Swaragini: Shadow of the dark past (with arshi) Chapter 4 and 5

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Hello guys this is Ashia back with some more nonsense. I’m very glad that you all have appreciated this try of mine. hope I don’t bore you guys much as I’v combined 2 chapters this time. And I know that I have been ignoring arshi this time but they will soon appear.So you need to wait a little arshi fans. But I promise that the wait will be worth it.
2nd day in the university
Swasan class
Swara comes and sits in her place. She starts reading her text book.
Sanky comes and sits beside her
He starts introducing himself
She isn’t paying attention and he dint notice this
So tell me something about you(after finishing)
Swa: huh?
san: tell me something about yourself
swa: I like to stay quiet
She takes out her phone and sees a family photo
A tear escapes her eyes
Sanky notices this
San: kya hua .boyfriend ne phone pe break up kar liya
swara comes to senses
Swa: I dont have any boyfriend
san: to ro kis khushi me rahi thi
swa:tum chu…
the proffesor enters the classs and starts teaching
both concentrate on him(both are toppers na)

In raglaks class
Ragini comes and sits on her place. She takes out her mobile and sees the pic of her parents (homesreen)
Ragini (thinking): why maa baba why. Why did you leave us alone . Your Shona is starting her college today. She needed your ashirwaad (blessing) today. But you are not there. Maa you aren’t there to put kaala teeka behind her ear and feed her dahi shakar (sugar and curd).And baba you are not there to wish her all the best. Why?
Her eyes become teary
Laksh comes and sees the seat beside her vacant, he sits there. He clips his fingers .
She comes out of her thoughts
He4 sees her eyes and raises his eyebrow.
Sho nods negative.
The professor comes
And introduces laksh as a knew student and asks him to take help from rags if needed as she is the national topper.He starts teaching.
After class
Raglak go the café
Laksh :can you help me with my maths(I’m just in 9th so this is the 1st subject that came into my mind)
Ragini: why me?
Laksh: the professor told na and besides who will miss the chance to take tutions from a national topper
Ragini smiles
Rags: K but later
Lucky:as you say
She goes and gets water.
Now rags is waiting for Shona. She is pacing here and there.
Sanskaar comes.
Lucky spots him and goes towards him
Raglak collide
Laksh hold ragini, they have a cute eyelock.
Sanskaar coughs(pretend)
They realise their position and compose themselves
Laksh to sanskaar : this is my classmate ragini.
And to ragini: this is my brother sanskaar
Sanskaar:hello ma’am.
Ragini:ma’am she laughs.while laksh is staring at her.
Sanskaar :then
Rags:call me ….
Swara comes and says :di sanlak turn
Rags(to swara):coming
(to sanky):heard that
Sanky: yes di .
Ragini goes
Sanskaar(to lucky): dusre din hi
Lucky : she’s not even my friend yet
In swaraginis car
Swara: how do you know him
Rags : he is mr ughs brother.and you
Shona: he sits beside me in class.
1 week passes by now laksh and ragini are friends(they meet during the times rags helps lucky)
Sanskaar tries to talk to swara but she hardly speaks.
In raglaks class(after lecture)
Laksh:you know what you’r my best friend
Rags:I also think the same. Now I even spend more time with you than alia
Alia: what?
Rags: you go with your Zain. After you found your boyfriend you forgot me.
Zain comes just then
Zain: so what now I come before you
Alia: yes like Laksh comes before me
Rags: what
Zain: yes he’s even stopped flirting as you don’t like it.
Alia: and you are giving him tuitions which even I dint get.
Rags: did you ask
Al: yes before the final exam
Rags: Ya 2 mins before the exam
Raglakzain laugh while Alia feels embarrassed
Zain: any ways I think there is something something
Raglak: NO

In swasan class (after lecture)
Intercom: students e are having a fresher’s party tonight .you need to come in pairs
The buzz starts
Sanky: so cool right
Kavita (she sits behind swasan keeps flirting with sanky.he calls her ms. Fevicol): Ya and we’ll go together of course
And by the way bookie (swara) who are you going with.
Swa: well I’m not going so no need for any partner
San: come-on swara .you need to come.
Swa: no I don’t want to go.
San: then I also won’t go
Kav: but we are going together na
San: in your dreams
Kav: come on. Why do still bother about this bookie
San: because I consider her as my friend.
Swa: what (she’s never had a friend yet)
San: yes you’re my friend
Kav: from when
Swa: god knows
San: now
He holds out his hand
The bell rings and swara runs away .rags spots her outside and goes behind her.
In swaraginis car.
Swara recites what happened
(she is very confused as she has always stayed to herself and people have let her,but sanskaar asks her to be his friend which is new to her and she has no idea how to react)
Ragini takes to the café and gives her a glass of water , after Shona calms down
Rags: enough Shona learn to open up now .its high time4. It’s been 13 yrs. since that incident and neither you share what happened nor you forget it.
Swa: please di not now
Rags: no its enough tell me what happened .what is bothering you fort so long.
Swara start panting and feeling dizzy
Rags senses the seriousness situation and takes her from there
She takes Swara to the car where she faints.
She takes Swara home, to her room.
She gets scared and calls Arnav, but his phone is switched off.
She calls Khushi and tells her what happened.
In about 30 minutes a girl comes to GM
She is wearing a white jegging and a blue top (12th image when searched on google)
She has a grey blazer (for girls)
She comes in a hurry and sees rags crying on the sofa.
She goes and sits beside her and places her hand on rag’s shoulder
Ragini: bhabhi (yups the girl is Khushi)
Khushi: where is Shona?
Rags: in her room
Khushi goes to swaras room and caresses her face.
Her expressions change to worry. She goes out and comes back with a tray in which there is a bowl of water and a piece of cloth.
She sits on the chair beside the bed and checks Swara’s temperature and keeps the drenched cloth on her fore head she continues to do so for an hour or so and then falls asleep.
Meanwhile Arnav comes home in the evening.
Rags tells him what happened.
He runs to Swara’s room and sees her sleeping and Khushi also sleeping.
He gives a sigh of relief and goes and sits on the sofa.
He remembers meeting Khushi and thinks how lucky he is to have her.

Precap: Arshi moments, flashback.

Hope you like it.

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