Swaragini SHOCKING spoilers….READ IT!!!

Hey guys i m Angel u know me.its neither an ff nor an episodic analysis….its another shocking and heart breaking news….

Ragini will turn positive after laksh will guve her the wifey rights,she will hnite swasan.it will be marriage day of swasan.they will exchange garlands.they will start taking pheras but at the last moment marriage will STOP!!!!!

An unknown truth of sanskar will be revealed(now what the hell they wanna show about him.first his mad truth then his past truth….now what????)

And more shocking is that soon u r gonna see someon’s DEATH in the show….who is gonna die???

So three twists…

1- raglak marriage consuummation ??????
2- sanskar’s unknown truth will reveal due to which swasan marriage would stop at the last moment???
3- a death ??

Cvs are testing our patience guys.dnt know how many hurdles are there more in swasan lovestory??

When will swasan unite??
What is the truth??
Who will die???
For how long will we have to wait for swasan union???

Tell me guys ragini who was wicked and did so many sins was forgiven easily and became queen of the house and now she is gonna get laksh finally.
On other side is swara who has always been good natured,a fighter for family and sacrificer.she has been the angel.and she always gets tears,betrayal,and has to face hurdles in her lovestory….

Good happened with a person who did bad and worst is happened with the person who had been good.is it fair??????

What do u think guys???
Aren’t swasan fans getting stabbed each second ddue to this spoiler??
I know u want this news to be wrong but whatever news i hear is during shoot which never goes wrong.ny last spoiler was correct too…..

What to do now??i m crying…u too cry out your heart….

Leave comments….

Submitted by – Angel


  1. SNEHA


  2. dia

    Yr i think after sanky’s truth revelation also swara will marry him

    nd ithink one of shekhar nd sumi will die to unite swaragini again

  3. shabrin

    I have also read about it and I also read that all of that is lakshya’s plan he is deceiving ragini to teach a lesson and it’s a promo shoot…The death body may be kavita ‘ s and sanskar will be accused 4 the murder on marriage day and is it also lakshya’s plan with kavita to separate swasan I don’t know….I also read masi will try to make problem between shekhar &sharmishta and Laksh will help swara to solve this…swara will feel soft corner for him and sanskar will put in jail
    All this is true or not I don’t know guys..I read it on swaragini Facebook page and feeling like crying. .?

    • Kalika

      Then it will turn out that Ragini is pregnant then Swaragini will unite to reveal the truth about Kavitha’s death they will trace it all to Laksh and Ragini will miscarry in the process and blame Laksh for her loss…. typical of every soap.

  4. Riha

    WHAT THE HELL YAAR ?ek chis ki had hoti hai pehle writers ney dikhaya swalak hum audiences ne socha oh swalak hai phir laksh ka doubt dikhaya swara ke taraf phir un ko separate kiya aur humne bhi maan liya phir swasan dikhaya jis jodi ko hum sab adore aur pyaar karte hain this swaragini serial is getting on my nerves now they are separating then this is not fair

  5. Lee

    Sharbin what r u saying no swalak plzzz yr this kavita n laksh oh god..
    Writer i m gonna killll u fir that ..
    No swalak….
    Hate u writer…

  6. ashi

    What the hell is happening in this show…yaar now pls unite SwaSan and pls no death of any positive character

  7. Alisha

    Hw much i knw ragini was going 2 leave d show soon as she has signed a film,,so may b dat death part is related 2 ragini only….really d cvz hv gne crazy…if dey dnt show sme swasan track well n gud den we ll loose interest….

  8. Even I am crying after reading this
    What the heck the writers want to do
    I think they aren’t liking their trp going on increase from 2.8 to 3.1
    Actually they want their trp to decrease every second
    I have taken a resolution that I’m not gonna watch this serial

  9. First I like ishveer but the writer doesn’t unite them then swalak and now swasan like come on guys what they want I’m really don’t getting this

  10. swetha

    I seriously want to kill the writers. My poor swasan. ..why do they always want to play with swasan fans emotions

  11. Ira

    Wat the hell is this ….in each episode I wish that swasan should get United and wat is sanskar ‘s past ….did he kill or betrayed some one ……I this this show will never unite them and I hope Swara accept him after knowing his truth ………..and wat happened to kavita ???? PLZZ UNITE SWASAN ?????????

