him…or as a matter of fact she didn’t need anyone…it was true he was falling again for her….

Ragini went to her room and locked it..she took the photograph of her and swara..during their happy time..
Ragini: I know u hate me swara..and who wouldn’t ..I did all the sins that I shouldn’t have…but the truth is I DON’T REMEMBER ANY OF IT..I am blank..all I remember last was I met with an accident ..after that what happened I don’t remember anything..but I can’t tell u this…forgive me swara..forgive me laksh..and forgive me sanskar
She hugs the photograph.to her chest and pours out all her pain…
Swara: don’t care..how can u not care ragini..U have to bear the pain that I am going through…
Sumi: why did u change shona..what is all this..u really wanna marry laksh..
Swara: yes ma…I want to snatch ragini’s love..
Sumi: u r not my shona..
Swara: what should I do ma..u tell me..from childhood..I lost everything because of ragini..and now sanskar..u know maa he doesn’t love ragini..he thinks he loves her ..I wanna make him jealous…
Sanskar who heard all this..comes inside..
Sanskar: is this what u r thinking..swara grow up..I said I love ragini and I mean it..and u thought I would get jealous..
Swara: u love me sanskar…otherwise why did it hurt u when I said I wanna marry laksh..
Sanskar: because I love ragini..ragini’s love for laksh made her snatch him from u..and my love for ragini want her happiness..

He goes from there leaving swara..

Here ragini is still crying..
She hears a knock on the door..she opens it to find sanskar..
Sanskar: may I come in..
Ragini nods..
Sanskar: I am sorry ragini..for whatever happened..I am responsible for that..
Ragini: no sanskar ..no need to blame ur self…infact I should be sorry..
Sanskar looks at her innocent face..for a moment he felt he got his old ragini back..
Ragini: its funny na..I am back in the same place now..where it all started..except..we r in senses now..
He looks at her.
Ragini: I mean U r no longer acting like mad..
Sanskar smiles and holds her shoulders..
Sanskar: no need to hide your pain ragini..
Her eyes meet his eyes..the tears in her eyes brought tears to his eyes…
Ragini: u won’t understand my pain sanskar..
Sanskar:been there ragini..give me a chance to understand..
Ragini snorts…and tries to escape.but he holds her hand…immediately she hugs him and cries out loud..sanskar wraps his arms around her to console her..in the silence of the room only her sobs were heard…his heart pained due to her pain…
Aftersome time they were still in that position…ragini hears a knock..they break the hug..and open the door it was sumi and pari with the food…
Both give her a painful look and leave from there…sanskar was about to leave her she holds his hand…
Ragini: thank u sanskar..after my mom…I felt that comfort with swara..now she hates me..again I am left alone..and now again u made me feel that I am not alone..thank u for being with me…
Sanskar: I am always with u…
Both share an eyelock which is disturbed by swara who was fuming seeing this…
Sanskar excuses himself and leaves..
Swara: so laksh is over now u r after sanskar haan?..
Ragini: swara…good night..
Swara: I am asking u something..
Ragini: and I don’t find it important to answer u that..
Swara: me and laksh r getting married in two days..
Ragini: all the best..
Swara gets more angry as ragini is not at all affected…

Epi ends..It was kind of boring..

precap: swalak marriage

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  1. No . It was boring . Even I was thinking like that it would be nice if ragini loses her memory after accident and see the coincidence , thanks for this post . Loved it very much . Would be eagerly waiting for next part .

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u shreya but I didn’t get u

  2. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dr…

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u akka

  3. hey dear…one request..pls dont make swasan edits as ur couple edits…it hurts us dear…please…it is our swasan pic..

    1. Shrilatha

      Sorry veena..I got it from Google…I didn’t edit

  4. Jayanti

    ohh no no…it was surprising…she lost her memory…that was really unexpected……a new shade of ragini in this story and I love it……not that weak ragini but a confident one….loved this update..next one soon

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks di…but about her memory..let’s see

  5. Amul

    awesome waiting for nxt

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      Thanks amul

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      Thanks lovely

  7. Neptune

    i have a doubt if you don’t mind this ff starts from the time ragini’s truth came out right but before that sanskaar confessed his love for swara in a drunken state right so if he loved ragini why did he confess his love for swara and kept doing that even in his sleep even during the morning when swara made it clear to him that she can’t love him he told her that he will not force his love upon her so it was sanskaar due to whom such feelings rise in swara ok. and if it was all an act then it was very bad for him to hurt swara’s feelings again

    1. Shrilatha

      Dear Neptune..if u read my prologue…in that I have clearly mentioned that swa……. San r not married for real..whereas in show by this point they were married…so this is a change..I made also..I have mentioned it was swara who realised her love not Sanskar…so according to my plot..the scenes where Sanskar profess his love doesn’t exist.in my ff

      1. Neptune

        yes you have mentioned it that swasan are not married but you did not mention about changing any other things so it is just like that first in drunken state sanskaar confesses his love to swara then when swara confess her love for him he rejects her infront of the whole family and tells that he loves ragini if you are continuing a story from a point anywhere in the serial then first you should tell about the scenerio and the scenes which have taken or not taken place in the show i read your prologue again but i could not find where you have mentioned the fact that sanskaar has not confessed his love to swara

    2. Shrilatha

      thnaks neptune for clearing this now only..actually i have mentioned this in my prologue that sanskar doesnt feel anything for swara..but I guess I have made changes later as well…thanks for telling me now i can make changes accordingly..thanks again..

  8. Awesome

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  9. awesome.waiting for next part

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  10. Awesome dr

  11. Varshni

    Hey ?!!! Super update shri ??? I love this ragini !!! Keep going dear !!

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  13. shrilatha dear…sorry if i hurt u..you guys hate swasan and swara so much….then y to take our swara’s place and y so despirate to make edits of ur fav. on our couple…y u always want to create fight ..?this shows how u guys want our sanskar’s swara place for ur ragini…!u like ragini n sanskar pair…no problem..!but y to edit swasan pics…!it hurts us…!i’m commenting only bcs of ur cover pic.. !it is our SWASAN’s pics…if u like make new edits…but not by stealing our swara’s place…!

    1. Shrilatha

      Kat sorry if I hurt u..but I didn’t edit it…I found it in Google…and it was apt for my situation of ff..so I used it…

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  17. Superb dear, liked this ragini

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  18. Amazing story…I wish the real serial was like this story too…..Always loved Ragsan…..Keep wrirting….

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      thanks dear..I too wish they didnt spoil the real serial

  19. Naz_Temish

    Memory gone….Now that was a shock….Awesome chappy shri

  20. Awesome

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  21. Richa19

    Awesome shri dii!! !! Loved this new ragini… Keep going!!! ? ?

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  22. Awesome eagerly waiting for next

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    awesome dear….loved it alot….omg ragu memory loss s unexpected dear…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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  26. Hey,don’t be sry.ya u cleared my doubt .I really luv dis ragini.de way u r portraying ragini’s character s brilliant. Ragini’s memory loss s really unexpected fr me bt I loved dis twist.nd laksh oh god! I think he s so much confused he don’t know wat he really wants.I really like dis script soooo much.eagerly waiting fr nxt update. Meet u in nxt update till den bye.tc.

    1. Shrilatha

      thank u so much kalai..

  27. ..Valentina..

    One request: Don’t use SwaSan pics for your rag_______san.
    Thnx 🙂

    1. Shrilatha

      Sorry yaar but I found it on Google and it’s was apt for situation…so I used it…

      1. ..Valentina..

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