Swaragini-The Secret Reopens..Season 2 (Episode 28)

So..Meethi is back with the 1st epi of S2 of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens…

So I will start without further bukbuk.

Previous epi..

MM mansion..
Sanskaar-Ma..we are back..

They enter the house running..followed by swaragini..

Ap comes down and sees them..she is very happy to see them..
Ap-Mere bacho..tumlog aagaye..i was waiting for u all frm so long..and she came towards them..for a hug..
Sanlak moved frnt..thinking she is cmg to hug them..
But she passes them and hugs swara and ragini..
Sanlak look at them with their mouths hung open!
Ap-I missed u both so much..
Swara-Aunty I and gini also missed u alot..

Just then uttara comes down running..
Swara di..ragini..u bothe came..she also goes 2 themand hugs them..

Sanskaar-Bhai this is our family or theirs?..
Laksh-Vohi toh see how they are meeting..jaise kumb ke mele mein bichad gaye the..

And they go back to Ap..Swaragini..and uttara..
Sanskaar-ma this is not fair..u are our mom?haina..
Ap laughs..-Ha mere chutkus..and she hugs them too..

Jst then!..


Ap stops speaking and closes her eyes..frm which a tear drp escapes..
And she turns..!..
Swaragini and Sanlak also turn..

As soon as Swaragini sees them!..they go and hug them..


Yes they are sumi..and shekar..
Ragini-Ma..papa..aap log yaha..
Swara-Mom..dad…u both here…
Sumi and Shekar were also equally shocked to see them their..

Ap-Swara..Ragini..u are their daughters?..
Swara-Yes aunty..but ma papa how come u both are here..

Sanlak to eachother..-MUMMY PAPA!??
Jst then Dp comes down hearing the sounds..

Both shekhar and Dp are on cloud nine seeing eo..
They come forward and hug eachother..shekhu..durga..!..

Shekhar-Vaise..Shona..ragu how come u are here..i mean u both were toh gng to stay in d hotel..?..

Jst then ap tells him abt the incident( goons wala)..

Ap-Now toh my swara and ragini are gng to stay here only..for the following days..
Hearing this..sanlak's face lightens..

And shona and ragu also smile..

Ap-U all go up and take rest..

Dp-Shekhar..see its so good ki ur daughters and our sons..already knw eachother..I thinks we shd tell them asap..
Shekhar-Yes durga but wat if *he*again does smthng..i mean he doesnt knw abt my daughters..nor abt ur sons..
Ap-Bhai..dnt worry everything will be alright..or children are understanding..they will understand..and will..
Sumi-Annu..we knw but how will they do it I mean they dnt knw eachother also so well!..how will they agree?..

Ap-She smiles!..They dnt knw eachother well..????..

Sumi..durga..and shekhar look at her confused..
Dp-Ap..wat are u trying to say..
Ap-U know!..Laksh and Swara love eachother…

They all get shocked hearing this?..
Shekhar-Di how do u knw?..
Dp-Ap u didnt tell me..

To Goa!..wen laksh and Ragini were makimg the plan to make swara jealous…

Ragini was talking on phone with ap..
Jst then laksh enters..
Ragini-Aunty i ll call iu in smtym..
Ap-Thikhe beta..

And Ragini keeps her phone on the table..but doesn't cuts the phone..she thinks ki ap..would have cut the call
Laksh-Will this plan work!..
Ragini-obvio yaar..ragini's plan never flops!..

Soon swara will also confess her love for u..
Laksh-I hope tat day comes soon..i cannot wait to express my love for her…
Ragini smiles..and they leave..f9r dinner down..
Their convo is heard by ap..

**Flashback ends**..
Sumi-I am so happy..but at the same tym angry..shona shd have atleast inform us..n this other 2 hid it frm us na..now wait..lets jst play a prank on them..

And she tells them the idea..

To swaraginis room..

Its dark but only a side lamp is glowing..(u all remember na ragu is scared of darkness)..
They both are sleeping sound..

Jst wen a figure is seen peeping through the door..
It enters the room..and proceeds towards the bed..
Moves towards swara..and keeps his hand on her cheek…
Swara opens her eyes horrified n is gng to scream wen the figure closes her mouth

*Shona its me..*..the figure whispers..
And removes the hand..
Yup the figure is laksh he makes swara stand and takes her out of the room…
Laksh and Swara enters Laksh's room..(Remember…?..laksh and sanskaar live in 2 diff room)..
Laksh-Wat is this shona..frm the tym we have come u have not even talk to me..
Swara chuckles-Aww mr attitude ko bura laga..and she pulls his nose..with her finger..
And he pulls her close..
Swara stops laughing and they share an eyelock..
 Screen changes to Swaragini's room..
Ragini wakes up to drink water and notices swara missing..
Ragini-Where is di?..kaha chali gayi..shayad..she went down..and she leaves the room..
Sumi-So decided tomorrow morning..we will tell the secret to our children..
Ap-But we have to be slow..so tat they can take tym to involve themselves in this..bcoz this secret will join their fates together..forever!..

"Which secret Aunty?"..

All stand up..

Precap-Secret..!New entry…Sanskaar jealous..because of ragini's closeness with…

To find keep reading..

Frnds i want to knw..what do u think is the secret..I mean ur guesses..do tell..i am excitedly waiting to hear ur guesses..

Take care❤..

Loads of Love..
Meethi ❤❤

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