  12. Ira

    After all this updates which u guys have given at the top I think we guys have to survive on the ff’s of swasan and fulfill our wish

  13. ahana

    what d hell iz dis…
    r writers again planning to show swalak together….if this happens i’ll stop dis maha bakwas show….

  14. Varsha Darshini

    Actually angel, Laksh plays with the feelings of Ragini and get the property back. Swasan is married and Ragini is dead(guess). I m gonna stop watchinig this… Ragini is out of the show as she does not will to play negative role

  15. Honey

    So the writters decided to kill the story.. If whatever written here happens in serial then without any doubt no swasan or swalak fans will watch this…

  16. Yar Angel it is so disgusting! I’m fed up of this spoilers, I’m not going to watch this show anymore, I can’t understand why this much shock twist n turns ,will swasans love story ever b complete?

  17. priyanshi

    I agree with you angel but I think either sanskar or swara would die or at least pretend to do so because if they unite swasan the show’s trp would decrease

  18. leher

    what the hell…? laksh cheats ragini….swasan marriage stops…..someones death……. f***off….. ……better swaragini writers plz…..end of the serial…..v all r happy with our fan fiction writer nd there stories…….

  19. we shud complain yr..marriage is not a game….n the dead person will be kavita who will be acting of her death…to get sanskar..hence , kavita will become negative…
    all the best swasan fans..me too was taken aback when heard about stopping of swasan wedding on the last moment…

  20. Sahima

    No ooh! !!!!!!!!!!
    This can’t happen. I thought after their marriage the serial will end.
    But actually nothing like that is going to happen.
    Thanks for telling angel coz I don’t know about this news.

    So many twists is going to come in swaragini.
    When will swasan unite????
    Plzzzzzzzzzz writers unite swasan soon or don’t what I will do?
    I can’t bear this news. I’m was eagerly waiting for this news but there is a twist in this news also.??????????????
    Thanks a lot angel for updating this news.
    Love u loads

  21. Aditi Singh

    Rone ke alawa aur kar hi kya kar sakkte hai…. I also think the same…. why it happens with swara only…..hate u writers n rashmi Sharma…..

  22. priya

    Yarr..seriously its heartbreaking..wat truth of sanskar wil be revealed??cant imagine..swasan shud b united for God sake..no swalak..i was soo happy hearing sanskar and swara’s marriage..
    But if this maasi kill sharmishta and try to take her place ah??

  23. Jhanvi

    Feeling like crying….. Writers have gone mad..
    What’s d new truth bout sanky…
    Oh God…, y always with us ???
    Plzzzz yar……now it’s enough…

    Nd what ??? Lucky is playing with Ragini…….
    Who’s gonna die in d show…

  24. soni

    maine aj tak koi comment nahi kiya pr ab mujhse is serioul ki story suno, jo rashmi or ekta ke seariouls me hota hai. ab kavita maregi, fir shadi tutegi or ilzam sanskar pr lagega , fir swara use inocent prove krne ki koshish kregi, fir pata lgega ki kavita zinda hai, or vo swara ke samne shart rakhegi ki vo dono alag ho jay . koi proof na hone ke karan swara uski shart man jayegi, or fir hoga koi so called leep ….:)

  25. Sneha

    Although it’s just a serial but why all the stupid things are happening with swara only?
    There should be happiness Swara’s account too.. But writers are busy in making her life hell…

  26. Shagun

    Agar sanskaar mara to ham swaragini nahi dekhenge and sanskaar koi mysterious person hai kya joo wo secret se bhara pada hai?????

  27. Someone plz go and give some gd script to writers. I think they hv gone mad. They can unite raglak but not swasan. Y???? And raaz!!! What’s d need of this raaz??? This is really too much. If they mistakely think bout swalak then I will never watch this crap serial. Unite swasan.

  28. Pakhi

    i read somewhere,
    teshwani isn’t leaving the show..!!
    laksh is fooling ragini to take sign on the property papers..after that he will ditch her..!!
    ragini will turn positive from laksh’s drama and after got ditched also she will be positive..!!
    swasan marriage will stop at the time of last phera..!!
    someone will die on the show..!!
    some one is replaced in the show but whom not yet confirmed..!!
    and last but not the list nikita (kavita) isn’t happy with her role turning negetive..so big chance kavita will be died..!!
    ragini will help swasan to unite..!!
    finger crossed..!!

  29. Sarah

    I thnk ragini is dead..bcz of tht swara sans r saprtng..if theju leaves the shw thn i wll nvr wtch ths shw..

