Swaragini: Shadow of the dark past Chapter 2

Hello guys,thank you for your comments.and arnav is 26 not 25
Sorry for that mistake.And A.xx im sorry i didn’t know what else to write,that’s why I didn’t give details.And all pairs have equal importance,but swara is the main lead.
Now enough of my bak bak and let’s begin with the story.

Chapter 2
At abc university
Swaragini head to their classes
Some seniors call swara
She gets scared and goes to them
Rags comes and takes her from there
She turns to the seniors (they are of her age only)
Rags:you dare guys
Girl:why who is she
Rag:she’s my sister
Girl2:ok baba chill we won’t say anything

Boy :guys it’s getting late let’s go
Rags to swara:You go to your class . We’ll meet after class.
2mins later
Swara is looking for her admit card
in her bag and walking
She bumps into someone
She’s about to fall but he holds her
She had closed her eyes due to fear of falling.
He makes her stand.
She opens her eyes says sorry and runs from there.
The boy stares at her as she’s going.He goes to his class after she disappears from his sight
In a classroom
The boy comes and sits in the class
The professor comes and introduced himself after which
Pr:Students we are proud to have with us state topper of mumbai,Sanskaar Maheshwari(sanskaar is a topper and he and lucky have just shifted from mumbai to delhi)

The boy stands up(yes that boy is our hero no. 1 sanky).
Pr:And also a national topper with the highest IQ in the country-Swara Gadodia
Swara stands up
and quickly sits down sanskaar also sits down
Sanskaar (in mind):this was weird isn’t she proud of herself.Well she seems interesting
Pr:now you all can introduce yourselves
Introduction of all students
Pr:from tomorrow you’ll sit acc to your admission no.s.(sorry but had no other way to make them sit together)
Swasan are to sit together
Sanskaar tries to talk to her
But she runs away.

Sorry for no raglak .But im trying to upload some more chapters today.
See you soon
And please comment
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