swaragini serial analysis to destroy its charm with stupid story line


well this analysis just take out my frustration toward swaragini writer, production just for them..

i really want ask them that how come all those brilliant idea came to their head..
they must get awarded for such a bakwas not logical stupid idea in this serial also making lead actor negative is their favorite thing..

first serial name is swaragini but where is swaragini in their head like seriously at first there was some swaragini bonding but then no scene of swaragini if was na then i laugh seeing their fake bonding. they can’t bring the proper swaragini bonding after all that happen. then it title shoudu be swasan not swaragini.. i agree that its famous because swasan n just because swasan it still no other credit we can give them in other serial they also get trp or popularity because of pairs but still they give impotence to some character n in here even the lead actor doesn’t have importence forget about the side actor..

now the reason i am writing this analysis
raglak lead pair doesn’t impotence treat like a side character even worse now again CVS making them negative..i don’t see swaragini who will see after all this. i got to know from a post that they are making raglak negative again first heard ragini will be now laksh also seriously fak** the heel man. how many time they will be negative if you want just make them negative then why made them positive. i really beceme frustrated knowing this actually this serial name should be ” Swaragini full of negativity”.

many of you will think that i am a raglak fan but no I’m not infect I’m not swaragini fan though i was..now i am just fan of HelTej and namish/varun.. i really like HelTej both of them but CVS doing injustice with one of them which can’t be tolerate anymore..

my kindly request to namish and tejawahi plz both of leave swaragini.there is no career ahead for with of you infect it will down if you stay..you both are great actors will get a better serial don’t waste your time in swaragini as now its a bakwas serial.
i am telling this to temish now soon it will be for varun because now CVS started ignored him too without swasan he is nothing no identity..

also i am so happy that i am not a swasan-raglak fan. i ‘m so glad not to be if i am na then i had to tolerate this irritating serial just because of pair. and if i think i am glad that the pairs are not ragsan-swalak if was na they would destroy their chemistry with stupid idea as they did with raglak..

all this my sweet or bitter word mainly for the CVS and swaragini production like they are awesome to destroy beautiful thing make worse of it it 100% true in my point of view..

many of you will think as a basher which i am not i am just frustrated with all of this reason CVS they just i debt have word to praise them i am really hoping raglak will leave the show better for them also HeVa should they gained much but now they will not its seems like all of them deserve a good character because no character is good or perfect in swaragini atlast i think..

feel free to share your view n i know mostly i will get bashed but i know i am not wrong maybe i ws to hurshed but not wrong..

Credit to: unknown

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  1. viviyen.mary

    It’s true

  2. Totally agree with u. Ya l m also not fan of any pair but only big fan of Tejaswi. And l really want her to quit this show which knows nothing except negativity.

  3. Totally agreed. Left the bakwas show already

  4. Totally agree with you. I’m a big fan of tejaswi and helly . Really the serial is swaragini so both should get equal importance . I can’t see ragini in negative role again . Otherwise I will not see the serial.

  5. Sanjanaagrawal

    Tottaly agree with u …..nowadays not any importance to swasan… no importance to raglak … only they are showing ragini n parineeta scenes what is this …..

  6. true.cant see ragini negative again.all mistakes happen by ragini oly.not fair…bearing tz crap oly for teju.

  7. Mica

    i will simply said that U ARE WRONG… what kind of you people to ask someone to quite their job because of your disappointment feeling ? will you granted everything on them ?
    it’s all about business Dude! just business.

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