Swaragini-The Secret Reopens..(Episode 25)


Hey Meethi is back with the Episode 25th of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens ❤..First of all..I need to thank u all…who comments on ff amd aslo to all the silent readers..As today my FF reaches its Silver Jubilee..?..A big thanks to everybody..

So I will start with the epi as i knw..u all are excited..as we have C square cmg up this epi?…

The scene opens in Ragsan's Room..
Ragini enters d room using her key..and sees Sanskaar…standing in front of the window..

Ragini Pov..

Wat is he thinking..shall I ask him..abt his true love..but wont it be a lil awkward if i directly ask..okay..idea..i will ask him indirectly ?..

Sanksaar- Uninterestedly hey..
Sanskaar-Nthng..but why are u behaving so wierd..I mean..u r talking as if we r strangers who are forcefully sharing room..and to make the environment lighter we r talking..
Ragini- Absentmindedly…But we r..sharing d room forcefully,aren't we?..
Sanskaar-A bit rudely..obviously we r!..
Ragini-Sanskaar but y r u sounding so angry..wat happened…
Sanskaar-Pls can u mind ur own business..and let me sleep..

He goes towards the couch and is gng to lie down..wen..
Ragini-But sanskaar..i thought we are friends…and a friend has a liberty..to ask another frnd abt his or her personal life as well..
Sanskaar-So u really think we r frnds..he again..returns back to ragini..
Ragini-Now angrily..So are we not..?.i hope u remember u were d 1 who asked me for friendship not i!..
Sanskaar-U knw wat Ragini that was d biggest mistake of my life..to befriend a lier..
Ragini-Wait wat did u say..A Lier..and me..for ur kind information..Mr SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI..ragini never lies..
Sanskaar-Satcastically smiles..Ha see u again told a lie..
Ragini-Mr..which lie did tell u!..
Sanskaar-Oh please Ragini dont act innocent..
Ragini-I need an answer…
Sanskaar-So Listen..

The Scene changes to SwaLak..
Laksh enter the room and sees swara sleeping..
Laksh's POV..
Swara tomorrow will be the bst day of ur life..i will try my level best..I knw the idea is little dangerous..after all its my saali saheba's idea but..i wanna give it a try..Tomorrow our realtion will chnge from frmds who have feelings for eachother to a best frnds who love eachother..i dont want to get into that boyfriend and girlfriend zone now..because i want u to knw me fully..thoroughly..i want to knw each and everythng abt u..then only in future wen we marry?..we will have understanding btwen us..and most importantly Trust..which will help us to overcome everything by our LOVE❤..

He smiles and goes to the couch to sleep..

The Scene changes to RagSan…

Sanskaar-So listen..u regard me as a frnd..then why didn't u tell me that u are in relationship and most importantly u lied in frnt of everybody…wen he said that he has never dated someone..atleast learn somethng frm ur sister she agreed but u…u seriously are a lier!..u are
Ragini stops him amd says (Angrily)..Shut up..i said jst shut up..who told u..that i m dating..and the first and foremost thing who gave u the liberty to decide or question me abt my life..huh!..its my life..its my decision whom i want to date..marry..kill..thats my and only mine decision and u have no right to judge me..
Sanskaar-(Sarcastically)so agree na!..that u lied in frnt of everyone..good enough he turns..wen..
Ragini-Angrily..I repeat myself again and for the last tym..I AM NOT A LIER..
Sanskaar-Again a lie..
Ragini-i m done with wat i wanted to say..i dont need to explain it to u..WHO ARE U!

This statement irks sanskaar and he pulls ragini towards him and twists her  both the hands and pins them to her back..
Ragini-Sanskaar leave me its paining..
Sanskaar-I want an ans..why shd i trst u..that u r not a lier huh!..
Ragini-Its paining..
Sanskaar-I dnt care..i need an answer..
Ragini-I will not justify myself..is that clear..
Sanskaar-But i need a justification..
Ragini-But y do u need a justification..huh..did i ask u abt ur love..!wat do u think..i did not see u drinking the sip…i m giving u ur personal self then why r u not giving me mine..

Sanskaar-This is not the ans of my question…
Ragini-Leave me sanskaar..why shd i give u a justification and  y d heck u are assuming that i m in a relationship..
Sanskaar-Pls dont act innocent..i heard u talking to ur babby..darling etc etc..on d night before we were leaving for goa..

Ragini thinks..and realises..

Ragini-With much more anger..Sanskaar Maheshwari u are insane..u have gone mad..without even confirming frm me..u decided..abt my lyf..impossible !..
Ragini-Okay..Do u knw with whom i was talking i was talking to my NEIGHBOUR…WHO IS 6 YEARS OLD..WHO I CONSIDER AS MY BROTHER..DO U UNDERSTAND NOW!..or u need a so called proof for this also..

Hearing this he leaves Ragini..and ragini runs to d bed and lays down…
Though sanskaar felt very happy hearing her..but the realisation of the pain he gave to her..because of his jealousy..made him feel worst wid guilt..He was clueless wat he will do to make up Ragini..

