Swaragini-shaadi SWALAK…Episode 1


This is for SWALAK fans. I know some may be missing swara and laksh’s fun and romance so this is for you

It’s the wedding morning of swara and laksh. Swara is with her mom ( sharmista) and getting to go to the temple. She says bye to sharmista and dadi and then leaves. Ragini quietly leaves the house to follow swara. She follows swara to the temple and then quietly kidnaps her. She takes her to an isolated dark place and locks her. Then returns home acting all Innocent. Sharmista asks her where she was and ragini says she was getting some jewellery to match with her suit. Sharmista without inquring anymore agrees and tells her to quickly get ready. Ragini smiles looking at swara’s wedding clothes and then leaves after getting ready. Laksh and his family arrive for the wedding. Sharmista does his tilak and welcomes him. After some time everyone asks where swara is as she is no where to be seen. Sharmista lies that girls take a long time to get ready for there wedding. And then tries calling swara but her phone isn’t reachable.

Swara on the other hand is trying to get out and keeps trying to break the door but is unable to.
In the wedding Hall everyone is worried and then ragini says she will go and check on swara. Inside ragini dresses up as swara and covers her face and before leaving smirks. She enters the mandap where lakshya is sitting covering his face. The wedding goes on and finishes with laksh filling ragini head with sindoor even though her face is covered. After the wedding everyone says bye to ragini and then swara comes.

Flashback swara had found a hammer and broke the door. And then came running and had found a rickshaw.
Back to now.. everyone is shocked. Sharmista removes the veil of raginis face and is shocked. She slaps ragini and runs to swara asking her what happened. Swara tells what had happened. And then dadi maa along with shekar slap ragini hardly. Ragini apologises saying she loves laksh. And then laksh appears clapping saying you were gonna snatch my love from me and say you love me. Ragini is shocked and then removes the headband from the person sanding with her and is shocked to see sanskar there. Everyone else see sanskar and are shocked.
Flashback while everyone is waiting for swara to come laksh goes to the room to use the washroom and sanskar comes n tells everything to laksh with a recording of ragini telling sanskar she will get laksh at any cost.laksh at first doesn’t allow sanskar to go in his place but agrees on thinking he’ll loose swara.
Back to now…everyone is shocked and it ends there.

Precap.. ragini vows to take revenge from swara and sanskar for taking her away from her love

Credit to: FJ

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  1. What a twist i really shocked
    But dont kerp this revengue and hatered in ff for so many days

  2. awesome

  3. the story was nice..but plz dont make ragini negative because we are fed up to see ragini negative..plz make her realise love for sanskar..I AM SOOO SORRY IF MY WORD HURTS YOU

  4. Hmmmm yaar plz continue…..

  5. keep swasan yaar

    1. no plz…there are more swasan ffs..plz for swalak fans sake..don’t say it..sorry if I hurted u…

  6. I’m really impressed with ur twist. really nice dear…plz for swalak fans continue it..dear…plz make it swalak dear…

  7. Excellent ff ? continue it as you like, don’t listen to anyone else. I’m sure you have a brilliant story in your mind, so don’t let it waver. Best of luck!

  8. luved dis alot ur story is nyc but make ragini positive and i luv swalak

  9. My god it is awesome I hoped this came real in the show

  10. Really, I am impressed with the twist.This story is awesome.Thanks for “swalak”.keep continuing.

  11. Thanks for a swalak ff…

  12. I’m impressed with this twist and nice story. Plz continue it

  13. Thank you for all your comments

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