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Swaragini-The Secret Reopens..(Episode 24)


Episode 24

Hey Meethi is back with d 24 episode of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens…..💙.. okay so I will start with with the episode 24 now….

Thee scene starts where it had stopped yesterday…

Rahul- Never have I kissed some1..
Both Swalak share an eye lock…They think abt d moments they spent..d kiss…
Laksh takes a sip..while seeing swara..swara also takes a sip.. Looking at laksh their eyelock is broken by Ragini..
Ragini-Di we can understand abt laksh..he is Casanova I must say..but u..and whom didnu kiss do…I wanna know…lucky she stops..
.Swalak -Shocked! Wat…
Ragini-Relax di..I meant I want to know abt d lucky person😉😉..
Swara calm down and says..ginu u know d rules na..u cannot ask questions😏😏…
Ragini makes a puppy face ohkay di…

Sanskaar’s POV…..
Such a big lied this ragini is…I mean..she is in a relationship… And might have kissed her bf too….but she did not accept it …see swara…she accepted but this..I will today for sure confront her abt her lover…but wait.. Why m I stressing myself..its her lyf na..I shd not intefere… But then why cannot I stop myself frm liking her…her childish talks and these pranks y do I like them… Do I love her but …there is not point thinking abt it..she is in a relation ship…
Pov ends …..

Neha-Now my turn…
Everyone-Ohkay ..
Neha-never have I ever loved some1… Truly…
Rahul-Hahaha so funny..u toh fall in love everyday…
Neha-Shut up yaar..that’s y I said truly
Ragini-Arey chill u both re ….
Swara and laksh quickly drink d juice widout being noticed…but 1 thing that shocks every1 is tat…sanksaar also takes a sip (Yeh kya hua…kaise hua…kab hua …kyon hua😂😂)…
Swalakrag are shocked 2 see him..

Ragini’s POV
Wat did he just take a sip…but y…is he in love….but wid whom!..whose that girl..whom he he in a relationship wid tat girl…but he never told me.. Wait ..but y I m feeling so I m not angry… I m hurt…just like someone pierce smthng pointed and painful in my heart…but y…why do I fell attracted 2 tat sadu….but y am I thinkng abt him…I shd now focus on di and jiju…oops I meant laksh. ..I know they love each other but will never confess any time sooner…so ragini has to help them….and she smirks…
POV ends …..

Raj-Sanky wen did u fall in love and wid whom..
Laksh-Ya bro its not fair u did not tell me also..I m toh ur sweet innocent cute as bhai na…😆
Sansky-Ya ya I know how cute and INNOCENT u r….and he thinks..why did I drink the juice..was it in d state of jealous y or to check whether ragu gets jealous..or to confirm! That she is on a relation or not…I hope this idea works…

Rahul-Guys.. Enough for today let’s go and sleep or otherwise ur jorawar pandey will come😂😂….and we have to go for shopping also..for all of urs kind info..we only have tomorrow’s day we r leaving day after tomorrow..
All gets sad hearing…the word leaving..and they leave for their rooms…after biding bye to each other…

The scene shifts to…d beach.
A man is seen sitting on the beach… And it seems he is thinking something very deeply….the person’s is shown and he is revealed to be laksh…
Suddenly a girl comes from behind and says. …
You love her right….
Laksh-Still engaged in thoughts… Yes I do…
Girl-So y dont u tell her huh!
Laksh comes back to d present and realises wat he was saying he turns back and says.. Ragini..ragu..voh voh..I don’t love ur di. Pukka…

Yes tat girl is ragini…

Ragini-But laksh I never said…..u love di..
Laksh bits his tongue and realises..but them finally surrenders…saying yeah..I love ur di..I love her very very much..she is my life..but I don’t know whether she loves me too or not..
Ragini-Arre so check na…I have plan and she smirks
Laksh-Wat plan..
Ragini tells him a plan which is muted…
Laksh-No nno no no…
Ragini- yes yes yes yes. And she smiles…
Laksh-Ohky..but wen
Ragini-Tomorrow …today I have a task to do…
Ragini- nthg..just leave it n all besht,!
Precap—Confession and confrontation (Csquare💓💓)…and some JP masti……😂
The question arises are …..
∆Wat is Ragini’s plan…
∆How will d c square take place….
∆Many secrets will be opened ??…
And ways in store for SwaRagini and SanLak in Mumbai…

Socho socho….until I come back wid d epi 25😆..

How was d epi?….

Loads of love…

P.S sorry for d late update I had written the epi.. But it got deleted so I had to write all over again….

  1. A12345

    Awesome… Update next part soon…

    1. Meethi

      Thank u💗..yes I will update it soon

  2. Ragini is cute

  3. Inu

    Superb epi. Waiting to read ur next epu.

    1. Meethi

      Thank u💓

    2. Meethi

      Yes will update soon😃

  4. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dear…

    1. Meethi

      Thank u💗

  5. Silent_writer

    Amazinggggg it is

    1. Meethi

      Thank u so much dear💓

  6. AMkideewani

    Superbly mindblowing❤️❤️❤️

    1. Meethi

      Thank u so much dear💗💗

  7. Sindhura

    I thought today sanrag both will speak

    1. Meethi

      Yaa..actually according to d precap it shd have been ytaken place today..but I wanted to make this happen in the 25th epi..I m sorry😢

    2. Sindhura

      Hi dont be sorry
      I just askedi knew sometime it wont goesaccordi.g to precap

  8. Superb dear
    Waiting for ragsan

    1. Meethi

      Thank u so much💓

    2. Meethi

      Will post soon😄

    1. Meethi

      Thank u❤

  9. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr dear.. Loved it.. Sorry for not commenting in previous chappy bcz I was not well..Keep it up.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

    1. Meethi

      Aww..Thank u so much..and how r u now?..Take care❤

    2. Meethi

      Yes will post soon dear😀

  10. Asra

    awesome dear….oh my cute Sanky got jealous…Sanky pov superbbb….eagerly waiting for ragini plan….tkcr dear…

    1. Meethi

      Thank u so much dear💗

    2. Meethi

      Yup will post soon😄

  11. Ragz_teju

    superb dear…loving it

    1. Meethi

      Thank u so much dear❤

  12. Jazzy

    its amazing dearrr and loved it a lot and ragini is going to make plan to sanky speak truth

    1. Meethi

      Thank h so much💓…Let’s see😄

  13. Jazzy

    its amazing dearrr and loved it a lot and ragini is going to make plan to sanky speak truth but now whats the square

    1. Meethi

      C square….confession and confrontation😄

  14. A.xx

    nice love ragsan jealousy.xx

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