Swaragini : my side story (episode 13)

Hai guys .Shrilatha is back. Sorry for keeping you waiting. Our teju is coming back .The new name is RISHTA LIKHENGE HUM NAYA .I am very much eager for it.As of my health I am still not well .Due to heavy dose of medicines I am off and on mostly bedridden.I took off from my college and office for two months so even now I cant promise regular updates. So here it is..

Precap : swara shocked to see ragsan in married avtar.

Swara is shocked to see ragsan standing at the door.Ragini in red saree and sindoor filled in her maang.Both were looking like newly wedded .Meanwhile pari and sujatha becomes very happy looking at them.

Swara: ragini?
Ragini: swara I don’t love laksh .not anymore.
Swara rushes towards her.
Swara: who filled your maang?
Ragini: swara?
Swara: answer my question damn it.
Ragini : sanskar.
Swara is even more shocked.
Sujatha and pari rush to them and unknowingly push swara.
Sujatha: so finally you are my bahu(holding ragu ka cheeks.)
Pari: but I am miffed .Sanskar you didn’t tell me about this.
Sanskar : bhabhi wo.
He tries to tell the truth of the situation in which he had taken this step but swara interrupts them.
Swara: ek minute.
She holds ragini arm tightly.
Swara: how could you ragini.

Ragini winces in pain and sanskar who couldn’t tolerate this jerks swara’s hand.
Sanskar: swara you are hurting her.
Swara : what about my pain then.ragini how can you marry my husband.
Ragini looks on painfully
Sanskar: swara I am not your husband.dont forget we faked our marriage.
Swara: but..

Sujatha: shut up chori you r married to laksh now remember that.pari go arrange for ragini’s gruhpravesh.
Ragini: bhabhi wait let me explain
Pari: ragini we will not listen to anything .First your welcome and then you can talk for whole day.
Pari is makes everything ready without listening to protests of ragsan
Pari: ragini now enter.

Ragini: bhabhi.suji aunty we are not married.
A lone tear escapes sanskar’s eye.
Sujatha and pari look disappointed and swara looks on relieved
Sujatha: what?
Ragini explains everything.

Swara: oh thank god.ragini I am sorry .come you must be tired lets go.
She drags ragini .
In the hurry ragini’s foot hits the kalash and rice spreads into the house and she steps by mistake into the red water and her footprints are left behind.
Sanskar , sujatha and pari look on happily.
Swaragini goes without noticing this.
A voice : WOW grand welcome for new bahu of this house.

Swaragini look behind .
A beautiful girl in complete modern avtar looking damn hot in her open messy hair stands next to sanskar on the entrance.
Her big eyes,Plump lips finally her face is revealed to be maya (Jeniffer you guys win and about her shade you will know.)
Sanskar looks at her shocked.
Sanskar: Maya.When did you come from US
Maya: Oh sanky baby I missed you .

She hugs sanskar and kisses him on his cheeks .
Swaragini were burning in jealousy. Unknowingly ragini feels deep pain looking at them like that.
Ragini(in mind): who is she? Why is she so close to sanskar hugging is ok ..why to kiss?
Sanskar: Maya.I missed you too.
Maya: I came back for you baby .you know how much I love you
Ragini was even more shocked..
Sanskar: you still didn’t get over that infatuation.

Maya: infatuation ? excuse me I am in love with you since 8 years and you call it infatuation .I scarificed my love for you once for kavitha but now Again I got chance I am not losing it okay.
Sanskar rolls his eyes .
Maya holds his collar.
Maya: I am serious.
With a glint of seriousness
Sanskar: ok baba .first get inside.

Maya smiles..
She steps on ragini’s footprints and comes inside.
Ragini notices her footprints now only.
Swara: who is she?
Maya: who r u?

Swara: I am bahu of this house.
Sujatha: she is laksh’s wife.
Maya: oh I am future bahu of this house .I mean sanky ki honewali wife.
Swara glare her.while ragsan keep on looking at each other with painful stare
Swara: is she going to stay her?
Sanskar: yes.
Swara: outsiders can’t stay here.
Suji: she is pari’s sister.
This comes as even bigger shock for swaragini.

Maya : so I guess its clear now.By the way di .Introduce them to me.
Pari: she is swara and this princess is ragini .
Maya: princess ? di you never called me that.what is so special about her.
Pari was about to answer.
Sanskar : everything.Everything about this princess is royal and special(he keeps on staring ragini as if only she is present there)Her smile has thousands of sunshines and her tears has the sharpest knifes .Her goodness and innocence is like heights of himalayas .NO one can be that good.Her pain is lie the depth of ocean. No one can hide such pain in heart.
Ragini looks emotionally at sanskar.sanskar was looking lovingly at her.
Maya: WOW .You really know a lot about her.
Sanskar: more than my self.

