Swaragini: Shadow of the dark past (with arshi) Chapter 8

Hello guys ashia here.so its episode 8 yaar.
In swaras room
Ragshi come in
Swara gets up
Ra:shona go and get ready for the party.
Sw:but di ,I don’t even have a dress
Kh:then why would I be here.Take this.
She gives her a bag.
Swara takes it and tries to say
Sw:but …….

Rags:No more questions .Now go.
Saying so she pushes her into the washroom.
After 20 minutes
Arnav enters and stops on seeing his little sister looking no less than a princess.
Swara was wearing a blue gown.(the one shown in the picture)
She had worn a tiara with dark blue roses, pearl drop earrings and a pearl necklace.She had on a silver bracelet and a white watch.
She had worn dark blue eyeshadow and pink lip gloss.
Her hair were done in a braided bun with a few loose ringlets on the side.
Ar:arrey wah.tu to bilkul pari lag rahi hai.
Rags:after all maine makeup aur hairdo kiya hai.
Kh:don’t forget my dress.

Sw:yes ,thank you so much
Rags:now come
She takes her hand and starts taking her
Sw:but di what about a partner.
Rags:trust me.
Precap:who is who’s partner

(I love kavsan together)
And I know that it was short but I’ll give you a longer one next time.
See you soon guys.
And I am sharing with you my thoughts on love,choose any 1 option.


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  1. xavia

    It wz superb dear….n i vote fo trust….cz widout it relation means nthng……in evry relationship trust z d basic requiremnt…..

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