Swaragini: Shadow of the dark past (with arshi) Chapter 9


Hy guys.I do hope you hae not forgotten my ff scince it has been quite a while scince I have written
I am presently busy with my engagement in jan,so hope you understand. Anyway, lets continue.

So swasan went inside the hall
While kavita had to go with shralaj.
Kavita fumes in jealously as she sees swasan talking.
Swa:so thank you
Swa:for the compliment you gave me.
They start talking.
Kavita thinks:my sanky loves dancing and this bookiewill not dance,if I ask him he will not refuse.
She goes towards them.

But suddenly the music stops
And a pair come on stage.
They are zaya
Zain:so guys.Its time to give out some prizes
Al:so there are 6 awards to be given. They are..
Last three awards left.
Za:now for the girl who is already made houses in every guys heart.
Zaya:the angel from the sky is swara gadodia.
Aplause starts
Sanky pushes swara on the stage.
Alia puts on a sashe on her
Al:shona you are really looking like an angel.
Zain:yes dear,and to prevent your sister killing us I have recorded this.
Swara smiles and leaves the stage.
Alia:god knows ki what she is going through ,what past could have been this dark to steal away all her light
Zain:god knows ,what I know is you need to announce the next award.

(On mike):so now for the guy who stole all our hearts away.
The heart thief is sanskaar maheshwari.
Sanky goes on stage.and gets the badge put on.
He goes down
Zain:and now the last but certainly not the least,
Al:this for the couple jin ki chemistry was the most sizzling.
Zaya :the jodi of the night award goes to
The thief and his Angel

Swara and Sanskaar
Sanky takes Swara to the stage
Alya:to keep your chemistry going on here is the love chain.
She ties the chain to their wrists.
Zain:and here is the key to open it.he searches his pocket and doesnt find it.
Zain:waise you guys look grt together so you stay like this only.bcoz I have lost the key.bye
He grabs alias hand and they run

Precap:cute moments b/w swasan and arshi and raglaks evening.

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