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Swaragini – The Secret Reopens..(Episode 5)


Hey!Meethi is back…πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€!with the 5th episode of SwaRagini-The Secret reopens….I know that many are disappointed by the pairs….but I had to choose RAGSAN AND SWALAK..completely bcause of my story line…Sorrry to alll…πŸ™πŸ™
So without any further talking of mine I would start with Episode 5th :

Scene starts in Manali:

Ragini is boiling  in anger…she comes and stands next to Swara who was talking to Neha and priya..

Swara-kya hua ginu?…

Ragini(to herself)aisa kaise karsakta tha itni koshish ki meine sorry bolne ki but yeh pagal
…ek dum sahi naam diya tunne ginu mr sadu..yehi naam hona chahiye uska ..aur kuch kaam toh nhi..Ragini gadodia ko attitude dikha ra..(imitates)Mein tum jaisi ladkiyon ko jaanta hu….what did he mean by tum jaisi..mein isse koi aeri gari lakdi dikhti hu😈..abh to uss mr sadu ko dikhana padega ki Ragini kaun hai…
Swara-Oh mate shaant kabse kya badbad kar rahi hai mujhe bata..
Ragini-Di kuch nhi kisi pagal se mulakaat hogayi raaste mein..
Swara-tunne pehle dinn hi jhadga… karliye..mujhse seekh pehle din hi meine naya dost banaya..
Ragini-ohhho naya dost. πŸ˜‰…
Swara-oh miss double meaning…sirf frnd aur kuch nhi koi.. khichdi apne dimaag mein bana na mat…
Ragini-Ha thik hai..
Swara-Vaise voh ladka kaun tha jisne ginu ko itna gussa dila diya..
Ragini-Di chodo..uss sadu ke baare mein baat nahi karte…ground pe assemble hona hai..chalo chal te hai..

Scene shifts to Sanskaar and laksh…

Here sanskaar is also angry thinking abt that incident

Sanky-Yaar voh ladki kitni batameez thi..galti uski..sunnamujhe rahi thi..ek dum jungli billi jaise ladh rahi thi..aisa nhi ki sorry bolkar apni galti maane..nahi ego beech mein agayathana uske ..jungli billi kahi ki..

Laksh checks sanky's forehead and neck..

Sanky-kya karraha hai lucky….
Laksh-Arre chck karraha hu ki teri tabyaat thikh hai na..tu ladki ke bare mein baath karaha hai ..tu..kitabi khida..ek ladki ke bare mein baat karaha hai zaroor voh ladki spcl hogi…kaun thi batana mere type ki thi….
Sanskaar-Shutup yaar. Ek dum dimaag kharabh kardiya usne mera..
Lucky-Chill bro..Vaise tujhe kuch batau meine ek nayi dost banayiπŸ˜‰…
Sanskaar-isme kaunsi nayi baat hai…har din toh teri ek nayi girlfriend banti hai..
Lucky-Gf nhi yaar dost sirf dost..
Sanskaar-Tu meri tabyaaat chck karraha tha..mujhe lagta hai mujhe teri karni chahiye..
Lucky-Nahi yaar voh ..thodi spcl thi….
Sanky-ek hi mulaakat mein voh spcl…aisa kya kiya usne..
Lucky-i mean ki voh bahut saaf dil ki ladki thi..bahut bholi..uski aanke uski smile..overall voh flirting ke liye nhi hai..voh sirf sache pyaar ke liye bani hai…
Sanky-oh wow mein iss ladki se milna chahunga jisne lucky ko deewana kar diya..
Lucky-ek min wat do u mean by deewana..its just mein normally bata raha hu..
Sanky-Acha himself..lucky beta tu toh gaya..πŸ€—…kisiko bahut jald pyaar hoga…
Lucky-kya soch raha hai chal ground pe sabko bulaya hai…vahi par tujhe swara se milata hu..

At the ground :

All the students have already assembled in the ground…

Laksh and swara's eyes are continuously searching for someone and atalst their eyes meet….

Laksh-hi..mein tumhe hi doondh raaha tha..
Swara-mein bhi…
Laksh and swara-But kyon..
Laksh-voh mein tumhe apne bhai se milana chahata tha..
Swara-Aur mein tumhe meri behen se…
SwaLak-Toh kahapar hai..?
Swara-Mein usse bulakar aati hu..
Laksh-Ur mein usse…

Scene shifts to Ragini.

Ragini's Pov..

Ragu kuch soch uss sadu ko maza toh sikhana padegaa par kaise..? Kya karu ki voh yaad rakhe ki usne ragini se panga liya tha…soch soch…IDEA…bachu abh tu gaya..And she smiles..

