Swaragini: Shadow of the dark past (with arshi) Chapter 6

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Chapter 5

So let’s start with chapter 6
Arnav is waiting in a cafe to meet a girl whom he contacted though a matrimonial website. He is wearing a formal suit.(guys before meeting Khushi, Arnav was a serious and strict type person. He only smiled when he was with his sisters. I will explain the reason later.)In some time a girl enters the cafe. she is wearing a peach top with jeans and her hair are open. She is looking extremely beautiful. He is mesmerised to see her but doesn’t show. He stands up .She sees him and goes towards him.
girl: Arnav

Arnav nods and says”khushi”
The girl says :Yes, um let’s sit down
They sit
Kh: wo, actually I want to clear something’s to you.
Ar: yes
Kh: I will get engaged now but marriage will not happen for some time b’coz I have just started my career and until my sister is married there is no chance.
Ar: K and even I need time to /know you and make sure my sisters accept you.
Kh: ya and your parents.
Ar: actually they are no more
Kh: Oh sorry.
Ar: Its OK and can you come with me.,
Kh: where?
Ar: to my home I need you to meet my sisters .their consent is quite important for me.

Kh: OK let’s go.
They go to GM
Khushi soon befriends Ragini and Swara(surprisingly)
Flashback ends
Arnav (thinking):From then till now ,you kept giving me new reasons to fall for you and now I know that what I feel for you is nothing less than Love .You are special for me .And that’s enough I love you and will always love you.
Khushi gets up and sits beside Arnav.
He sees the tray of water and cloth beside swaras bed and raises his eyebrow.
Kh: She had fever but now she’s fine.

Kh: For what
Ar: for coming into my life .For changing me and teaching me how to live.
Kh: that’s right .I agreed for marriage so that I could change you from Mr. boring to a normal human being.
Ar: and have you succeeded.
Kh:yes as I never loose. You know that right.
Ar:Ya you cheat and win

Ar:You are mad
Kh:that’s why I am marrying you.
Ar: You are dead
Kh: no I am still alive as I hav’nt married you yet.

Ar:why wait I’ll kill you now only
Kh:I’m not scared of you
Ar: competition
Kh:gol gappas
Ar:done the tell rags and go

Precap: some more arshi and swaragnav plan to send swara to the party

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