Swaragini – The Secret Reopens..(Episode 8)


Hey!☆Meethi is back with the 8th episode of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens…….Friends I wanted to ask u all one thing..is my ff going on a boring track?…if u all feel that its boring then I will try to make it more interesting….?Do give ur opinions… and did u all like the new montage???

So I will start wid the 8th episode…

The Scene starts on Swaragini and Sanlak…
Swara-Ginu I am soo excited…Raaat ..sunsaan…kitna maza aayega yippppe…(night,alone…it will be somuch fun)
Laksh-Yup i m soo damn excited…i jst love late night adventures…
Sanskaar-Mein bhi bahut excited hu..its gonna be fun…(i am also so excited)
Swara-Ginu tu part nhi legi na?..i know.ki…(ginu i knw u wont take part ri8?)
Sanskaar-Toh ms junglibillinkal nahi aayegi …vaise miss jungli billi kyon nhi aayegi..(so ms jungli billi will not come but y)
Laksh-Bhai darr lagta hoga aur kya baat hogi haina swara…(bhai she might be afraid whatelse d reason could be?)
Swara-Ha ginu ko andhere se bahut darr lagta hai…isliye..vo kal ..(yup ginu is afraid of darkness thats y she wont)
Ragini-Ayegi..mein ddd..aar ttii nnn..hi…hhhuu.(she will come..i am not afraid)
Sanskaar-voh tumari aawaz se pata. chalgaya…he imitates…mmmeeeiinn…..ddd..ar tttii …nnn..hhi hu…(it can be easily figured by ur voice and he imitates her)

Swasanlak laughs…

Ragini-di aap bhi has rahe ho…(di u r also laughing)
Swara-aare meri pyaari ginu gussa mat ho…(arre my loving sis dont be angry)

Ragini  leaves in anger from there…

Whereas swara stands their worried…
Sanskaar-swara tum  itni pareshaan kyon lagrahi ho?kuch hua…(y r u so stressss..wat happened)
Laksh-Bhai tunne abhi dekha na..ki ragini gusse mein gayi shayad swara ko lag raha hai ragini ussse iss baat ka badla legi…(bhai u saw tht ragini is anger i thnk swara is thnking that ragu will take revenge frm her)
Sanskaar-Nahi laksh voh apni behn ko kabhi hurt nahi karegi kuch aur baat  haina swara?…(nope laksh ragu will never take revenge frm her sis..ri8 swara.)
Swara-Ha sanskaar bachpan se hi ginu ko andere se darr lagta hai…voh kamre mein light onn karke hi soti hain..aur abhi raat ke andhere treasure hunt..mujhe thik nhi lagraha voh josh mein aake vaha chali jayegi par..(ha sanky u r ri8 ginu is very much afraid of darkness.she sleeps with lights onn and now she is gonna play treasure hunt in this darkness)

Sanskaar looks on worried..

Laksh-vaise bhai inn 3 dino mein tum ragu ko itni achi tarah jaan gaye ho na…(bhai u got knw  ragu so much in these 3 days strange.)

But he sees Sanskaar really worried..

Laksh into sanky's ears..-Bhai chill kuch nhi hoga aapki jungli billi ko..(bhai chill ur jungli billi will be safe)
Sanskaar-Usse jungli billi sirf mein bol sakta hu and he leaves…(only i can call her jungli billi) …..protective.. ohho!

At 9pm every student assembles on the ground..

Instructor-So students u all have to play this game individually…

As it is dark we have not given u very hard tasks..the game will be..i will give u one chitt and place will be mentioned in the chit but indirectly u have to go to the place and bring a packet which has been kept over there….okay is it clear…

All the students in union said yes…

Swara-Ginu mat ja mein bol rahi hu ..(dnt gio i m telling u pls)
Ragini-Di daro mat aapki ragu strong hai..??(dnt woeey di i am strong)
Swara-Acha meri ma ja apni chit leaa…(okay go take ur chit)

Ragini goes…

All the students students take their chits and proceed towards the jungle…

Swara ragini laksh and sanskaar go in search of the packets…
Swara  and laksh and sanskaar get their.. packets..

Scene shifts to ragini..

