Swaragini: Shadow of the dark past (with arshi) Chapter 7


Hy! guys ashia is back.
I really really missed you all .Jess did use my account to drop some comments and I agree with her.And in my absence only 1 episode was posted and for this I’m going to kill my sister but presently I am having a lot of time in hand so I will give you a compensation for the next few days.
So today as promised we will have some arshi and also a little of sanlak bonding( which was ingnored till now).


Ragini’s pov
I saw them go and smiled.
I had seen there bonding over these months and understood there love but they havnt yet confessed
I am really happy for bhai, he is very lucky to get bhabhi.
And bhabhi how can I thank you enough.
You have completely changed my brother starting from

swaragnav go inside a cafe.
Arnav is in a formal grey suit,ragini is in red and yellow salwar kameez while swara is in denim shorts and a red top.
Khushi who is wearing a yellow floral printed frock and an open light blue denim shirt.sees them and waves
They go to her
Kh(frowning):you will go to work on a sunday also
Ar:no I’m on off today
Kh:but you are dressed as if you haver a meeting now
Ar:I wear these only(swaragnavs guardians[their dada dadi ]deid after Arnav finishes colege so he becomes a very strict and proffesional type person and also only smiles with his sisters)
Kh:not from now onwards
Ar: no way
Kh: yes way and whose with me
Ra:me and shona
saying so she drags swara to khushi
swara gives arnav a’im helpless’look
Khushi gets some casual cloths for arnav and gets him to change
Ra:wow bhai now bhabhi needs to lookout
Kh:yes now atleast you dont look like a boring old office MD.
Ar:what i am Iam
Kh:correction what you were as now I am here and its my challenge I will change you in 6 months flat
Ar smiles
Rags looks astonished
While swara is also smiling
FB ends

You started then and now my brother has started to live once again
I wish shona also finds someone who takes her out of the shadow of the dark past.
Pov ends
Ragini goes to swaras room and sees her reading

Meanwhile Arshi come back
Ar: you winked at me
Kh: so
Ar:so I…
Kh:no reasons so now I won.
Ragini comes and asks them to sit.
Rags: today night is shonas fresher’s party
Arnav: but I am damn sure she doesn’t want to go
Rags: I’ll see to that and what I need firstly is a dress
Kh:my department I’ll get it in a minute.
She goes
Rags:now I and bhabhi will handle it you go.
Ar: why?
Rags: coz you always give into her demands and and you have a dinner date today.
Ar: okay meri maa
He goes
Rags :and now a partner
She calls someone(call is muted)
Khushi comes and they go to swaras room

Sanlak have a silent lunch and both go to sanky’s room
Laksh is worriedly walking here and there and sanky is smiling thinking about swara.
Sanky comes out of his thoughts and sees lucky .
San: what happened bhai
Lak:wo aaj canteen mei I spotted ragini and was going to meet her when I heard her conversation with swara(he narrates swaragini convo )after that swara started shivering.
San: bhai this seems serious but should we interfere
Lak :Ragini is my best friend and If something’s bothering her it bothers me too.
San: ok we’ll ask
Lak: not we only me as if this topic comes in front of swara and something happens to her it will be difficult.
San; OK
Lak: so now lets discuss about your fresher’s party partner.
San: I’m not going
Lak:why coz swara isn’t and I also don’t want to go
Lak: comeon there are many others.and kavita must have asked you.
San:will that chipkoo ever leave me and you know right I hate that msfevicol
Lak:so she is not the unlucky one
San:yes(he realises what laksh has said)
Bhai I won’t leave you
He chases laksh
Lakshs phone rings and they stop
Lak:ya bolo
Lak:yes he wont have any problem
Lak: k see you at 8
He end phonecall and says
Lak: get ready for the party
San:bhai but
Lak: go means go
Sanskaar goes

Precap: pre-party

I am going to post another f fcalled “In Rishto ki Mitthas” please check it out
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