Epi ends ..

SO guys please comments longer and say what is your opinion about this and also one more important question .about TWO HEARTS WITH ONE BEAT. You guys wanted ragu to punish sanskar but I wanted to show a protective sanskar from now onwards .SO which track you want.Ragini punishing sanskar or Sanskar loving ragini more than his life as his BEST FRIEND.Please tell.

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  1. Oh God, Swara alag level chep ho Rahi hai?
    Aur ab Maya alag as gayi. Hope Ragini realises her love quickly ???

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u so.much Bela

      1. Shrilatha

        Of corset that swara is cheapo

  2. AMkideewani

    Fantabulous Shriyu and in Two hearts with one beat make Sanskar fall for Ragini asap

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Sam but Sanskar cannot fall in love with ragini as he loves his dream girl who is ragini only

      1. AMkideewani

        I know, but has to realize it??

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks geet

  3. Lovely7

    Amazing part
    Get well soon

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u so much lovely

  4. Saghi

    Fantastic… loved it to the core! Oh my god swara ke to tote udd Gaye Ragsan ko dekh Kar. So excited for “Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya” can’t wait.. sabhi haters ko mirchi lagegi, haters gonna hate… Teju was looking gorgeous in new promo (kisi ki nazar na lage) please update two hearts with one beat and I feel ragini should punish Sanskar. Take care of your health, stay happy & stay blessed.. keep smiling, keep shining…. loads of love (truck bharke pyar)

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u so.much saghi sach .win haters will just cry out loud .our doll is too cute ..I have her in my dp as well .tume bhi truck bhar pyaar ????

  5. Take care dr amazing part. Ragini shouldn’t accept sanskar easily give him punishment .

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u so much mk..ur wish my command

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u so much manu

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u so much vini

  6. Awesomeee loved it

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      Thank u keerthi

  7. Ossommmmmm. Get well soon. Maya is positive or negative?

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u so much sug ..about Maya that’s a suspense

  8. Awesome more than sanky that swara should punish

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u so much Rikashini

  9. Sissy mindblowing ragsan eyelock scenes are wonderful. Get well sooooon?

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks nive

  10. Dharani

    Awesome shri get well soon dear and take care…. I want to see a protective sanskar

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u so much akka

  11. Asw

    Amazing yaar keep going take care ur health

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  12. Amazing one

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  13. Awesomeee yaar takecare☺

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  14. Amazingggg excellent chappy. Get well soon shri

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  15. Suma123

    awsome episode but short…..first punish him for his act and shoe some possesive sanky towards rags…..

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u so.much suma

  16. Superb when will ragini confess her love to sanskar dear. I’m eagerly waiting for that. Takecare eat well stay happy dear.

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u so.much vani

  17. A12345

    Awesome.. Shri.. Loving your stories can’t wait yaar.. Bt health matters too so get well soon…
    And in your other ff i want Ragini to not forgive him easily bcs he will again break her easily .. We always hurt them easily who always always forgive easily so ragini should not forgive him.. And also want to see possessive sanskar..??

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u so much Aliya means a lot

  18. Awesome take care of yourself

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u so much shalini

  19. Mindblowing part . I think maya is sanskar’s or pari’s idea to make ragini jealous. Then only she herself confess her love. Ragini shouldn’t forgive him. Takecare

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u so much maha

    2. A12345

      Ya..i too think the same ?

  20. Awesome
    Take care

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  21. Awesome

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      Thank u so much manisha

  22. Awesome dear. Sanky should feel sorry for Ragu n then protective towards her. How r u? Feeling better

  23. Asra

    awesome shri dear….loved it alot…hate thz swara…y always poke her nose in everything….omg Jenny also there…don’t make her negative yar…if Maya and pari joined their hand for realising ragu loves…am over thinking na…eagerly waiting for nxt one dear…
    Other ff i want both…ragu didn’t forgive him and I want to see Sanky love her more….waiting for u dear….
    and am really sorry dear…i didn’t know about ur health shri…plz takecare of urself dear…plz take medicine properly and take rest…health is important dear…we miss u but it’s okkk health is our first priority na…and I know my shri s sooo strong but for that we didn’t careless in ur health…i pray for ur health dear….takecare of ur health my shri dear…..

  24. superb dear.i am also so exited to watch teja’s new show after seen the promo.i want a protective sankar in two hearts with one beat ff.get well soon

  25. Very nice di , who is maya???????? Jenny is alws cute but of course not with sanskaar , anyways nice episode , continue soon

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