Hi friends, I am tweety. I want to write a fan fiction on swasan. Please encourage my writing and adjust with my English grammar. I did not write any fan fictions still now. My love towards swasan made me write this ff.
Characters are same as serial.(I might introduce some of the characters according to the situation).

Shekhar gadodia is one of the richest persons in the Kolkata city.All respect him in his society.His wife Sharmishtha is having a music school. They have two daughters Swara and Ragini. Swara completed her graduation and helps her mother in her music school. Ragini who is younger than Swara is studying final year.
Durga Prasad maheshwari is also the rich person in Kolkata. He and his brother Ram Prasad stay in maheshwari mansion.annapurna is the wife of DP. They have one son Laksh maheshwari. Sujatha is the wife of ram Prasad and they have two kids Sanskaar and uttara.

Its morning 7:00 Sharmistha goes to Swaragini’s room. She finds them sleeping . She tries to wake them but they are not even ready to open there eyes. She poured cold water on their faces and they both woke up and Swara started shouting at her mother like this “Ma its not even 7 why did you woke me up so early. I will just be in our house for few days after that you will make me marry and send me to somebodys house.” By hearing this sharmista smiles and catches swara’s ears and says like this

“achha, you are very eager to marry and I dint even got an idea to marry you. You gave me a super idea I will say this to your father. “
By hearing this Swara says to her mother like this “ma I am just joking, please don’t say anything to papa he will make me marry very soon.” and makes pout face .

Shekhar hears all this from the window and smiles thinking that he should get swara marry soon as she got the age to marry. He calls someone and ask him to find matches for swara. The other person says that he will bring good matches by evening tomorrow. Sharmista asks swara and ragini to get ready fast and asks them to come early to have breakfast. The both nodded and and goes to fresh up.

At dining table
Entire family start eating there break fast very silently. Ragini asks permission to go to college tour tomorrow. They agree. She feels happy and hugged shekhar and sharmistha.
In maheshwari mansion
Conversation between durgaprasad and ram Prasad.
Ram prasad:- Servant said that you called me
Durga prasad:- yes I called u tot talk about sanskar.
Ramprasad:- he did any mistake bhayya
Durgaprasad:- no never our sanskaar will never do any wrong. The only person who does mistakes in our house is lakshya. By the way the reason why I called u is I am thinking to make marriage for our sanskaar beta.
Ramprasad:- (he smiles) yes u are correct our sanskar should be married as he got the age for marriage.
Then dp takes the phone and calls some person to see matches for sanskar.

The end.
Prec ap: A man will come to the gadodia masion and shows some photos to shekhar .
Swara gets shocked….. Sanskar gets shocked..


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