Swaragini – The Secret Reopens..(Episode 6)


Hey Meethi is back..!with the 6th episode of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens…Thank you everyone!….I would start wid the episode 6 but before that i will a quick recap of episode 5 for..Vk…
Recap of episode 5:Ragini is angry on Sanskaar die to his behaviour in the coffe shop she shares the incident wid swara who in return tells her abt her new frmd laksh..sanskaar also shares the same incident with laksh and is shocked to know that laksh has made new frnd..Swara and laksh introduce tgeir siblings to eachother wich makes both ragini and sanskaar shocked and angry they completely ignore eachother.ragini promises to take her revenge frm Sanskaar and plan smthng against him.At the same moment the instructor comes and tells them abt their frst task that is to prepare food.

Scene starts on ragini..

Ragini-Abh dekh bachu aage aage hota hai kya…abh tum kya karoge…chchchhh… Abhi Ragu se kabhi panga lene ki galti tum phir kabhi nhi karoge…(wait and watch wat will happen wat will u do now..now u will never challenge me)

Scene shifts to the ground where all students are ready. They all r provided with gas stove and vegetables and pulses…
Instructor-u all have 1 hr to make atleat 2 dishes and ur time starts now…

Laksh-Sanky jaldi khaana bana…(sanky make the food start)
Sanky-Ha ha Maharaj aap bas khade rahi haiaur kuch kaam mat karna varna aap ke pairo mein chaale aajayenge haina..(yes king pls u stand there only dont do any work otherwise u may get boils on ur feet)
Laksh- Madad karta hu na taane kyon maar raha hai..bol iss lucky ko kya karna padegaa. .(i will help u na y r u taunting me wat shd i do?)
Sanky-yeh le bhindi isse tukdo mein kaat de …tukde na bade hone chaihiye or na to bahut chote …samjha jaldi kar. .(take this lady fingers and cut them and cut them properly)

Laksh trys cutting the lady finger but in turn cuts his own finger..

Lucky-ooouch..mummy paappa mujhe lag gayi and starts crying..(fake)…(oouch mom dad i got hurt he starts his fake cry)
Sanky-zaada naatak mat kar chal mein tujhe frst aid kardeta hu..and they both leave their food their…(dont do actng come i will provide u wid frst aid)..

Scene shifts to ragini and swara.

Ragini-Di aap yeh sabzi kaat do..baaki saara khaana ban chukha bas iss sabzi of pakana hai mein do min mein aati hu..(di take this vege and cut it..i will come in 2 min)
Swara-Ginu tu kaha jaarahi hai?..(ginu where are u gng)
Ragini-Di washroom jaarahi hu..(di  i m gng to washroom)..
Swara-Acha ja..jaldi aana mujhe sabzi banana nahi aata tujhe yaad hai na(okay but cme fast as u knw i cannot cook food)..
Ragini-ha di. (Ok di)…

Ragini goes to Sanskaar and laksh's counter and is glad that they are not there…

She goes and sees their daal cooked
Ragini-Ragu se panga tumhe bahut bhaari padne wala hai sanskaar and mixes smthng in the daal…(u r going to regret messing up wid me)..

She sees them cmg and quickly goes to her counter..

Ragini-Di aapne sabzi kaat di haina..(di u have cut this vege)
Swara-Ha ginu tu bas jaldi se banade ..humhere paas bahut kam samay hai..(yup ginu come fast and cook it fast we have very leass time left)
Ragini-Jst chiil sirf 10 min mein banjayegi..(jat chill i will make it in 10 min)

After 1 hr the instructor starts tasting everyones food…

He praises some and taunts some students on their cooking skills..

The instructor then goes to the sanlak's counter. ..he first tastes the sabzi and praoses them..and then the daal..and suddenly.
He starts shouting…PAANI PAAANI PAAAANI JAALLDI DOOO …PAAANI.(water water give me fast)
Laksh-Gives him water and asks him wat happened
Instructor-I was happy to see how brilliantly u boys cooked the sabzi but this dal..it is so spicy…i will not discourage u bacause u atleast cooked one item tasty.but take care nxt time.

Sanky's pov
Dal mein mirchi kaise jabki meine dal mein bilkul bhi mirch nhi daali thi..(how come the dal became so spicy i did not add ny spice
Suddenly he sees ragini smirking and understands that this all is done by her..though ragini changes her expression b4 any one could see but Sanskaar had already seen it..

Instructor  tastes swaragini's food and praises them..Soon the tasting ends..and the instructor tells the students smthng..

Instructor-Students this was ur frst task and it was successful though some students made blunders but as it was ur frst task everythng is forgiven…Tomorrow u all jave to assemble in the fround by 4pm..the 2nd task will be told to u all…the morning and afternoon can be utilised by u all for shopping ,venturing the place or by taking rest so the choice is urs…

The instructor leaves ..

