Swaragini-The Secret Reopens..(Episode-4)(Disclosure of Pairs)?

Hello Friends…I MEETHI is back with a bang with another episode of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens….It is the 4th epi…and also the disclosure of pairs will take place in the  epi..but I have one request guys…if ur choice of pairs are not there pls give this ff one more chance coz whatever the pairs i have decided is entirely because of  my story line..?? and i promise to keep u all happy as the story progresses..Thanks.?.



Swara-Ginu sabh pack karliya naa..(ginu u have packed evrythng ri8?)…..
Ragini-ha di aap ne saari zaroorat ki chiz rakh li na..kyonkin hum vaha 10 dino ke liye jarahe…(yes di h have also packed evrythng imp as we r gng there for 10 days)….
Swara-Ha  baba…sabh rakh diya hai tu tension na le..(yess dear..i hve kept evrythng..dont tke tension ).. 
Ragini-Arre tension se yaad aaya mujhe bahut saari planning karni hai(oh from tension i remembered smthng. I hve to plan a lot of thngs)…
Swara-Planning kis cheez ki?(plan what)…
Ragini- Di..hum vaha dus din ke liye jaarahe hai …10 din aur ragini gadodia india jaakar apna chaap toh vaha chodegi..jisse indiawale yaad rakhenge ki ragini aayi thi…( di we r gng there for 10 days and i go to india and donot leave my remembrance there it is impossible)….

Swara-Toh beta tu kis  cheez se apni chaap vaha chodegi(so how r u  going to leave ur remembrance )….
Ragini-Di ragini kis cheez mein mahir hai…obvio di shaitaani,masti aur…doosro ko pareshan karne mein??(di ragini is famous for what. Obivio di for mischief amd troubling others)…..
Swara-Tu kya karne wali hai..(what r u gng to do)….
Ragini-Jst chiil aage aage dekho hota hai kya?..(chill di …see what happens ?) ….

They pack their bags and go the hall wid their luggage as they have a flight to catch..They have a emotional goodbye wid their parents.. sumi and shekar ask them to take care of themselves

And they leave…

And take their flight to amritsar (As manali is 12 hrs of distance from amritsar)

Scene shifts to Mumbai

Maheswari Mansion

Laksh-Bhai i m so damn excited…hum pehli baar akele jaarahe hai…mein toh wish karahu ki jaldi pahuch jaye(for the frst time we are gng i wish we reach there as fast as possible)..

Sanky-Aisa kyon…itni utsukti…(why r u so excited? )….
Laksh-Aree meine sunna hai ki vah bahut sarre colleges aarahe hai that means bahut saari khoobsurat ladkiyan…( i heard that many beautiful girls are gonna be prsent there)…..
Sanky-Hai bhagwan tera kuch nhi hoga…(oh god)…..
Laksh-Vaisa tu itni derr se computer par kya kar raha hai..(why r u sitting in frnt of the comp )…..
Sanky-Aree mein dekh raha hu ki kausi latest novels and padhai ki books aayi hai so that i can carry them with me…(actually i m searching the latest books in the market so that i can take them along)…..
Laksh-Dont tell me ki tu vahar bhi kitaabe lekar jaaraha hai..padhaku…literally!(u r going to carry ur book there also)…..
Sanskaar-chal neeche chalte hai..humhe flight..pakdni hai..(to amritsar)..phir uske baad 12 ghante ki road travel hai jaldi..(come we'll go down we have a flight to catch and 12 hrs road journey to do)….

They both go down…and  takes blessings from the elders…and leave……..
The Next Day (Think they have already reached there….and every student went directly to the rooms assigned to them  as they were tired .hence they did not meet anyone..A notice was sent to their rooms stating that have to assemble down by 7am)

6 am:

Swaragini's room:

Ragini-Di uth jao 6 bujgaye humhe neeche jaana hai..camp ke pehle din late nhi hona hai(get up di its already 6 we shd not be late)….
Swara-ginu sone de..mein bahut thak gayi hu pls…..(let me sleep i m tired)….
Ragini -nahi di jaldi agar aaj late hogaye toh…humhe aaj hi camp se tata bye bye kardenge…(no di fast otherwise we'll get late and then they will kich us out of the camp on the 1st day itslef)…..

