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Hi..guys…Natasha here……a gud news for all the swaragini fans out there especially Tamilians……..Swaragini is going to come on air…….in Raj TV…….in TAMIL…….I’M freaking….out here……i just now came to know the news…..and i just couldn’t control myself……i wanted to share this news……its just announced that it will come on air……the time and date is not announced…..hope u all will be able to catch up………im in cloud nine now….my fav soap is cmng in my mother tongue…….
i’m sry if i have wasted ur tym…..
I’m sry if if i’m conveying a late news which u already know…….

P.S:ALL Credit regarding this news goes to my Bestie Madhu……she knows i’m a crazy fan of this serial……she was the one who informed me about this………

Credit to: ❤?Natasha?❤ for MADHU

  1. Thanks for the wonderful news… swaragini in tamil…am so excited and very happy..bcz it is my mother tongue na…??

  2. kalai arasi parthiban

    Semma news. Thank u so much

  3. Thanks Natasha?Even I am too much excited knowing this! But hope the dubbing is good?

  4. Swaragini as Ganga Yamuna to replace Sindhu Bhairavi @7 pm in Raj TV.I thought it would be telecasted in polimer.

    1. priya polimar la poduvanu ni kanauv la kuda ninachiruka kudadu. ippo ella polimar waste. iru marlargal kalyana kanauvgal pathila stop pannitan. idiot. pudhu serials nallave illa.
      raj tv colors chl oda tamil version. so i know swaragini will come in raj tv b4 5 months. bcos avanga alagiya laila mudinjadum potrukanum. but avanga thapki potanga bcos thapki hindila 7o clk odudu so change kaga 9:30 potanga.
      i’m very hpy. nan nethu dan add pathen.
      sry 4 long speech n if anything hurts u then i’m really sry.

      1. Aama Aastha. Ne snatha nanum othukren. Munnadi enaku polimer romba pudikum. Even the picture quality is better in polimer than Raj. Aana ipo avanga podra endha serialum nalla illa.

      2. Ra colors oda tam version ila ma apdi irutha colors oda matha serials matha channelku kuduka mudiyathu and polymer ethuku stop panrangana zee Tamil zee TV oda a seriala claim pana aarampichitanga due it’s popularity and zee tamserials utter flop so iru malargal iniyathu iru malargal nu oru perla zee tamila telecast aathu poor polimer

      3. Astha akka nanum roimba happya irukayen namma language la pakkurathu gethu namaiku nalla purium hey jolly ennaku innaiku thayen terium neeinga ellarum tamil nu

    2. Dear astha,its the way u r right.ithana tamil fans for swaragini?wonderful!!!hope they don’t spoil the spirit of original version of swaragini!

      1. hey its just dubbibg na i hope they wont spoil any thing.
        when they tell swaragini adhu getha irukum ana ganga yamuna nu sollum podu…. i dont know. better avanga swarna ragini nu title vechirukalam. and im also very hpy that many tamil fans for swaragini. all keep smiling guys.

  5. Yeah priya is correct . It starts from June 6 replacing sindhu bhairavi

    1. It will be dubbed in Tamil na??will characters and also be same???

    2. Prateeksha nee tamil enaku ippo thaan terium nee tamil nu appo na ini unaku tamil thayen comment pannuvayen

      1. Enakum than sanchami. Naanum inimae unaku Tamil la reply pannuven.

  6. is swaragini telecast on polimer tv????? pls pls pls anyone pls tell…if yes pls tell in whch name it telecast

    1. Illa pri. Only Raj la matum than telecast aaguthu

    2. pri raj tv la june 6 la irundu mon-sat 7pm telecast aaga podu. serial name ganga yamuna.
      swara- yamuna, ragini-ganga

  7. Its a great news guys….i am so so eager to watch it in Tamil…:) Kudos to all 🙂

  8. thankyou natasha for this wonderful news …… i thought they will telecast it on polimer but its ok.. I AM SOOO…..EXICTED TO WATCH MY FAV SERIAL IN TAMIL THAT TOO IN MY MOTHER TONGUE

  9. Hi natz.. ama enaku oru frnd sonnaga.. bt irundhalum idha oru post ah neenga podurapa na patha idaney joliee ayiten.. na indha serial raj tv la podaporanga nu keta udaney hapiee ayeten.. and all tamil viewers here ku oru big hai…
    oh im so hapiueee

  10. Ya nanum raj TV add la pathayen gangayamuna serial name super ini namaikku meaning nalla purium

  11. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Hi..everyone…first of all…..sry naan romba late aah reply pannuren….. .naan romba exited aah irukken…… naanum first swaragini ya polimer la thaan poduvanganu nenaichen……but raj tv la poduranga….polimer la ippo lam palaiya patti kalathu serial thaan poduran……nallavela irumalargal patthi la nipatinallum…atha zee tamil la continue pannuranga…..aana kalyana kanuvaghul vera entha channelayum podala…sry…naan eppovume ippadi thaan pesa aarambichena pesi kite iruppen…….anyways nammuku entha channel poota enna…….. aaga mothathula swaragini tamil la varutha avulavu thane namuku thevaa…….luv u guys???❤❤❤

    1. ya natasha chl edha irunda enna namaku vendiyadu swargini

  12. Super…swaragini ya tamil paka nala irukum…na starting pakala swalak scenes…aft raglak marge tha patha…ipo pakalam atha…but name avanga apidiyae swaragini nae vachurukalam

  13. Happy for u guys….hope it comes in telugu too.

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