Swaragini – The Secret Reopens..(Episode 7)


Hey Meethi is back yet??✌✌ again with the 7 episode of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens. I would like thank everyone because of u all only i have been able to write these 7 episodes..Now without wasting any further time I would start with the Episode 7…

The Scene  starts with swalak …they are distracted with a sound made by the watchman who came to chck the swimming pool..

They both stand  and are embarrassed..they do   not have a eye contact and together leave for their  respective rooms..

Swara enters her room and sees ragini still awake..

Swara-Kya hua ginu tu abhi tak soyi nhi?(y are awake ragu)
Ragini-nhi di merko neend nahi aarahi thi mujhe aap ke bina neend nahi aati aap janti haina..(i was not getting sleep..and u knw that i cannot sleep widout u)
Swara-Ha ginu sorry mujhe late hogaya chal aaja sote hai and they sleeep…(yup ginu i knw sorry..come we will sleep)

Sanlak's room..

Laksh enters n sees Sanskaar asleep and lies next to him and sleeps..

They both have their back facing to eachother..
And both awake thinking some things..

Laksh pov..
What happened to u lucky..this was the frst time i ever felt this..and that to for swara…this feeling wich i get while being with her is different i have never felt this bond wid any of my girlfriends …what is this and why it happening to me?…

Sanskaar pov

How can she do this..such an irresponsible girl..how can some girl pretend to be so innocent wen she is not…uggh sanky y r u even thinking abt her ..jst sleep….

And they both sleeep….

Next day…Morning…..

6 am it was another day but are swara was as lazy as always …Ragini was trying hard to wake her up but alas a kumbhkaran will always remain one..wid loads of difficulty swara wakes up and gets ready..

Swara-Ginu tujhe bahar jana hai toh mein room mein reh kar aaram karungi..(ginu if u want to go out u can go i will rest in d room)
Ragini-Di aaram aap abhi toh uthe ho..(di wat rest u jst woke now)
Swara-Bada kaun hai(whose elder)
Ragini-Di aap..(you)
Swara-toh bas…tu jaa…mein room mein hi hu..(then its final u go i will rest)

Ragini agrees and goes down to the reception to enquire abt the sight seeing places..The receptionist tells her that their colleges have arranged  cars for the students who wosh to venture the place..Ragini is gald to hear it …the receptionist also tells her that she has to share her car with one more students as the others cars are already taken by the students…ragini agrees..and happily goes and sits in the car assigned to her by the receptionist..but….

Here swara is getting bored in her room and decided to go to the restaurant down as she was HUNGRY ?…

She goes and sits on a table..and calls the waiter..suddenly some one calls her…
Person-Hi swara…tu toh mujhe bhool hi gayi..(hi swara u completely forgot me)
Swara-Arre raj mein tujhe kaise bhool sakti hu..tu toh mera jigri yaar hai..mein nhi tu mujhe bhool gaya hai …neha ke pyaar mein apni khaas dost ko bhool gaya…(oh raj how can i forget u u r toh my bst frnd u have forgotten me in neha's love)
Raj-Arre aisa kaise ho sakta hai and hugs her…(how can this happen i can never forget u )

Suddenly lucky entes the restaurant and sees them hugging and misunderstands that he is swara's bf…lucky feels something crushing inside him maybe his heart but y?…..

He goes to their table and loudly says..

Lucky-Hi swara..
Swara and raj part aways and swara introduces lucky and raj to eachother..
Raj asks lucky to join themm…to wich lucky agrees after lots of convincing…

At the table…

Swara and raj are continuously talking where as lucky is burning with jealousy…but y?….

The scene shifts to ragini..
Ragini-Tum yaha kaise aaye jaldi car se utro jaldi..(how r u here get down of the car fast)
Person-Frst of all yeh tumhari car nhi hai doosri baath mein pehle aaya tha..(this is not ur car i came here first)
Ragini-Mr sadu mujhe gyaan mat do mujhe jaldi hotel aane hai tum doosri car ka wait karlo..(dont teach me i have to come early u can wait for another car)

Yes that person is ragini's mr saddu aka Sanskaar Maheshwari…

Sanskaar-for your kind information mujhe bhi 3:30 tak pahuch na…(i also have to reach by 3:30)
And they start arguing…they are stopped by the driver of the car who says…
Driver-Bhaiya aur behenji aap dono ko kaha jaana hai uske hisaab se aap gaadi badal dena…(where u both want to go..then we can decide wat to do)
Ragsan together- Rohtang pass…
Driver-yeh lo dono ko ek hi jaga jaana hai phir bhi jhagad rahe ho…meine aap dono ko ek saath vahi lejaata hu..isse dono ka samay bachega..(see u both want ro to go to the same destination wait i will only take u both there)
Ragini and sanskaar unwantedly agrees..

During their way..ragini thinks something….
Ragini's pov..
Abhi sahi time hai i can apologise to him now…bol hi deti hu..phir maaf karna hai ya nahi voh uspar hai..(this is the right time i can apologise to him now only)

Ragini-Dekh sanskaar i tried a lot to apologise to u yesterday but u were not in any mood to forgive me thats why i thought to apologise now.I am sorry i jnw i committed a mistake but this was the frst time i hurt some1 i m sorry now. Pls forgive me bacause i cannot keep the guilt inside mw for a long time..why arent u saying something i am apologising frm such a long time and u are not even bothered to reply..
Ragini-Wat i u are not replying why..i am askinh u why arre reply…i am waiting reply na..

Ragini-Ha tell i am ragini will u forgive me..arre i will burst due to anger ..reply
Sanskaar-Screams…Shut up…how can i reply wen u are only continuously talking or i should say chattering….

Ragini makes a puppy face…atleast now give reply see i m quite..
Sanskaar-Okay i forgive but dont think that i will be asking u for frndship we still are enemies
Ragini-Right and btw who said that i wanted to be frnds with u and me…frnds…never…
Sanskaar-huhhh jungli billi
Ragini-Huh mr sadu…

The driver takes them there and takes them to the highest point which was covered withSnow..after enjoying their trip they returned to their rooms…

Swaragini's room

Ragini-Di aap jaldi se tayar hojao phir hum dono saath mein niche chalte hai..(di get ready we'll go down together)
Swara-Ok ginu…
They both freshen uo and go down..
On the other side..sanlak also freshen up and go down…

All the students assemble at the ground where the instructor is waiting for every1..the instructor reveals the 2nd task that is treasure hunt..which will take place in the jungle and that to in the night time…

The scene ends on the excited faces of SwaRagini and sanlak..
Precap-Treasure hunt begins….swaragini scared…some cute moments…

Now the question arises:
☆Will they be able to finish the treasure hunt ?
☆What will happen inthe jungle?
☆Will lucky's jealously brng him close to swara?
☆Will the enemies turn friends.?

You will get the answers soon..Till then keep reading and commenting ur views..

Take care??


And Thank u?

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