Swara-ginu tuje kal jo karna hai kar meintoh. soungi soungi kya mein sone chali…byee..(ginu u can do anythng tom but i will only sleep ..not will i am gng to sleep byee)
Ragini-Ha di aap jao mein (yup di u go i )
Apne liye ek cup coffee lekar aati hu…(will brng a cup of coffee for me)

She goes to the shop sees it closed…

Ragini pov

Arre bap re yeh shop toh band hogaye chal ragu aaj bina coffee piye hi sojha..(oh god the shop is closed now i ahve to sleep widout drinkng coffee)…heads back to her room wen suddenly some one pulls her in dark room…and closes her mouth…and pins her to the wall and rotates her hand in such a manner that her hand is touching her back forcefully  (u guys can imagine right..?)

Person-Tumhe kya laga ki mujhe pata nahi chalega ki tumne meri dish kab kharabh kardi..(wat did u thnk i will nt cme to know that we n spoiled my food)
Ragini-mera haat chodo muje dard ho raha hai(leave my hand its paining)…
Person-nhi chodunga..(i will not)

By saying this they share an intense eye lock..

Sanskaar -kyon kharab kiya tumne pehle batao agar voh dal lucky khaleta toh tumhe pata hai kya hota..(why did u spoiled d food frst tell me why did u add spice..if lucky ate this food then)
Ragini-tumne uss din mere saath batameezi kyon ki..ragini kuch bhj bardash karti  hai par koi uske saath batameezi kare voh mein mein jaanti thi ki meri galti hai aur meine sorry bolne ki koshish ki bit tum sun hi nahi rahe the sirf mujhe blame karrahe the. Aur agar miechi vali dal khabhilete toh kya hota..(that day u misbehaved wid me i tried saying sorry but u were only blaming me and if u made lucky ate this food wat will happen to me.)
Sanskaar- lucky ko theeke khaane se allergy..agar galti se bhi usse kuch hojata na mein tumhare saath kya karta voh bhi nahi bata sakta..(bcoz lucky has an allergy frm spicy food and if smthmg happened to him i would not be able to forgive u)
His eyes are reflecting his angry they have become totally red..Hearing this ragini realises her mistake..and..

Ragini-Dekho Sanskaar mein yeh nhi jaanti thi i m sorry..mein vohi masti karti hu jissse kissi ko dard na ho ..meine mirchi isliye li kyonkin mujhe laga ki tum dono ko kuch nahi hoga mein chahati to pet dard ki goli bhi mila sakti but i m sorry.(See sanky i did not knw abt this..but i m sorry..u knw wat i only do d mischief which doesnt hurt some1…see if i wanted to hurt u both i could also add that any medicine wich could hurt u)

Hearing her Sanskaar leaves her hand and leaves the room..

Ragini pov
Ragu tunne kya kar diya agar di ke saath yehi
 cheez hoti toh tu bhi yehi karti..yeh kya kardiya  ragu tunne…usse ache se maafi maangni padegi…(y did u do this ragini now u have to ask for forgiveness frn him)

She returns back to her room..and sees swara roaming in her room
Swara-Mein tera hi wait karrahi thi..( i was waiting 4 u)
Ragini-kyon kya hua dii…(y di)
Swara-voh actually muhjhe neend nhi aarahi thi isliye meine socha ki mein bahar thodha ghoom kar aau..(actually i was nt able to sleep so decided to go on walk)
Ragini-thik hai di..(ok di)

Swara leaves whereas ragini keeps on thnking her mistake.

As soon as Swara leaves she sees laksh also coming out of his room which is in front of their room..

Swara-Yeh tumhara kamra hai?(this is ur room)
Laksh-ha aur yeh tumhare…vaise itni raat ko tum kya karrahi ho?(yup and this is urs)
Swara-Actually mujhe neend nahi aarhithi isliye thodha ghum ne jaarahi thi..(yes actually i was not able to sleep thats y decided to go on a walk)
Laksh-mein bhi chalo saath chalte hai(me too come we will go together)

They go down near the swimming pool area..
While walking swara walks in front of laksh..
Suddenly  laksh sees water spilled and that swara may slip due to that hence pulls swara…due to the sudden force they loose their balance and fall down..

Laksh is on top of swara…They share an eye lock..and remain in that position….

The scene ends on

Now the question arises….
☆Will Sanskaar forgive ragini..?
☆How will Ragini ask for forgiveness….?
☆Will swara and laksh understand the spcl connection btwen them…?

Hope u all liked my episode…Pls give ur reviews via comments..

Thank you…so much..

Take Care….


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