swaragini ( show’s spoiler)

well guys i don’t know if this is true or not but the news is that kavita will betray our dear uvrashi and behave innocent in front of all later she’ll kill her and the swara will be doubted for her death henceforth leading her to jail here comes the time when sanskar and ragini who’ll have their doubt’s on kavita as they believe swara is innocent will join hands to bring her out of jail but they’ll not be able to find solid proofs against kavita another spoiler around is that laksh’s ex girlfriend will enter the show now whether raglak will marry and the ex will turn into villain just like kavita or it’s another pplan of laksh to make ragini suffer is a suspense
it’s just a hope that as their bringing all exe’s of the heroes (first kavita now laksh’s ex) y don’t they bring someone for ragini instead i mean i’m not ask them to separate them raglak
instead y not give some importance to ragini this time she’s beautiful but still y swara’s always so importance can’t ragini get some limelight at times what do you guy’s think do tell
your views regarding the update and new entry through comment’s
well happy still that swaragini’s back though 😉

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  1. kanchi singh who was to enter the show posted on insta that she will not enter the show.so forget about laksh’s girlfriend.laksh will realise the change in ragini.and yeah kavita will kill urvashi and frame swara who will go in jail on her sangeet day and we will see swasan emotional romance there where they will share tight hug cute talk and emotional forehead to forehead touch.moreover ragini will prmise swara to get kavita’s turth in front of everybody and she will promise to unite her with sanskar.this is where we will see swaragini bond.

    its also said that swara will act to die in order to bring out kavita’s truth……..

    1. just give me the site from where you get that info please 😉

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