swaragini (seven shots) love is unpredictable (Part 1)


Hello everyone this is my first ss I hope u like it I’ll end it in 6-7 episodes hope u like
The story starts
Its raining heavily its on highway we can see a gril driving a car very harshly it was out of her control form the opposite side we can see another car coming the person driving was talking on phone as it was raining everything out was blur both the cars were about to hit but the girl took turn and her car hitted the tree she hitted the staring wheel she got hurt on her head and was unconscious the boy to stopped his car he was very nervous not understanding what to do he came out of his car he came near that girls car he was unable to see her face
he called many times but no response he shakes her and was full shocked to see her “ragini”
he tried to wake her “ ragini ragini open ur eyes” he quickly picked her in his embrace put her in his car and drove it to hospital
ragini was admitted in OT he was sitting their on chair like a lifeless body
the boy’s prov
I was full shocked to see her she was ragini my ragini but what I have done phone rang he picked the call
It was some boy
calller: bhai where u r
boy: lucky wo
yes the person who called him is laksh and the other guy is sanskar
laksh: bhai what happened where u r
he didn’t response
sanskar: laucky ragini
laksh: ragini what happened to her where r u exactly plsz tell me
sanskar: at city hospital
laksh: I am coming
he cuts the call
sanskar again lost in his thoughts

FB starts
Sanskar was studying in clg at Bangalore he came their for his studies he was staying in hostel it was almost a year that he was their ragini was staying with her parents janki and shekar and elder brother kunal she to got admission in same clg as sanskar, sanskar was heart throb boy of clg every girl wished to be with him he was good at signing and studies he was a bit flirt he didn’t like girls a person who says I hate love story ragini came from a typical marwadi family where girls r considered to be burden for her her education carrer were first priority than anything else sanskar family was rich he was thought to respect girls his parents DP and AP were in Mumbai he had a young brother Laksh their having a big bunnies akhil mittal was their family frnd his wife sharmistha mittal and 2 daughter swara mittal and radhika mittal
Radhika and sanskar were good frnds laksh had crush on swara but this is unknown to swara

Sanskar was busy in his studies he was preparing for it ragini to joined the clg both didn’t meet it was almost a month that ragini joined
One day
Ragini was in library she took many book she was walking by corridor their
Sanskar was informed that principle has called him he was in a hurry he was almost running their unknowly he collided with ragini all her books fell down both bended to pick it he was helping and continuously asking her sory both didn’t see eachother
Ragini picked the books she stood up
Ragini: r u mad can’t u see and walk
Sanskat handed her books
Sanskar: I am sory MS I was in bit hurry I am sory saying this he again ran from their to priciple’s office
Ragini: serioulsly what a mad giving a disgusting look to him she went from their
Sanskar came out of his thoughts when laksh who came their called him
Laksh: bhai
Sanskar: lucky
Laksh: bhai what happened
Sanskar explains him everything
Laksh: bhai realx nothing will happen to her
Doc came out they both ran to him
Sanskar: doc how is she
Doc:we have to do her operation she is in critical stage he survival chances r less
Sanskar: what rubbish r u speaking he holds his collar
Laksh: bhai plsz leave him
He leaves him

Sanskar: do anything but save her
Laksh: ha doc don’t worry about money plsz save her
Doc: we r trying our best
He leaves from their

Laksh: bhai belive me nothing will happen to her
Sanskar hugged him
Sanskar: why she always does this to me
laksh: bhai u have to be strong
sanskar goes near a ganpati’s idol in hospital he joins his hands and prays for ragini
sanskar: plsz god plsz don’t take her away form me plsz
he again comes and sit on chair lost in his thoughts

FB start
After that both didn’t meet eachother
One day
Ragini is sitting with her frnds in cafeteria
(meena , kushi,yashika r ragini’s frnds yashika is hot and famous girl of clg) )
Sanskar was to came their with his frnds both didn’t see eachother
Ragini’s frnds sees sanskar they all were similing when he came
Ragini: what happened to u’ll
Yashika: wow see their na sanskar I love him yaar
Ragini: what where
All rest start to laugh

Yashika: why u’ll r laughing ha
Meena: because he doesn’t bother about u and u r just mad on him
Yashika: hey hey what do u mean by that
Ragini: gues relax by the way who’s he
Kushi: u don’t know him
Ragini nods
Meena: seriously u don’t know heart throb boy of clg u don’t know sanskar maheswari
Ragini: yeah I don’t know him why u’ll r reacting like this
Kushi: I think u r form some alien planet all girls of clg r mad on him and u say u don’t know him
Ragini:I am not understanding why r u reacting so much
Yashika:gues its ok ragini I’ll make u meet him
Ragini: I am least interested in it
Yashika: why u fear if u fall for him haa(winking at her)
Ragini: shut up yaar u know I can fall for no one and for me my dream is more important than anything
Yashika: sory yaar I was just joking u took it serious
Ragini: don’t do it again

as she leaves from their one of sanskar’s frnd sameer points towards her
( akash, mohit, Nikhil, sameer r sanskar’s frnd)
Sameer:sanskar see her she has topper of first year highest percentage
Sanskar: who
Sameer: the one who’s going
Sanskar: oh
Akash: what yaar do u don’t have anyother work than this topper studies and everything bla bla
Sanskar: what happened to u
Mohit: he likes her fnrd yashika but
Sanskar: but what
Mohit:if ragini
Sanskar gives questioning look to him
Mohit: ragini yashika’s frnd will never let yashika to be in all this she want her frnd to concentrate on her studies not in all this
Akash: ha she’s becoming kaab me haddi
All laugh

Sanskar: I nevr thought this type of people to exist
Akash: they exist payaar ki dushman
Sanskar:w ait what if she falls in love with some one
Know sameer alone laugh
Sanskar:what happened to u
Sameer: u r talking which is impossible
Sanskar: what u mean by that
Sameer: bro she’s a studious girl who don’t belive in love and all and she can never fall for anyone
Sanskar: what if she loves someone ha or someone make her fall for him
Mohit: why don’t u try it ha
Akash: ha make her fall for u
Sanskar: I am least interested in all this
Akash: why r u scared
Sanskar: no
Mohit: then try it all clg girls r mad on sanskar maheswari she may too fall for u
Sameer: gues its too much plsz stop it here only
Sanskar: ok fine I agree
Sameer: sanskar plsz no yaar its to much
Mohit: u have one month make her fall for u
Sanskar: sure she’ll come and confess that she loves me
Akash:we will see

Precap: flash back continues

Gues plsz plsz comment is it good or not

Credit to: umang

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