Suddenly swara..enters..ginu tu kya soch rahi hai chal mein tujhe laksh…mera naya dost usse milwati hu.
Ragini -ha chalo mein bhi dekhun ki kaun hai jisse swara gadodia ne ek hi din mein dosti karli..
And she takes her where she met laksh…
Here laksh also brngs Sanskaar to the same place..
Laksh-Bhai yeh hai swara..
Both ragini and Sanskaar are shocked to see each other..
RagSan-Tum…yaha par bhi..
Sanskaar-Jungli billi..
Ragini- Di Tum iss saddu ko kaise jaanti ho..
Swara-Mein saddu …i meant isse nhi laksh ko jaanti hu…
Both RagLak ansd SwaSan shake there hand and introduce each other ..whereas sanskaar and ragini ignore each other…

Suddenly their instructor enters the ground and …

Instructor:Good morning students .I am glad seeing u all on its the time to tell u all abt ur first task…the task is to prepare food…there are students from two architecture colleges one of new york and other of mumbai the students will have to make a pair of two..and have to cook…there will be no eliminations or punishments all these tasks are for fun and to train u all…
The announcement ends and the instructor leaves saying that they have only 10 min to decide their partners…and to think wat they have to prepare ..

Swara-Ginu mein khaana kaise banungi..
Ragini-Di tension mat lo…aap toh jaanti ho
Swara- tu bahut acha khaana banati hai..aur agar tunne aaj bhi acha banaliya na toh toh hum aaj bahut saari taarife lekar alne kamre mein jayenge..

Laksha nd Sanskaar come to swaragini…(laksh forced sanky to come as sanky was the least interested person to go their)

Laksh-So tum dono mein se kissi ko khaana banana aata hai?..
Swara-Ha ginu ko..
Sanky-yeh ginu kaun hai..
Swara-oh sorry …i meant ragini mein usse ginu bulati hu.
Sanskaar -toh iss jungli billi ko logo ke alava khaana banana bhi aata hai..strange….
Ragini -ughhh…
Swara-Tum dono meine se kisiko ko aate hai khaana banana..
Laksh-ha bhai ko..
Ragini-to is mr saddu ka dimmaag garam hone ke saath saath isse garam khanna banana bhi aata hai..strange….
Both ragini and sanskaar point their index finger towards each other and leave in opposite directions…
Swara-inka kuch toh karna padega..
Laksh-Jaldi karna padega…varna toofan aane mein der nahi lage gi…
And both start thinking a plan….

Scene shifts to Ragini…

Her pov…

Abh dekho mr saddu ragini gadodia kya karti hai…


Precap- Ragini's revenge…Close moments between Swalak and Ragsan….2nd task….

β˜†How will Ragini take her revenge…?πŸ€”

β˜†What will bring swara and laksh close to each other…..will lucky fall in love wid swara….?……but howΒΏπŸ€”

β˜†Will the jungli billi and mr saddu become friends…but how..?ΒΏπŸ€”

Till then keep reading and commenting ur views….

Thank u!πŸ˜„

Take care πŸ˜€


    1. Meethi

      Thank u so much πŸ’œ

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  2. Nice……

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  3. Manasvi

    Wow… This is the first ever swalak-ragsan ff which i m reading amd that only because of such an interesting concept…
    The episode was amazing…

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much. It means alot to me..β€πŸ˜„

  4. I’m so happy with the pairs but y wrote this episode in Hindi i can’t understand even a bit

    1. Meethi

      I am so sorry…Actually i updated it in a hurry i will post the same epi in english …tomorrow

      1. Tq so much fr that

  5. Sreevijayan ragsan and swalak are the pairs…am so excited..ur sadu reminded me of nupur in miley jab hum lovng ragsan alot…awesome update dr

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  6. Akshata

    yes…. my guess was right. pairs are ragsan and swalak. awesome update

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  7. Fairy

    Hayyy!!!!!jungli billli n sadoooo… HahahahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ kya naam h dono ka.. πŸ˜› super entertaining update dr….loved it….swalak scene ws so awesome.,,waitng for nxt part eagerly!!!keeeep rockng n stay blessed dearπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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  8. wow awesome..thnx for swalak n ragsan.. waiting for next

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      Thanks and welcome pooja..will try to update soonπŸ’œπŸ’œ

    2. Meethi

      Thanks and welcome pooja..will try to update as soon as possible πŸ’œπŸ’œ

  9. Ragz_teju

    it’s too interesting…. loved ragsan and swalak

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  10. Happy to have ragsan story

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  12. Amazing

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    nice wondering what she’ll do .xx

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  15. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    Excitedfpr the upcoming
    Plot is very much Interesting
    Ragsan were really Amazing
    Waiting for the next one……………

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    First of all, thank you soo muchhh dear for swalak and ragsan..I am a big fan of swalak….About chappy, awsm as always…aww, ragsan fight is soo cute… Keep it up dear… Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

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  18. Jazzy

    superb i love ragsan and i think she will spoil their food

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    amazing dear…omg ragsan and swalak….interesting dear…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear

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    Awesome.Ragsan moments were fab

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