Swaragini-Seven Shots (Episode 1)


Hi!This is Roshni here.The writer of SwaSan and RagLak-Pyaar Ki Ek Anokhi Dastan.Actually, I couldn’t wait to connect with you after 3rd April so i came with a seven shot story.And one more thing SwaSan and RagLak-Pyaar Ki Ek Anokhi Dastan is to be on the floors.And this will be a happy seven shot story.So,here we go.

The story starts with Sanskaar exposing Kavita.

DP:-Inspector please take her from here.
Kavita:-Sanskaar,How can you do this to me?I love you so much.Please don’t send me in jail.Please Sanskaar,I love you.
Sanskaar:-Inspector wait.
Kavita:-Thank you Sanskaar.I knew that you will not send me in jail,because you love me a lot.
Sanskaar:-Kavita just fit one thing in your mind that i don’t love you,I ONLY LOVE SWARA.SHE IS MY LIFE.And one more thing i asked inspector to wait so that i can give you one big gift.
Kavita:-What is it Sanskaar?
Sanskaar:-A big slap from me and my Swara.
Kavita:-No Sanskaar!You cannot do this.
Sanskaar:-I will and my swara will also do this,Haan naa Swara.
Swara:-Of course my Prince anything for you.

There came a big slap from Swara to Kavita.
Kavita[holding her cheeks]:-You!!!
She was about to slap Swara but a hand stopped her.It was of Sanskaar.
Sanskaar:-How dare you try to slap my Swara?
There came another big slap to Kavita.It was from Sanskaar.
Sanskaar:-You are a girl;that’s why i am controlling myself otherwise you won’t be standing here.So that’s why to remove my anger i only slapped you.Say thanks to your fate.You tried to seperate me and my life Swara.
Sanskaar:-Ssshhh!!!Inspector take her from here and let her be rotten in jail for her whole life.
Inspector arrests Kavita.Kavita goes from there.
Sanskaar:-Ragini,do me a favour.
Sanskaar:-Ragini,go and get my Swara ready like a bride.
Ragini:-Yes,of course…I will get Swara ready like an angel.
Laksh:-Ragini stop!!!.
Ragini:-What happened Laksh???

Laksh:-I will not marry you Ragini…
Ragini[Shocked]:-Why Laksh?What did i do?
Laksh:-I wont means i won’t…
Ragini:-Please Laksh don’t do this to me!!!
Laksh[bursted out laughing]:-Hahahah!!!!
Ragini:-Laksh,Why are you laughing?
Laksh:-Ragini,I will marry you but I’m 2 conditions.
Ragini:-Which conditions Laksh?I am ready to do anything for you.
Ragini:-Yes Laksh…
Laksh:-Go and wear this bridal clothes.
He gives her a packet and she goes with Swara.

@RagLak Room.
Ragini opens the packet.
It is a beautiful pink colour lehanga with a simple golden border and the chunni is of pink colour with dark blue border and the chunni contains golden stars.
Ragini:-Wow Swara!!!This is so beautiful.
Swara:-Haa Ragini!!!It is indeed so much beautiful.
Both of them wear their bridal clothes.
Meanwhile in living room.
DP:-Sorry Shekharji,you had to bear so much because of me and my family.
Shekhar:-No,No,No problem at all.After all we are also one family.And Sanskaar and Laksh are like my sons only.

@RagLak Room.
Swaragini wore their bridal clothes.
Suddenly some thought strikes Ragini’s mind and she is lost in deep thoughts.
Swara:-Ragini,just help me tie this dori.
Ragini[in deep thoughts]:-Hmmm…
Swara:-Ragini,Are you listening to me?
Ragini[still lost in deep thoughts].
Swara[Shaking Ragini]:-Ragini,Where have you lost?
Ragini:-Swara!Tum taiyar nahi hui.
Swara:-Nahi!!!But where were you lost?
Ragini:-Swara,Do you remember what did Laksh said?He said that he will marry me on 2 conditions.
Ragini:-He told me the first condition.What is the second condition?
Swara:-Exactly!!!What is the second condition?
Both were lost in deep thinking,when they heard a voice.
It was from Mishti[Sharmishta].
Mishti:-Swaragini,Where are you?Come fast.Mahurat nikla jaa raha hai.
Swaragini:-Yes maa!!!We are coming.Just give us 15 minutes.
Mishti:-Ok!But come fast.
Swara:-Ragini,get ready it’s being too much late.
Ragini:-But,the second condition?
Swara:-I will ask Laksh after we go down..
Ragini:-Pakka naa Swara?

Swara:-Haan Ragini…
Both get ready in their bridal attire and come down.
Sanskaar:-Yaar Swara,Where are you?I am dying to see you in your bridal attire.
Laksh:-Same here Sanskaar.
SanLak were laughing at their talks.
Swaragini came down and Sanskaar & Laksh’s mouth left in open to see the love of their life in their beautiful bridal attires.
Uttara came there and said something which shocked SanLak.
Uttara:-Mere dono pyaare bgaiyo keep your mouth shut otherwise mosquitoes will go inside and then meri pyaari Bhabhi’s will laugh on you.
SanLak were shocked.
Swaragini were laughing and SanLak were staring them.

Laksh had some plan in his sweet evil mind.
Swara coming to Laksh.
Swara:-Laksh what is the second condition?
Laksh:-You will get to know in some time.
Swara:-But Laksh.
Laksh:-I said naa you will get to know.Wait for some time.
Swara went to Ragini.
Ragini:-What did he said Swara?
Swara:-He said we will come to know in some time.
Sanskaar came there and asked,
Sanskaar:-What we will get to know?
Swara:-Laksh’s second condition.
Screen freezes on Swaragsan’s tensed faces and Laksh’s sweet evil face.

Precap:-Laksh’s plan;Marriage rituals of SwaSan and RagLak and Swaragini’s grah pravesh.

Guys,please comment about what do you think Laksh’s second condition would be.
Try guessing it.I bet you won’t be able to guess it.

Guyz,Please keep commenting.

Credit to: Roshni.

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  1. Pls don’t seperate raglak

    1. Please read the precap perfectly Ridhi…I won’t separate RagLak…

    1. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you so much Shan.

  2. Nice specially slap scene

    1. Yaa,Thank you so much Heena.I wanted that to happen in serial but it didn’t happen.So,that slap i brought here.

  3. Very good turning point left by you. Now waiting for third April.

    1. Thank you so much Kashmira…I think you won’t need to wait till 3 April…Because i am uploading the next part tomorrow…

  4. So nyc…swara and sanskar yaar..

    1. Thank you so much Anusha.

  5. SwaRaginis grah pravesh!! yaani raglak ki shaadi ho gayi….. thank goodness!! nice start

    1. Thank you so much Swen Woni.

  6. Very interesting dear

    1. Thank you so much Ammu.

  7. Dnt separate Raglak

    1. Please read the precap perfectly Ani…I won’t seperate RagLak…

  8. Nice story dear…Waiting for next episode…

    1. Thank you so much Samaira…

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