Swaragini-The Secret Reopens..(Episode 23)


Hey❤…Meethi is back wid d 23 the episode of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens…

The scene starts where it had stopped..
Swara and laksh are shown playing in d water..they are continuously splashing water..and enjoying themselves…

After sometime..they all return to their respective rooms..

SwaLak's Room…
Laksh is choosing his clothes frm d  cupboard..wen he hears..swara calling frmthe washroom..
Swara-laksh laksh…can u come here for one sec..
Laksh goes and stands outside the door of d washroom..
Laksh-yes swara wat happened…
Swara-come inside na..i need ur help..
Laksh confused..and surprised wat hep u need..tell frm here only na..
Swara-oh mr..this tap is not opening i think its jammed pls come and open it..
Laksh gives out a sigh..ohk.
He goes inside..and sees swara in her 3/4 pants and tee..which she wore in d beach..
Laksh goes towards the shower knob..amd tries to rotate it..but he is not able..to..
Swara giggles..tum se nahopayega..let me call sanskaar he has much more power than u..
Now laksh's ego was hurt?? and he says..swara dont underestimate the power of the common man..??..
Swara-Okay mr common man urf swamiji urf laksh..show me ur strength..
Laksh tries hard 2 rotate d knob (tap)..but its not opening..

Then he moves back and says Jai mata di..and rotate the knob with all of his power and it starts rotating but…it comes out…from the screw????…now d knob is in his hand and water is continuously flowing from d shower…??..both laksh and swara are completely wet..?? (thand lag jayegi bhai)..
Swara starts laughing??..laksh sees swara amd pulls her towards him..swara moves towards him wid a jerk and lands on his chest..now both of them share an eyelock while the water is still flowing..
They both are getting wet..but they are lost in eachother eyes?…
Sanam re plays in d background..
Bheegi bheegi sadko pe main
Tera intezaar karun
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
 Tere hi naam karun
 Khud ko main yun kho doon ke
Phir na kabhi paun
Haule haule zindagi ko ab tere hawale karu Sanam re sanam re
 Tu mera sanam hua re
 Sanam re sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
 Karam re karam re
Tera mujhpe karam hua re
Tere kareeb jo hone laga hoon
To toote saare bharam re
Sanam re sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
 Badalon ki tarah hi to,
Tune mujhpe saaya kiya hai
Barisho ki tarah hi to,
 Tune khushiyo se bheegaya hai
 Aandhiyo ki tarah hi to,
Tune hosh ko udaya hai
Mera muqaddar sawara hai yun
Naya sawera jo laya hai tu
Tere sang hi bitane hai mujhko
Mere saare janam re
 Sanam re sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re (x2)
Karam re karam re
 Tera mujhpe karam hua re
Sanam re sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Mere sanam re mera hua re
 Tera karam re mujhpe hua ye

The song stops but d tune is still playing..they both r still lost in eachother wen laksh moves closer and whisphers in swara's ears..u look beautiful..?..swara blushes and turns around and is leaving wen she slips ..and laksh holds her..
Swara's hand is on laksh's shoulder..whereas laksh is holding swara from her waist..he makes her stand..and moves closer…he holds swara's face in his palms and eyes her lips..swara closes her eyes seeing him so close..and their lips meet…It was a passionate one..which reflected d love they had 4 eachother..after sometime they apart due to d lack of oxygen..they come back to d real world and realize wat they did..they both are very embarrassed and feeling awkward..trying d level best to avoid an eye contact wid eachother…

After sometime..laksh says..(stammering)i ll go u come..saying this he quickly leaves..

Swara blushes thinking abt their kiss and their moments and thinks..

Outside laksh..smilesand says to himself does DOES SHE LOVE ME TOO..?

After sometime Swara comes outside and sees that laksh is nowhere to be found suddenly her gaze falls on a letter on d bed she goes n reads

Swara i m gng 2 Sanskaar's room..come fast a surprise…swara wonders which surprise..

Swara goes their and sees…
Rahul priya and neha (Swaragini's frnd)..//played by..Rahul-Barun sobti..
Priya-Sanaya Irani..and Neha-Rati pandey..\\..amd Raj (Sanlak's frnd)/played by Arjun bijlani\\…

As soon as swara enters she starts jumping seeing Rapriha…and goes and hugs them..laksh n sanskaar introduces raj to swaragini as well as Rapriha..and swaragini does d same..after sometime of talking they all get frndly with eachother..

Neha-U knw we missed u both so much..uncle and aunty ask us everyday to call u and ask abt ur health..
Swaragini smiles ..
Raj -Waise sanlak..u came to goa and did not inform me..u could have taken me along haina..meri behno he says to swaragini…swaragini gives hifi to raj amd says ofcourse..
Rahul-Vaise..why r u all living like this..i meant swara and laksh in 1 room and ragini and sanskaar in another..
To which swara ans saying the whole ramkhata that happened to them in mumbai n goa..
And Raprihaaj..start laughng???..

The whole evening pass by talking in d night..after dinner all of them assemble in RagSan's room and decide 2 pay smthg..
Sanskaar-Wat shd we play..u guys suggest..
Swara-Anatakshri..aur dumsharas..
Ragsanlakraprihaaj-together Boring..
Swara makes a puppy face and starts thnkng..suddenly wen..
Ragini-Lets play never have i ever..!..

Laksh-Not a bad idea..
Swara-ok lets play..
Sanskaar-Nhi re..
Ragini-Oh mr sadu…dnt spoil our mood..keep quiet and play..or else..
Sanskaar sees her glaring at him..and understands tat she is blackmailng him and says okay..

Swara and ragini brngs..8 glasses of coke..amd gives it 2 every1..
Raj-I will start..
Raj-Never have i ever dated some1…..??
Laksh takes a sip and says past and smiles??..and sees swara and says as if he is saying directly 2 her in an indirect manner..soon 2 be future..
Swara avoids an eyecontact but she smiles with being noticed by any one….
Sanskaar- Casanova i must say..
Swara-Sanskaar ur turn..
Sanskaar-Me!ohk lemme thnk..then he says …Never Have i ever…cheated in an exam..
Every 1 drinks..except ragsan..they both share an eyelock and smile..
Rahul-Now my turn..pls..
Rahul-Never have i ever kissed some1..
Swara and laksh see eachother n remember their moment n kiss..
Precap-Confrontation and Confession..

Now d question arises ..
■Will they take d sip on the question!

■How will d confrontation of RagSan.. take place..

■How will d confession of Swalak take place..

To knw..the ans keep reading..

Do tell me whether u liked it or not?

Loads of Love Meethi❤❤

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