Swaragini shocking twist


Hey guys it’s dolly here ….just now I had seen India forum and here is an shocking twist upcoming in swaragini.

This is the article …which was posted on the page

Colors swaragini is running with many twists and turns making the fans stay tuned for the show .but once again entertainment tadka is here to share an exclusive piece of news with ardent fans of swaragini

Fans who are upset with the current track will be undergoing another shock pretty soon

Yes ,

Are u guys ready to know ?

Here we are to unfold …

Lakshya (namish taneja) is going to get arrested for swara (helly shah ) murder

Shocking ins’t it !

Well there are many speculations around this news . As per media buzz , post memory loss swara will forget sanskar (varun kapoor) and feels she is in love with lakshya . Sahil (anuj sachdeva ) who is fond of swara , may have planned this , so that he can get swara and lakshya will live his life in jail .

Well u never know that in the end of the day in telly world anything may happen

Such a weird article guys …

And u know one thing we will get to see some swalak scenes in between ….which will cause problems between ragalak .
Sanskar will go a deep depression regarding this ..awww ! Sanskar …
Swara will not even remember him …she will only remember lakshya ….and sahil will make many plots to get swara

He will be an obessive lover of swarain

This is what is gonna take place in upcoming episodes ….

I am really sad for swasan fans …and this will be a bit good news for swalak fans I guess ….I am not sure

Hope for the best !
Have a nice day guys !

Credit to: Dolly

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  1. R u sure? Phir bhi chinta Ki koi baat hii nehi hai…Laksh aur Sahil jaye bhar meh…honge yoh swasan hii end meh..

  2. its nothing known like that anywhere,,,,,,its just told right now that there will be no swalak story….sahil will fall in love which will turn into obsession….swara will fall for his music and she will never be able to go close to sahil as flashes of sanskar’s memory will come to her mind again and again from where we will see a new swasan love story…….. its always swasan……fingers crossed….

    by the way from where did u read this news?????

  3. What the helllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!! Really pissed off :/

  4. I don’t think ki esa hoga agr esa hona hota to aj k SBS seg me vo sbse phle laksh ka Nam leti lkin vo chilla rhi thi or SS pandent ko dkhkar hi behosh ho gyi

    1. Tanu..just now I read it..Dolly is correct…Swara will remember Laksh..Sahil will think that swalak wer together so he will try to trap Laksh to get Swara…sahil is becum an obsessed lover…Sanky will be in depression..we have to see swahil and swalak scenes..worst part is no swasan scne…bit end meh toh wohi hoga….swasan is the best..??

  5. hey that’s not true….its all rumors………..sahil role is positive one and it said that swara will not remember lakshya……………….

    1. yours is half true and half false

  6. cvs wale pagal ho gaye hai……. laksh or sahil jaye tel leney……

  7. Go to hell CV…v don’t wanna watch swalak… Stop this disgusting track… It ll be totally embarrassing after swara memory regaining.. N this is the perfect time to show the audience swara is true love is sanskar not laksh n because some memories ll go from mind but some memories which contained by heart ll never get erased… If they stab her in her heart also… So don’t make things to get complicated… Make her get flashes of sanskar not laksh… N not only swara… It is time for sanskar to prove his love for swara is true n pure not like kavitha.. Like his strong determination for swara survival n his hooe that she kk comeback to him though others accepted that she is no more… This ll prove his true love towards swara… This same feeling he didn’t get in kavitha case .. Though she was alive but he believed she died..so this proves swara is his true love.

  8. Whoa if its true cvs great I’ll quit SR n won’t regret too….. Great job first I’m pissed with pari then sahil and now swalak spread spread more news u will lack ur viewers and then dabba band…. Waise bhi jitni jaldi I start watching serials utna hi jaldi I stop it too if things doesn’t satisfy me….

  9. Of course this is a good news.. Oh sorry.. Its an extremely good news for swalak fans.. Oh my god dolly! Thanks a lot sweetheart… I am on cloud 9… Jhoom jhoom jhoom.baba… But this is temporary and dnt want relation which causes severe pain to others… Well, I am all excited for swalak … But sahil he needs to pay heavily for this… Though I dnt like sanskar at all but he will fight for his love! But shocking is that… Murder case again? Jail track again??????? And vo v swra ka khoon? Ughhh

    1. Roshini even I’m too excited

      1. its false news guys….swara will have flashes of sanskar and she wont be able to go close to sahil who will fall for her and then become an obsessed lover….ther is no swalak story…u may open fb and check the interviews and shoot

  10. Yipppiieeeer this is such a good news can’t wait

  11. Ya I too read this… But m satisfied that swara ko koi to yaad hai…

    But my poor sanky… I can’t see his pain… ???

    Koi nhi.. Jo vo psycho kavita kuch nhi kar pai to ye sahil kya cheez hai… Ye bhi bah jayega….. ?

  12. It’s fake news by fans who are jealous of swasan!

  13. this news is true shooting also started. i’m really fedup by this track bcos i’m ragsan fan. san goes depression n there is a chance rag may again turn into negative. so i’m not happy.

  14. Yayyyyy..i’m so happy..swalak swalak and swalak…….no Sahil…….and Kritika…this is a true news…Swara will get flashes….thats why she is grab Sahil’s ss chain….and shout…/scream….

  15. swasan is the best………..but sad for sanskar and ragini………..

  16. Hey can anyone tell me whether Ragini’s character is still there or not…. cause I couldn’t decide whether to start reading update again or not….

  17. what the hell man we only want Swasan others just go to hellll

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