Ragini–om namashivay..om namashivay..she is continuously chanting searching for her packet..ragu why did u take this stupid challenge wen u knw that u are afraid of darkness…oh god knw where will i search for my packet..that mr sadu jst because of him i had to take this risk otherwise i would have frst only backed off…now ragi concentrate search and run…
She suddenly sees her packet which near the tree and on the edge of a  small cliff…
Ragini goes near the tree and takes her packet..and yippe she says but looses her balance and fallss…
After 1 hr all the students have already reached except our jungli billi……oooppppssss…..What i meant was our ragini….

Swara-laksh ginu abhi tak nahi aayi…(laksh ragu did not arrive till now)
Laksh-Aaj jayegi tension mat lo..(she'll come dnt take stress)
Swara-Kya tension nhi lu..pehli baar ginu mere bina gayi hai..voh bhi akeli..oh god ginu kaha hai tu…(how can i not take tension 4 d frst time she is alone..oh god ginu where r u)
Sanskaar-Mujhe lagta hai ki humhe jaakar usse dhoondhna chahiye..(i thnk we shd go and search 4 her)
Laksh -Chalo chalte..(come we'll go)
Swara-Mein bhi chalungi…( I'll also come)
Laksh-Nhi tumnahi tumhe kuch hogaya to mein…he stops..(no u dont have to go if smthng happens to u then wat will i do)
Sanky-ek kaam karte hai..swara aur laksh tum dono saath mein jao mein akele jaata hu..(we'll do 1 thng swara and laksh u bth go together i will go alone)
Lakah and Swara-Thike…(ok)

The scene shifts to ragini..she is lying  unconscious…

Scene shifts to sanky


The scene shifts to SwaLak…


Swara starts crying…
Swara while crying…laksh ginu ko kuch hoga toh nhi..na..(nthng will happen to ragu ri8). laksh -Swara tension matlo..kuch nhi hoga ginu ko…(dnt take tension nthng will happen 2 her)
Swara hugs laksh..pukka na laksh kuch nhi hoga(promise nthng will happen to her)…she keeps on crying…
Laksh-hugs her back ..ha swara usse kuch nhi hoga…mein hu na…(nthng will happen to her i m there na)

Here sanskaar is continuously shouting ragini…due to fear he has tears in his eyes…

Ragini due to his voice she gains conscious…
She hears Sanskaar's voice and shouts sanskaar…saaanskaar…

Sanskaar hears her scream and goes in that directions….

Scene shifts to swara and laksh..
They break their hug and continue searching..ragini…
Inoder to lessen her tension..he asks..
Laksh-Kitne saal hue.?(how many years)
Laksh-what!raj tumhar bf 24 saalo se hein …tum kitne saal ki ho?(wow u and raj are in a relationship from 24 years…whats ur age)
Swara-looks at him confused…tum pagal ho mujhe laga ki tum puch rahe ho ki ragini kitne saal ki hai…(r u mad..i thought ki u r asking that wats ragu's age)
Swara-ek min..tumhe kis ghanchakkar ne kaha ki raj mera bf hai..(one min who said that raj is my bf)
Laksh-voh i saw u both hugging na in d restaurant and u both were constantly talking isliye mujhe laga ki voh tumhar bf hai..(i saw u hugging and talking so i thought)
Swara-Arrr baba nahi voh toh mera bachpan ka dost hai aur uski pehli se hi gf hai …tum kitne stupid ho…laksh..(nope re..he's my bst frnd.u r so stupid)
Laksh in his mind…Oh wow…thank god..he is not her bf but one sec..y am i happy.?..lucky what has happened to u…why have become so mad behind swara…why am i feeling this bond…

Swara in her mind-Why did i feel so good wen he was jealous of raj…why was i wishing that his insecurity for me never ends..what has happened to u swara…wait now i have to only concentrate on ginu…

Swara again starts shouting ginu and moves ahead and laksh follows him

Surprised Face of Sanskaar and Tenses faces of SwaLak….
Precap:- SwaLak and RagSan have to spend the night in jungle…Some secrets abt each other revealed while talking to eachother…

Now the question arises that…
?Will Sanskaar find his *Ragu*?…
?Will Swara and Laksh accept their feelings.?.
?Will RagSan finally turn frnds?…
?What will be the 3rd task?…

The questions will get their answers soon….

I hope u all liked the episode?….??Pls comment ur views.??.and tell whether u like it or not?…

Thank You All….??

Take Care??


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