Swara wakes up. 

Swara-Ginu tu neeche jaa mein 10 min mein aati hu…(u go down ill come in 10 min)….
Ragini-Di pukka pehle aap meri kasam khao(di 1st u promise me)….
Swara-Ginu tu ache se jaanti hai na..ki mein teri jhootgi kasam nhi kha sakti(U very well knw that i cant fake ur promise)…..


Swara-Thike teri kasam jaa..(ok promise)….

They hug..

Ragini-Di mein thodha jaldi jaarahi hu thodha ghum kar aaungi..(i am gng down early so that i can see the place)…..
Swara-Okay!..chal ja byee….

Sanlak's room….

Sanskaar-Laksh kitni der…1 ghante se tu bathroom mein hai….(how much time lucky u r in d ws frm past 1 hr)…..
Laksh-Tujhe kya horaha hai…jaa tu niche jaa.tu toh ready hai na….mein aata hu…(why r u feeling restless go down ill come)….
Sanskaar-Thikhe lekin jaldi neeche aana!(fine but come fast)…..

Sanskaar goes down with his novel….

 Ragini comes.. down and sees a coffee counter…

Ragini pov…

Wah ragu teri toh chandi chandi hogayi coffee yummmy and it will soon go in my tummy!Waise bhi abhi 6:30 hi hue hai thodha kha leti hu..chal jaldi ragu…waise bhi BAHUT BHOOK LAGI HAI…(Wow ragu..ur luck is favouring u..coffee yummy which will soon be in my tummmy..it is 6:30 i have 1/2hour..morever i m hungry..)……

And she runs towards  the coffee counter…

Ragini- bhaiyaa ek garam coffe jaldi se….(pls give me one hot coffee)…
Person-yeh lo…(take this)….
Ragini  takes the coffe and turns without seeing….AND BOOOM She clashesss and all the HOT COFFEE….spills over the person….

The Scene Shifts to Swara…who is running…

Swara pov:

Hey bhagwan thodha late hogaya abhi ginu maate teri balli chada degi bhaag swara bhaag….(oh god i already a lil laye..run swara run..othervise ragu will kill u)….

Suddenly she clashes with a person and DHAM SHE falls ….but is saved ……
By two masculine hands…Swara has closed her eyes due to fear…and  his hands are enclosed around her waist whereas her hands are around his neck..

Person- u can open ur eyes u r safe…

Swara slowly opens her eyes and …

Swara:Thank you…now u can leave me…
Scene shifts to the Ragini and that person..

Ragini-Oh I am soo sorry…
Person-Sorry my foot…tumjaisi ladkiyon ko ache se janti hu…aisa ghatiya kaam kar …bhole ladko ko faaste ho..(i m very well aware abt girls like u)….
Ragini-Oh mr what do u mean aisi ladkiyon..mein koi aieri gairi ladki nhi hu mein ragi…(oh mr wat do u mwan by these type of girls..i m not any type of girl i m ragi…)….
Person-Bas bas bas…kitna acha jhoot bolti ho…(stop..u lie so well)….
Ragini-Shut up kabse sorry bol rahi hu aur tum mujhe sunarahe ho…(shut up i said sorry then also u r showing me attitude) …

Person- Aawaz niche karke baat karo. (Dont shout)…
Ragini-Nhi karungi toh..(if i will shout) …
Person -U!..


Person-Jungli billi..!
Ragini-Mr sadu….!

Swara-By the way thanks…
Person -Koi na . To himself…mein toh issi kaam ka wait karta hu….(no prob..to himself..i wait to do these type of works)…
Swara-Tum kya soch rahe ho..(wat r u thnkng)…
Person-kuch nhi…aur tum dekh kar chala kara karo…choth lag sakti thi…..(nthng nd u be carefull while walking or u may get hurt)….
Swara-ha fine thanks…
Swara-Btw mein swara aur tum?(btw i m swara and u)…
Person-Oh hi swara..mein….!



