Swaragini: Shadow of the dark past Chapter 1

A curtain is opened revealing a beautiful girl in a red salvar and yellow tank top. Her wavy hair are open and some locks are playing on her face. She has a glowing face and a bright smile. She turns and sighs seeing a hump on the bed she removes the blanket and her smile immediately vanishes as she sees a girl shivering, crying and saying“maa baba” in her sleep. She shakes the girl saying “swara”(yes the girl is our dear swara) . The girl wakes up and says “ragini di” (ya the 1st girl is none other than ragini)
Ragini : shh don’t cry I’m here naa
Shouting: bhaiya come fast

In seconds a boy comes running to the room
Seeing him swara immediately runs to him and hugs him
Saying Arnav bhaiya(yes he is arnav)
Arnav : shh baba don’t cry everything’s fine.
Ragini gives water to swara
Swara calms down
Arnav: what happened shona did you …
Ragini(cutting in): leave it now, go get ready you don’t want to get late for college,right
Swara nods and goes
Arnav : why dint you let me ask
Ragini : then she would have felt scared again. We need to wait.
Arnav: How much more. We’ve waited for 13 yrs already
Saying this he goes from there

At dining hall
Arnav is eating when ragini comes in graphic crop top and faded jeans. She has made a ponytail and only applied kajal .She sits down and begins eating
Arnav: its good that you are with her there.you could have already graduated with your IQ certificate
Ragini: but then swara would not have been comfortable there at least im there to help her around for her first year.
Arnav :yes
Swara comes and wishes the good moprning
She is in a light green dress and has made her hair into a messy bun.
She sits down and takes a sandwich
Ragini takes out her pin out and her straint hair comes down resting on her back
Swara (confused):di
Ragini:you look better this way
Swara just smiles
They go after breakfast
At MM(sorry for not writing in detail)
Sanlak wake up late and leave for college after a hasty breakfast as sujhata and ap look at them with a they will never change look
In swaraginis car,
Ragini: don’t feel scared today, after class come to the cafeteria ,I’ll be waiting there.
Swara: okay di

In sanlaks car
Sanskaar: bhai why did you snooze the alarm.
Laksh: because I wanted to sleep more and you are younger than me so don’t ask me any questions.
Sanskaar keeps quiet.
See you soon with the next chapter
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