Swaragini-The Secret Reopens..(Episode -21)

So Once again Meethi is back wid the 21 st Episode of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens…
So i will strt wid d epi…

The scene opens..where it had stopped yesterday..

In SwaLak's Room…

Swara-Angrily..this Pandey..wat does he think of himself..i Swara..will listen to him..i will show him wat it is to trouble..me…
Laksh-Calm down shona..vaise i must  say i have never seen u so much angry..and u will teach him a lesson..or u will ask ragini to..he laughs..
Swara angrily-So mr laksh Maheshwari whom do u think taught ragu do to these kinds of mischievous pranks..she sarcastically smiles.. and tells lucky..u were laughing on me naa see wat i will do huff..nd goes in the washroom to freshen up..
Laksh gets thinking…oh god i made her angry i have to calm her down..

The scene changes to RagSan's room..

Ragini is seen throwing pillows on sanskaar and sanskaar is running here and there to protect himself..

Ragini-U idiot..duffer..mado..creepy..ullu..phsyco………..buffalo..rakshaas..demon..dog..cat….because of u i m stuck here!..oh god now i have to stay with this duffer for 4 days..as i knw this Jp sahab is not gng to leave us so early..and i have 2 bear this swami ji….
Sanskaar-Oh miss jungli billi..frst of all its not all my fault its ur fault also..u were d one..melodramaticly Inspector sahab..yeh gunde😭😭..yeh gunde..hume chedh rahe hai..bachayi inn abla narriyon ko..😭😭..Dramebaaz..
Ragini-Yes i am a bigg one..because of u i have to stay widout my di..no wat will i do in night have u thought..and she also goes to d washroom to freshen up..

Its night..
SwaLak's room..

Swara is getting ready…in frnt of d mirror..she is wearing a torn jeans with a cold shoulder top…with light pink  lipstick and eyeliner..she is lookng extremely pretty..suddenly..wen d washroom knob opens..and lucky cones out in a towel..
Swara turns arnd..amd closes her eyes..
Swara-Chi laksh have shame..i r sharing a room with a girl atleast..u shd have this nich sense na ki u shd chnge in d washroom only!..
Laksh-Arre..wen u have a perfectly toned and masculine body..then u shd..flaunt it na..
Swara gets angry and turns..but again closes her eyes..wid her hands🙈🙈😶😶..u dont need to flaunt it everywhere..and she angrily storms out of d room..
Whereas laksh smiles..and says pagal..

Wen swara comes out..she bushes…
And goes to the restaurant…on d grnd floor..

In RagSan's room..

Sanskaar is already ready..amd is screaming..
Jungli billi..come fast na….we r getting late..and if we dont go down together then that pandey..will again trouble us wid his questions…Jaldi yaar..how much time u girls take to get ready..yaar..

Jst then ragini comes out..
She is wearing a long skirt blck colour and a off shoulder top..and her wet hair are adorning jer face..she comes out while drying her hair wid towel..
Sanskaar was angry but wen he sees her he gets mesmerised seeing her..he goes into a lala world of his own..he is completely lost in her whereas ragu is drying her hair..she keep d towel aside and sees Sanskaar lost somewhere..she goes and clicks her fingers before his face..sanskaar comes back to d real world and agaim gets back d the angry mood..
Sanskaar-U how much tym u take..chalo we r getting late..

Ragini-Ohk mr sadu..chalo..and they go..to d restaurant…

They go and sees swara sitting alone on d table and goes to her and sits there wid her

Ragini-Di wat happemed where is laksh?..
Swara angrily-That idiot..is getting ready..
Sanskaar-U knw swara our case is totally same.in ur case laksh takes time n in mine this junglee billi..

Jst then laksh enters and goes to sit with  them..
Laksh-Bahi i m very hungry lets order smthng fast…
Ragini-Yes jaldi i m also hungry..u knw mice r jumpng in my stomach..
Sanskaar -Sarcastically..So mice r running in junglee billi's stomach..strange..
Ragini -Can u pls order and not open ur mouth..
Sanskaar-Then how will i order jungli bill😝..
Swara angrily-Can u both pls shut up..(volcano in full form😂😂).

Jst then our pandey saheb enters..
Ragini sees him..oh god not again

Swara-Why wat happened ginu?..
Ragini-Di that pati samman andalon wala pandey is back (That husband respect rally wala )
Laksh and sanskaar who were drinking water spit it on hearing pandey's name…
Sanskaar-Oh god so it means we have to again act..
Laksh-Btw..bhai u remember na vecause of whom we landed in this problem..

Pandey comes to thei table and says..
Jp-Kaisan ba!(How u)..
Sanky-aap ke aane ke pehle ache the aage ka pata nhi…under his breath (before u came we were fine…further wat will happen we dnt knw )
Jp-Aee chore tanne kuch kaha( aee boy did u say smthng)..
Laksh-No no sir..my bro did not say anythg..
Swara-Sir why r u standng come..sit wid us…
Jp-Bilkul..bitya..hum tumloge ke saath hi toh baithne aaye hai (yes …my girl i have come here 2 sit wid u all only..)..
Jp-arrre babua..(he calls d waiter)..
Waiter-Yes sir..wat would u like to order…
Jp-Arre bagwa humka ek plate daal khichdi chahiye..aur in chore chorio ke liye kya bolte hai piitjha leaana..
They all hit their hands on their forehead..hearing d word pizza as pitjha..
Waiter-Sir u mean pizza and curry with rice..
Swara-Yes..its ri8..pls brng it asap..
The waiter leaves..

After 20 min d food comes and all start eating..