Precap- Revelation of the person..1st task…Ragini's revenge and Swara's anger…
☆Will Ragini and that person fall in love…but how will hatred turn into love but wen….

☆Will swara and that person fall in love…?

☆Will this Manali trip bring them close…?

☆Will they come to know abt the truth that there parents are hiding..

???Ooppsss…phir se suspense….?????I am so damn sorry but meine socha ki thodha aur suspense banta hai…..


???And sorry if ur choices of pairs are not there pls forgive me??…everythng is according to my storyline do continue reading ??
?Comment ur views abt ur views and whether u like the epi or not….?❤

??Till then keep reading nd commenting and guessing ????

?Take care…

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    1. Meethi

      Thank u …

  1. Samairaseth

    I guess ragsan and swalak are the pairs

    1. Meethi

      Samaira i will reveal it a little later…but pukka aaj hi…let others guess?

  2. Akshata

    awesome update, i think pairs are ragsan and swalak. because sanskar is not interested in girls but laksh is.

    1. Meethi

      Thanks Akshata ❤.I ll reveal it a lil later dear??

  3. Meethi

    Samaira I reveal it a little later..but pukka aaj hi …let others guess?

  4. Swasan pls

    1. Meethi

      I will reveal it soon…

  5. I think raglak and swasan

    1. Meethi

      Lets see??….

  6. Akshiiii

    I wnt swasan Nd raglak

    1. Meethi

      Akshiii I had to make the above pairs entirely because of my story line…I am sorry if ur desired pairs are not there??..

  7. Ragz_teju

    I think its ragsan and swalak according to their characters but who ever the pairs it’s interesting ff.. . I will definitely read it dear

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much ??

  8. Alia

    I wanted swasan n raglak but I think u gave ragsan n swalak but np I will still try to read n give comments

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much ?

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much ❤

  9. A.xx

    RagSan and SwaLak I think and it was great loved it and waiting for her revenge ??? update soon.xx

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much ❤

  10. Jazzy

    Acc to story I feel ragsan and swalak and the boy with swara said ki me ISSI ka intazzar karta hu so he is flirting one ie laksh and the one who fights with ragini is not interested in girls so maybe sanksar

  11. I thnk ragsan n swalak….fingers crossed……n epi wz fab…..i hate suspense …hihi…..???.
    Plz post nxt epi soon…..

    1. Meethi

      Thanks…yup i ll try to post as soon as possible…♥

  12. Fairy

    Wohoooo!!meeethi itta suspense…!!!!!hmmm!!i think its ragsan n swalak !!jst a guess dear…..bt as i said i m happpy wid bth ragsan or raglak..so pairs dsnt matter to me….its jst i lovedddraginis charecter here..shez cho choo chhhooo chuweeeet n naughty..love her to d core…..update ws fabulousss…keeep rockng ntay blessed meethu??????????????

    1. Meethi

      Thanks a lot❤

  13. I think it’s Swasan and Raglak because Ragini and Laksh r more laid back whereas Swara and Sanskar r more of the tension lene wali type

    1. Meethi

      Dear its ragsan and swalak???..sorry for the confusion ?

  14. It swalak and ragsan as the person who catches swara says I have always waitting for this only and laksh character is like that

  15. Ragsan wow

    1. Meethi

      Thanks ??

  16. I think it’s raglak nd swasan it’s just guess story s awesome

    1. Meethi

      Saranya its ragsan and swalak …sorry for the confusion ? and thanks..♥

  17. Awesome

    1. Meethi

      Thank u so mucj??

  18. And the pair’s are ragsan and swalak ?☺??? .

  19. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Pairs are Ragsan and Swalak
    Loved Ragini’s act alot
    Waiting for the next one……………

    1. Meethi

      Thank u so very much??..Yup…will try to most soon?

      1. SPP

        U r always welcome dear

  20. Manasvi

    Actually i m a biiig fan of swasan and raglak, but the story concept is nice+interesting, so I will surely read it…

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much.It means a lot to me ????

  21. IQRA222

    waiting for the next part

    1. Meethi

      Thank u soo much ?
      Will post it soon?

  22. Asra

    superbbb dear….

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      Thank u?

  23. Mind blowing

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