Swaragini: A shadow of the dark past. (with arshi).chapter 9


Hy, everyone ,so I am here as promised and from now on I will upload only on weekends.So now my trip is fixed for dec 9th to 12th.But Jane will be posting for you guy’s and I am actually paying her for that.I have just got to know that the show is ending.I am really devasted about this coz I really related to that show,I have a twin sister and we love each other a lot.OK now enough of my bak bak.I will continue after the post
Sanlak are waiting in a cafe.
San:Bhai what are we doing here.And who is going to be my partner.
Lak:sabar rakh….

Swaragini enter(how could I seperate swasan)
Sanskaars back is towards them.
Lak:kyuki phal meetha hai.
Lak :turn around
Sanky turns and gets mesmerized seeing swara.His jaw drops.
Swaragini go towards them.
Rag:close your mouth sanskaar or else flies will enter inside
Raglak laugh while Swara looks down and hides a smile
San:ab chale.
Lak :ha take raginis car ,I and rags need to go for shopping.
Swasan look at raglak

Ragini:my tution fee.
Sw:but di,I will be back by11:30
Rags:shona,don’t steal my dialogue. And you still have 3and a half hours left,so go
Sanky takes swara and they leave.
Kavita is waiting with Shralaj(the nerd of the batch,he is a science genius but behaves stupidly.)
Shr:We are here for the last 53 minutes and 5 no 6 seconds. When will we go inside.
Kav:I am just waiting for a friend. As soon as she comes we will go inside.
Shr:Ok dear
Kavita smiles and thinks:What does this guy think,that i’ll go with him.I have just brought him for exchange incase my sanky has got a partner.
Her thoughts are broken by a car’s horn.
Shr:baby you’re standing in front of a car.I hope you dont have any psychological issue of suicidal tendency
Kavita moves.

The car parks and our hero gets out.
Kavita gets happy and takes a step towards him but stops seeing him extend his hand to Swara.
Swasan go towards the entrance.
Kavita takes Shralaj and goes towards them.
Kavita to Swara:hy swara I have an offer for you
San:what do you want
Kav:you know that you are a genius and shralaj here is also a genius. So you both can go together and enjoy your science talks while I and Sanky can go together whatsay.
San:but bhai and di
Kav:they would not know only

Sanskaar becomes sad and says:what say swara.
Sw:looks at him.I will go with sanskaar only.and not only because di has told but because I dont know why but I trust you.They go.
Precap:teaser part.
I know it may be short
But I will post again soon and in rishto ki mitthas readers I will post
that also soon.
And guys please comment
I cancelled my date with my boyfriend for writing this.hope you like it.
Presently I will continue what I was saying.
I was very happy when Swaragini started as I really wanted to see a show based on sisterly love.
I will miss the show a lot.

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