The episode starts with Ragini packing her clothes to go to goa . Swara dropped her to the railway station in her car and guided her sister to be careful. They both hugged each other . Swara left ragini with her friends .

In dps house
One man came and is showing brides pics to dp,rp,Annapurna and sujatha. The person shwed manypics and atlast entire family liked one pic.(guess whose????????????? YOUR GUESS IS RIGHT)It’s swaras.
Dp said that he liked this girl and asked that person to inform their parents.
Sanskar entrance

A man is shown with black jeans,white shirt and a blue blazer walking on the streets of Kolkata as his car is broken. He asked his driver to repair the car. He said that he will go to office by taxi. While he is walking on the roads all girls stare at him. He hires a taxi and goes to his office. He opens his laptop and opens facebook .He found 37 mutual friends with a profile name shona . he thought her as his classmate and has send friend request to her. He closed facebook and he started doing his office work. Meanwhile he get a call from his brother Lucky.lucky said that he is going to meet his friends in goa and will come after fewdays . HE asked sanskar to manage dp and requested not to tell anything about him as he is going to goa. Sanskar agrees and says him to be careful. Lucky says thank u and u r the best brother in the world. Later sanskar calls dp and says that he had sent lucky to delhi for office work.
Dp agrees and asks him to come to home early.

In swaras room she opened her mobile and checked friend requests she saw request named sanky. She was shocked and happy that sanky sent friend request to her. Without thinking a second she accepted his friend request.(the reason why she is happy is sanky is her college senior all girls used to have crush on him. But she don’t know who is sanky because she never used to go to college).she immediately sent him a message hi .sanskar always responded to her and said hi to her. He asked about her. She said about her . sankar said to her that he doesnot know anything about her.swara says that she had never been to college except exams because I used to work in moms college. Sanskar was impressed about her and asks her if u completed your graduation. She says that she completed graduation with first class.

Sanskar was impressed and praised her. Swara also gets happy. They chatted for few hours.
(they are no pictures of swara and sanskar in facebook so they don’t know about them).
Swara says bye to him as she is having some work.Sanskar also says her bye and feels very happy to chat with her. He remembers dp asking him to come to home fast and leaves to maheshwari mansion.
In Maheshwari’s mansion

All the maheshwari’s gather at the hall and are waiting for sanskar’s arrival.
Sanskar came to them and is shocked to see complete mahehwari’s in the hall. All are silence.the silence was broken by dp saying that the entire family saw a girl for him. Sanskar was shocked to hear. He is not interested in doing arranged marriage. He agrees to meet the girl but after few days as lucky has to come from the business work. Dp agrees.(in sanskars mind if lucky comes to Kolkata he will manage everything).

In gadodia mansion
Swara is shocked to hear that her parents are trying to marry her. She agrees as she cannot say no to her parents. Shekhar says that after few days the boy will come to meet you as he is busy. Swara is happy to hear that. She goes to her room and saw sanky’s message in her mobile. She felt happy and chatted for hours and hours.

PRECAP: raglak meeting in goa.


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