Swaragini-The Secret Reopens..(Episode -22)

Hey💙..Meethi is back with d 22nd Episode of 22nd episode of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens❤..

So i will start wid the episode..

The Scene opens in d morning.☉☉….

RagSan's Room

Sanskaar is disturbed by d sun rays and open his eyes..he tries getting up but then sees ragini hugging him in her sleep..Sanskaar smiles seeing  her..❤..he notices d strand of her disturbing her..hence he tucks it behind her ears…he is gng 2 kiss her on her forehead wen he realises wat he is dng..and pulls back and quietly gets up wid out disturbing her sleep..n..goes 2 d washroom to bath..

The Scene chnges 2 SwaLak's Room..

Laksh comes out of d washroom after bathing wen he sees swara
 still sleeping..

Laksh Pov…
Oh god how beautiful she looks while sleeping..I wish i can be the last and d frst person she sees wen she sleeps or wakes up..
But it can only be possible wen i propose her..But lucky how will u propose her..u dnt even knw whether she feels d same abt u or not..But ya i will do it soon…

Laksh-Swara wake up..Ragini will b waiting 4 u.
Swara-Hmm in sleep u go i will come..
Laksh-Okay but fast..

Saying this he goes out of d room and knocks RagSan's Room..
Ragini opens d room and smiles seeing Laksh..

She stands on her toes..and tries to see swara behind her..
Laksh-Hello…How r u..and wat r u searching behind me..
Sanskaar from behind …wat else..swara where is she..
Laksh-Oh woh actually ragini she is getting ready..

Ragini wod one eyebrow up..Was she awaken wen u came out of d room..
Laksh-no but she told tat she will wake up..and get ready soon..
Ragini-Wat n u left her..
Laksh n sanskaar are shocked by her reaction..
Sanskaar-Ragini wats wrong in this..

Ragini-I ll show u..frst laksh keys of d room..
Laksh gives ber d keys and follows her
They enter d room..
Laksh and sanskar are shocked..they see swara still sleeping..that 2 ghode bhech kar..😂😂..
Ragini smiles seeing her..
Laksh-But Ragu she told tat she will wake..and get ready..
Ragini-Laksh..di loves three thngs most in her life..
1st Me..and Ma baba..
2nd..Her locket..which she cannot leave any where and..the 3rd..one..Her SLEEP..4 wich she can never compromise..
Laksh under his breath-I want 2 be d 4th one..soon..
Sanskaar-Laksh did u say smthng..
Laksh-No bhai..but ragu how will we wake her up..
Ragini-Why fear wen ragini here..she searches for smthng…

Laksh n sanskaar are confused..thnkng wat she wants..wen they see her..and their jaws drop seeing her..

They see her gng towards d bed..and splash!💦💦💦💦..
She pours d entire BUCKET OF WATER ON SWARA..
Swara wakes up shouting-Baaarish Baaarish…Rain Rain..Flood Flood..wen she sees ragu smirking and sanlak shocked..
She sees Ragini amd says..Ginu not again..
Sanskaar-Ragini wasn't this idea so cruel..i mean she is your sister yaar..u could have woke her up peacefully also..
Ragini-Acha..Pls di tell abt ur antics while sleeping…
Laksh-ya we r waiting 2 hear tat but how many times have u performed ur water splashing puraan…on swara..
Swara with a pout face-Almost every day.
Ragini-Di..tell this mr sadu..that why i do this cruel ideas on u..
Swara with a puppy face..
Flash back 1..

Swara is seen sleeping and ragini tries waking swara up..
Ragini-Di ma is calling u..get up..
Swara-Sleepingly..ginu shh let me sleep yaar..
Jst then sumi enter their room..
Ragini-Di but ma..
Swara-Sleepingly Arre gini tell hitler ki i will get up in some..time..pls let me sleep..
Sumi gets angry angry hearing hitler..
Sumi-So swara i m d hotler right..hearing her voice swara gets up and then toh u all knw🤕🤕😷😤😤..

Flash back 2..
Swara is sleeping in her room..shekhar comes and says..Princess good morning..gud morng my darling saying this he goes and sits next to her…but as swara was sleeping she was completely changing her sides and moving..wen she kicked shekhar..and he fell frm d bed😂😂😂😂..

Flash back ends..
Swara-So because of so many like these incidents i told ginu that only she will wake me..and tat u with some utpatang ideas so tat i dont do any ofthese thngs like abv😅😅..

Who were controlling their laughter..surrenders and starts laughng so loudly😂😂😂😂😂..that their stomach starts paining they stop and looks at swara who was glaring them woth anger..
Swara-Angrily..Huff..u both..u both also have some weakness na..then why r u laughng at me..and saying this she goes to bathe..

After 2 hrs..

They all r seen enjoyimg d beach..
Swara is wearing 3/4th pants and a sleeveless tee whereas ragini is wearing shorts and a tee..
Laksh is wearing a tee n shorts and sanskaar is also wearing d same as laksh.

Swaraglak are enjoying in the water…by splashing it on eachother and making drawings on d sand whereas sanskaar is watchng thm..by sitting on the sand..far away frm the water..
Ragini sees him alone and goes to him..he goes and sits besides him..
Ragini-So u r afraid of depth of water..or u dnt knw swimming..
Sanskaar-aa..i..aam nnot aaffrraid of anythng..
Ragini-Common Sanskaar..u consider me as a frnd na so u can tell me..
Sanskaar-No i dont consider u as a frnd…
With a pause..i consider u as my bst frnd..he smiles..ragini smiles..
And says..so mr sadu…my ans..
Sanskaar-Actually i have a phobia..of depth..as i dnt knw swimming so i always feel tat i will drown..isliye..
Ragini-So great Sanskaar Maheshwari is afraid of depth😂..
Sanskaar-See..i told u but u will not tease me..promise..he extends his palm..
Ragini smiles and puts her palm on his👏..

The Scene Ends..
Precap-The Kiss❤..and entry of priya..neha..and rahul..raj..NEVER HAVE I EVER!

Loads of love..
Meethi ❤


  1. Asra


    |Registered Member

    osam dear….swara wake up scenes superbbb dear…and flashback amazing….ragsan scenes r also amazing dear…omg the great sanskar maheswari scared for depth..i loved it to core….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

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