  30. swathi

    this show is full of negative roles..y they r doing like this…i use to love swaragini a lot…but know i dnt think that they r going to unite swaragini,swasan n raglak…

  31. sanskar wont die as writers wont be stupid enough to introduce swara’s third love or infactuation, if they do then no one is going to watch swaragini.

  32. rosy


  33. BAKWAAS SHOW!!! And the title show should b Swasan not Swaragini….everytym swasan swasan…..Arey kab Ragini ko importance milega jitna Swara ko milta hai….And ab front picture b Swasan ki hai…i am totally fed up….i watch this show only for Raglak nd had hope they ill unite….but nahi yeh Laksh fir se Ragini ka dil tod diya uss Swara ke liye…plz Teju leave the show…..this is biased show only giving importanne to Swasan…Swara ko do ladke pasand karte hai aur hamari Ragini ko ek b nahi..This is cheating….makers how much u ill hurt Raglak fans u dont knw..now bye bye….it really hurts….akhir kab raglak ko karege …..Wen Ragini ill leave the show then they ill understand the importance of Ragini…if Ragini ill leave the show ryte..trp ill not b in top 10 ..Evertym only Ragini has to suffer…if she is Malkin also but also she is very heartbroke…..really feel bad for Our teju..bye bye Swaraginj with Swasan…

  34. manvi

    Guys apne new promo dekha…lakshay again cheat my Ragini….why always Ragini ke feeling ke sath yeh kamina lakshay khelta h because of her.my sweet Ragini turned into villain..because of him she cheated her sister…this is really sick…kaise koi property ya revenge lene ke liye Kisi ke sath physical relationship me rah sakta h……yukkkkkk….this serial is worst serial on television….kaise koi serial itna ganda message dega Ki aap Kisi se revenge lene ke liye usski Puri life hell kardo….i can’t believe it…..

  35. manvi

    Iss serial bus ek Ragini he aise h jisne sirf ek Jan se pyar kiya h ..baki sab ko dekhlo ..
    Swara: Lakshay and sanskar
    Sanskar: Swara and kavita
    Lakshay : Swara and now Ragini …i know Ki lakshay usko cheat kar raha h but physical relationship toh bana raha h….

  36. common people

    Swasan will get married n dey will show the dead body which is assumeed to be of ragini ..bcoz of some circumtances dey will split again may b bcoz famileis who mght blamd sanskaar’s family for ragini’s n diz will make differences in between swasan

  37. nik

    Ya I agree, de r stabbing swasan fans everyday. When we r waiting for swasan union de r not showing us n d day when de all show it there ll b no one to watch it.

  38. kaly

    i dnt knw bt i wnt swasan on scren jodi n raglak …i thnk lak is jst showing off actully mei he wnt his proprty bck

  39. Aditi Singh

    how can ragini die….its just not possible this story revolves around two sis….I know they made ragini negative but how can she die…..if she died the story will be incomplete the name will be incomplete….
    I just want swara sanskar ragini n laksh to live….anyone else can die….I was just kidding but I really want the four to live…….
    at last but not the least I want only SWASAN SWASAN n SWASAN…….plzzz writers unite swasan n raglak…………….

  40. Nandini

    wat d hell is going to happen in tis show…really they r testing our patience…we are waiting for swasan union and they wanna show all this shit…just to extend d show….really disgusting…fed up of it…

  41. Natasha

    I think the dead body is that of Kavita not Ragini. Otherwise what would become of Kavita if Swara and Sanskar were to marry.

  42. priya

    First of all if its kavitha or ragini..whats the raaz of sanskar yarr..?
    It cant be ragino..bcos the show name itself is swaragini..then if its kavitha..then y their marriage wil end?
    Whats the truth of sanskar to be revealed?any idea guys…??

  43. Honey

    seriously…RagLak consummating the marriage??? this is rubbish…Ragini insulted his mom big time for no reason….and Laksh gave her wifey rights??? yuuuucckkkkk!! Shame on the writers for such a non sense track…am sure they wont unite swasan so soon coz once united there is no story further…more than swasan getting separated am feeling bad about RagLak consummating their marriage…which is totally unacceptable. if that really happens…I will quit reading the updates too. Already quit watching the serial!!

  44. ashi

    what…….i want swasan yaar……..why are they taking so long……..what is this secret of sanskar now……this is the height yaar please unite swasan and stop this nonsense

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