He went to d couch and laid down..but his eyes were stuck on the bed..on ragini who was covered with a blanket frm head to toe…He knew she was crying..and knws why is she crying under d blanket..he knew..his ragu..well..knew..how much strong she tries to be infrnt of everyone she is not…her ego or attitude or self confidence whatever it maybe..stopped her frm cyring infront him..that was why..she did not even let a single drp of water come or flow frm eyes…wen they had their heated conversation…But knew he had 2 smthng..to make her forgive him..thinking abt this..he didn't realise wen he slept..

The Next Morning

In SwaLak's Room..
Swara wakes up..and looks around but is not able to see Laksh around..she wonders where is he…
She goes to take a bathe..
After cmg out..She gets a lil tensed for laksh as he is no where to be seen..she decides to go down and see..

She goes to restaurant..the parking area..the lobby but she was not able to find him..she did not call him because his phone was in d room itself..

Then she goes to the beach (Which is in front of the hotel..they both the beach and the hotel are connected)..
She turns her head everywhere..to search for him..wen she sees him…

The Scene changes to RagSan..

Ragini has already taken bath and was combing her hai…jst wen Sanskaar came out of the washroom..
Sanskaar remembered yesterday's incident n decided to talk to Ragini..
Sanskaar-Ragu yaar..sorry na..for tomorrow…i knw u are angry but..
Ragini ignores him and continues doing her work…
Sanskaar-Ragu atleast reply na..pls..sorry..i cannot stay widout talking to u..
Ragini again ignores him and turns back to go wen sanskaar holds her hand..
Ragini-Sanskaar i m in no mood to fight leave my hand..
Sanskaar-Ragu….sorry na..pls..pls pls try to forget our fight..
Ragini-turns back..to face sanskaar..is it so easy!..u called me a lier..a cheater..out of nowhere.u wanted to knw abt my personal life but y…if i had a bf also..and i would have lied also..why r u being concerned…my life..my rules..u dont need to interfere…

Ragini leaves d room..
Sanskaar-(Shouts) as she is gng out…but ragu..he stops
He thinks..
It was all my fault..but i have to make up her mood..amd i ll do everythng possible..

The Scene changes to the beach..

Swara is shocked to see Laksh hugging girl…and talking smthng to her intertwining their fingers..
Tears start to welled upon her eyes..
She goes towards them..(She is facing laksh's back)
And hears them talk..
Girl- U will never leave me na..
Laksh-Never jaan…

Suddenly wen Swara speaks..so to how many girls who have told this.
Laksh beeaks d hug and sees swara..angry and crying..

Swara runs out of the beach….Laksh follows her…but stops seeing ragini..he goes to her and says..
Lakah-Ur plan..backfired see she is crying..
Ragini-Wait how..this plan normally works..jst tell me in detail wat u did..
Laksh tells her everythng..
Ragini-U!u both brothers are duffers only..who told u to hug tat girl and jaan…if there would be any other girl also na she would have reacted in d same way..

Ragini smiles and says…but one thing is for sure..she loves u in the same manner u love her..go..ur love is waiting for ur apology..

Laksh smiles and goes..after finding her mostly every where he goes to the terrace and sees her standing..her back is towards him..he calls.

Laksh-Swara..dont cry pls..atleast give me the chance to justify myself..
Swara- turns back and she sees him angrily..u still want me to give u chance..how many chances..huh..so that u can explain me..abt that girl..or to tell me that everything was a lie!..
She starts going wen laksh stops her by holding her hand …
Laksh-Swara that was jst a set up..to knw abt ur feelings..pukka..and that to it is ur sis idea..
Swara gets out of his grip on her hand and moves..her back is facing her front..she is going wen..

Laksh- Tu karti hai mujse pyaar..
Yehi jaan ne ke liye tha mein bekarar..
Mere  andhere se jeevan mein tu roshni layi..
Jaise kaale aasman mein taaro ki rohshni sajayi..
Teri cheeni si hai.. muskhuraahat …

Chahatu tumhari muskhuraahat sada bane rahe mere saath..
Kyonkin agar mein mittti(mud)…
Toh tu paudha..
To kya manzoor hai tujhe mere pyaar ka saudha?..//again i composed it??\\

Swara turns back amd runs and hugs him..she is still crying..
Laksh-Arre shona..sorry na..pls dont cry..
Swara-cuts him and says I love u!..
Laksh-Smiles hearing her confession..and says i love u too shona..
Laksh-vaise are u angry on me now..also?
Swara-Smiles and says i forgived u wen i got to knw its ragini's plan..coz my ginu can never di snthng which will hurt me…
Laksh and swara both smile..hugging eachother
Laksh-Vaise u r a cry baby haina..
Swara breaks d hug and clears her eyes and says..i dnt cry..
And they leave to the room and ragsan would be waiting for them…

In the evening all RagSan and Swalak along with Raprihaaj are assembled in SwaLak's Room..
Rahul-I dont want to go yaar!..
Neha-Me too..
Raj-Arre dont be sad na..we all will plan a trip some other time..
Suddenly wen they hear a knock on their door..

Ragini goes and opens d door..

Everyone gets shocked hearing her..

Ragini is shocked on the door..

The episode ends♥…
Precap–Jp living with Swalaksanrag!..in MUMBAI ALSO?..HOW..SOCHO SOCHO ?


So did u all like the episode…i tried my best to stand upon all of urs expectations❤..do tell ur views via comments..

Loads of love..

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