Swaragini: Shadow of the dark past Chapter 3

hello guys ,this is aish back with tthe 3rd chapter of my FF.Thank you for your comments and suggesions.and please do comment if you have any confusion or suggetions.From now on I will give precaps and links.

links:prologue-Click here

intro-Click here

chapter1- Click here

so lets begin with the next part
In the cafeteria:
raglak are sitting together
Rgini is waiting for Swara
while Laksh is talking to her
she gets irritated and says
R: please shut up will you
L:but why
R:coz your flirting will not work with me and by the way i am waiting for my sister so please go to KAVYA ,she may be interested in your talks but not me
ragini walks away and takes swara (she has just come
laksh is still thinking about her

lakshs POV
shes the first girl who spoke to me like this and instead of feeling angry I feel attracted to her. Her style ,her attitude and Ive just met her. She’s not like all girls who fall for my flirting easily shes different and special.
his thoughts are broken by sanskaar who comes and clicks his finger to get his brother back to earth

Laksh comes to senses
Sanky:where were you
Lucky:nowhere, anyways how was your day
Sanky:cool my partner seems interesting.
Lucky :same here see this is what happened…………(later)
In swaragini’s car
Swara: who was that
Ragini:Mr. ugh
Ragini:yes thats what I’ll call him.anyways how was your day
Swara :good
Ragini: did you make any freinds
Swara: Its just the 1st day di
Rag:so on my 1st day I had made 3 before class only
Sw: you know me na
Rags: ya ,now do you want to know about my day

Sw: yes
flashbak:(rags is telling swara while lucky is telling sanskaar)
in raglaks class(they will be in the same class obviously)
Ragini is sitting alone as her freinds boyfreind was in their class that year
Laksh comes and looks around for an empty seat
he sees the seat behind Rags and sits there
their proffesor was absent so rags started talking to her freinds while laksh is flirting with kavya(sitting in front of raglak)
he sees ragini quiet and starts ‘talking’ to her.
after class he evens follows her to the cafe.
end of flashback

precap:laksh starts to fall for ragini

so please comment and tell me how it was

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