Swaragini: Shadow of the dark past (with arshi) Chapter 8


Hello guys ashia here.so its episode 8 yaar.
In swaras room
Ragshi come in
Swara gets up
Ra:shona go and get ready for the party.
Sw:but di ,I don’t even have a dress
Kh:then why would I be here.Take this.
She gives her a bag.
Swara takes it and tries to say
Sw:but …….

Rags:No more questions .Now go.
Saying so she pushes her into the washroom.
After 20 minutes
Arnav enters and stops on seeing his little sister looking no less than a princess.
Swara was wearing a blue gown.(the one shown in the picture)
She had worn a tiara with dark blue roses, pearl drop earrings and a pearl necklace.She had on a silver bracelet and a white watch.
She had worn dark blue eyeshadow and pink lip gloss.
Her hair were done in a braided bun with a few loose ringlets on the side.
Ar:arrey wah.tu to bilkul pari lag rahi hai.
Rags:after all maine makeup aur hairdo kiya hai.
Kh:don’t forget my dress.

Sw:yes ,thank you so much
Rags:now come
She takes her hand and starts taking her
Sw:but di what about a partner.
Rags:trust me.
Precap:who is who’s partner

(I love kavsan together)
And I know that it was short but I’ll give you a longer one next time.
See you soon guys.
And I am sharing with you my thoughts on love,choose any 1 option.


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  1. Soujanya


    1. JenniferAndrews

      Thanks and what do you vote for

  2. Akshata

    awesome, my vote goes to trust

  3. It wz superb dear….n i vote fo trust….cz widout it relation means nthng……in evry relationship trust z d basic requiremnt…..

  4. Deeksha

    Nice dear… Continue soon….

  5. Asra

    nice dear…i vote for trust and sacrifice…tkcr dear…..

  6. Awesome and trust is my opinion di.

  7. A.xx

    fab loved it and i think c) because u should be able to do anything for true love or it’s not real.xx

  8. Loving it

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