Suddenly all d lights gets switched off and dim romantic lights r onn…

A person comes on d stage and he announces..i request all the couples to come on d dance floor…

Few couples go …
Whereas our Swaragini and Sanlak are busy eating food..
The announer says..are there no other couples..
Suddenly some one screams..
Aee babua..sirf ek nhi do do couple idhar birajmaan hai..(Hey …not only 1 2 couples r sitting here )
And that person is none other thn our jp..
Ragini amd swara starts coughing hearing this…
Announcer requests swaragini and sanlak 2 come on dance floor..having no other choice they go to dance..

Tere sang yaaara plays….❤❤

They both are dancing..in d rythym of d tune..swara is still angry on laksh hence not making an eye contact  with him..laksh senses it hence he pulls swara by her waist..now they are jst few cm apart frm eachother..dur 2 d sudden jerk swara looks at him..
Laksh turns arnd amd now swara's back is facing laksh's front..laksh goes closer and slowly says. whereas swara closes her eyes…swara i m sorry..i dont like u being angry on me..saying this he again turns her he looks into swara's eyes for her ans…swara smiles..saying..chalo aakhri baar maaf kiya..phir gussa hui toh nhi manungi (ok i forgive u..but nxt tym i wont forgive u)..
Seeing smiling laksh picks her up..and twirls…


Ragini and Sanskaar are dancing very passionately..both r remembering d moments dey spent 2gether..there closeness..their eyelocks amd also their fights..a big n wode smile appears on their face..sanskaar turns ragini..n now her back is facing front..he  (slides) his hand through her arms..then frm her elbows and holds her hands…ragini closes her eyes..njoyng his touch and their closeness… and picks her up….
He puts her down..and turns her again..now they both are facing eachother..they have passionate eyelock…it seeems they have loads of things to say eachother but circumstances r stopping them…

Both d couples r lost in their own world..full of love..passion..care..wen det r brought back to d real world by d applause of d audience…
As soon as they hear the clappings they get separated…they all blush thnkng abt their closeness…

The dinner ends..and dey all go back to their respective rooms..

In SwaLak's room..

Swara comes out frm d washroom..wearing a pyjama and a tee and sees lucky taking a pillow and blanket and moving towards d couch..
Swara-Laksh..u sleep on d bed..i will sleep on d couch..
Laksh-Arre no no swara u go and sleep peacefully on d bed..i will sleep on d couch..
Swara-Laksh i said na go sleep on d bed..(with a little raised volume).
Laksh-(Loudly) i said na u go n sleep …i will sleep on d couch..
Swara-Shouting laksh i said na i will sleep on d couch..
Laksh-Shoutng..i said na i will sleep..
Swara (Shoutng)..i will

Laksh-Shoutng no i will…
Swara starts saying loudly amd a little angrily  ams ver very fastly..that u jst now said me sorrry amd then again fighting wid me..wen i m saying 2 go n sleep peacefully then also u have problem…u toh shd not be..but she stops…
She suddenly holds her cheeks..and shockly looks towards lucky who jst kissed her on her cheeks to stop her..

Swara is totally shocked by his move..
Laksh-Swara go n sleep on d bed quietly n no more arguments..
Laksh cuts her amd says..no but vut..i knw how to stop u..and he smirks where as swara holds her another cheek also..amd turns around..she smiles and blushes😄😄😄😚😚 remembering lucky's sudden kiss..she goes on d bed and lays down  n sleeps..whereas lucky goes on d couch and sleeps…

In RagSan's room..
Sanskaar comes out of bathroom n sees  raginu arranging d bed and taking a pillow and a comforter and gng towards d couch..
Sanskaar-Ragini i knw u r very khadoos..types of junglee billi..but yaar i m not so bad i cannot allow u to sleep on d couch …i will sleep u go n sleep..
Ragini looks at d pillow in her hand and sees sankaar wid a shocked expression..she says..mr sadu..why r u flying so high..frst of all i m nt khadoos nd 2nd not i but u r gng to sleep on d couch i was jst gng to keep it on d couch 4 u..
Sanskaar..-Acha..but i m nt gng 2 sleep on d couch i will sleep on the bed..
Ragini-Points her index..sadu i m gng 2 sleep on d bed..
Sanskaar also points her index finger no i m gonna sleep there..saying this he quickly lays down on d bed..
Ragini gets irked seeing this and goes near d bed and says..Sanskaar get up..i wnat 2 sleep..
Sanskaar-Ha so go n sleep na..on the COUCH..
Ragini Smirks and she also lays  beside sanskaar..she thought sanskaar will have w get up seeing her on d bed but 2 her shockk..
Sanskaar-Ohk junglee billi i dnt mind sharng my bes wid u..u can sleep aaaram se here..
Ragini -Huff amd she turns on d other side and she sleeps..

Sanskaar also sleeps..in d midnight..

Ragini wakes up 2 drnk water wen she sees a border of cushions made between her and sanskaar..she smiles seeing it..and says..i knw sanskaar..u can never take advantage of me..or i shd say any of d girl..u r a very good frnd saying this she smiles..and drnks water and sleeps..
PRECAP-Give me some suggestions of wat u want..😉😉

How was it…is my ff gng boring?…shd i end it early..coz i am feeling that u all r feeling it boring..

Thank you..

Take care…❤..

Loads of love Meethi❤


  1. A.xx


    |Registered Member

    Fab as always and love the fight and the romantic moments … and for ideas how about each of them trying to make each other jealous… or they flirt with someone and the inspector sees them maybe something funny… loved it so post soon xx

  2. Zelena81196


    |Registered Member

    Awesome… Really enjoyed the chapter… update soon….. cant wait.. and maybe you could write a chapter in which sanskar is sick or hurt and ragini takes care of him…

  3. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome dear…loved it to core…ragsan scenes r super….fighting superbbb dear….no dear it’s not boring…and u didn’t tell about ragini baby…waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear….

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