Swaragini-The Secret Reopens..(Episode -20) New Chapter


Hey So as promised Meethi is back with the 20th Episode of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens…first of all i need to thank u all for ur continuous support…it was because of it only that i m able to write..pls do continue showering ur love and motivation ❤…

So now i will start with the epi..

The scene starts on d road..
Swara-See ginu and sanskaar there is no point fighting..its already over and that policeman willl not meet again..coz neither does he knows our surname nor yours..so its better..to forget everythnh and start afreash..
Laksh-Yes i totally agree with shona….idea!..
Laksh-We all can go 4 an outing..out of mumbai…so tat policeman will forget d incident n us!..
Swara-Yessss!..pls can we go to goa…?..
Ragini-Not a bad idea..
Sanskaar-For the frst n last tym i am agreeing wid this junglee billi…
Ragini sees sanksaar-Watever..
Laksh-So deal we r going to Goa!..and tat to tomorrow…

They all go to Maheshwari Mansion…

In swaragini's room..
Swara-Ginu!Goa..i m soo soo sooo excited..its gonna be soo much fun..
Ragini-yes di its gonna be fun but ..
Swara-ginu..there is no slace for ifs and buts..be positive nthng is gonna happen..
Ragini-Yes di but..tring tring..ragini's phone ring..she sees d caller id..
Ragini-I ll jst be back..
Swara-Okay ginu..go i will finish the remaining packing…And ragini leaves..she comes outside the room and goes to a distance…and picks up d call..
Ragini-I told u not 2 call me..Ha babbby i love u..i love u very much…but u knw na..i am busy…vaise do u knw..i m gng to goa tom..acha chalo bye di is calling Byee..Love u muaah?..take care…
Saying this she cut d phone and left to her room…

Her conversation was heard by some one..who is none other than Our SANSKAAR…

Sanskaar's pov

He makes his hand into a fist…?
Who d hell is her babby!..and i love u….is he her bf?..wat she has a bf..but she never told me….galti se bhi she never spoke abt her bf..she shd have atleast informed me..how can she..wait!..why am i feeling sad no angry..no Hurt..on hearing d name of her bf..why does it matter to me..sanskaar..wat is happening…am i falling in love wid that Jungli billi…no no i can never fall in love..and that 2 with ragu..though she is sweet..cute…beautiful and most imp..kind hearted..perfectly d one whom i desired..but..she already has a bf so i shd not think abt this…Sanskkaar concentrate..

The scene shifts to the next day morning…

Swaragini and Sanlak..are taking d blessings of d elders…
ap-though i dont want u all to go..but as Swaragini wants w go i will allow..
I will miss u all..
Ragini-Aunty we r jst gng 4 4 days..we will be back soon?..
Uttara-Di u will miss me?..
Ragu n swara hugs her and says..obviously our cuttu❤..
Sanlak-So now our sister doesn't need us right..
Uttara goes and hugs them and says..how can i forget my sweet bhaiyaas…love u both..come soon.. and they leave..
Uttara-mom wat happened?wat r u thnkng..
Ap smiles and says everything will change after this trip..
Uttara-But mom how do u knw?..
Ap-A moms heart comes to knw everything wen it regarding her children..
Uttara smiles..and says lets see mom..wat will be d chnge..and they leave the place

In the afternoon…
The scene changes 2 goa..

Outside d airport..
Swara-Finally..Finally i m here…u knw laksh my only dream in new york was to visit goa ..i have heard lots of things abt this place..the beaches..the atmosphere..the everything ??..
Ragini-Di..come lets check in in d hotel then we can go and venture d places around..
Sanskaar-Yes this junglee billi is right
Ragini points her index finger towards sanskaar..mr sadu dont dare to call me junglee bill…

Sanskaar-Also points his index finger at ragini..u also stop calling me sadu..
Laksh and swara…hit their hand on their heads..inka kuch nhi ho sakta..
Swara-Shhh..u both shut up..we r getting late..jaldi chalo..
Laksh-Yes pls u both stop fighting we r here to enjoy not to fight..
Sanskaar-Hmm..under his breath tell this jungllee billi to stop..
Ragini hears …u but stops seeing swara

Swara- Ginu i said..shh!..chup chap chalo..we need to reach d hotel fast then only we can enjoy..

All proceed towards d hotel..

At the hotel…
Receptionist-Sir how can i help u..
Sanskaar-We wanted 2 rooms..
Laksh-And pls try that it shoul b together..(side by side)
Sanskaar glares at laksh..
Receptionist-Okay sir..Give me a min..

Swaragini comes there..
Ragini-Di..these boys..cant even book a room..kitna time..
Sanskaar-Swara..ateast teach ur sis to have patience….
Ragini-Haha..for ur kind info..Ragini can never be patient..!..
Swara 2.divert d topic..Ragu..hows he?..u talked to him yesterday na.!..
Ragini-Hes absolute fine..He is missing me..!..
Sanskaar remembers her convo yest..and thinks..so swara knws abt her boyfriend..this babby…i have 2 find out!..

And he again gets angry..
Sanskaar little angrily -Mam can u pls do it a little fast..we dnt have d whole day..
Receptionist-Yes sorry sir..actually we have 2 room on the 3rd floor but the problem is that the rooms r not together..its like one room is in one passage and another on d another..and then there is one room in frnt of it….the frnt room is booked..and the same person as booked d side room u can ask the guest to gove u the side room..
Laksh-ya we will definately talk..where is he..
Receptionist-oh sir there he is cmg..

They all turn and are shocked to see d person…

He is none other than The police inspector whom they met yesterday…

The police inspector is also whocked to see them..but his expression turns to a big and a wide smile..
P-Aee choro..chorio..tumlog aatthe..maari salah inti achi tarah tu logne maanli..ki.tum log..Apna..HONEYMOON..manaane ke liye aathe aa bhi gaye..(u all here..i took my advice so seriously tht u came here for ur honeymoon..)..Maara man bahut khush hogaygava hai..(i m so happy )…

All r shocked and glare towards sanskaar..where as he smiles towards..police man..

P-Vaise humne tumhe ektoh baar bhi humra naam nhi bataya..maara naam se Jorawar Pandey…(kya naam hai??)..

/I will use JP..FOR HIM)..

Swara-Vaise..pandey ji..aaap yaha kaise…i mean..u toh were in mumbai yesterday..

Ragini-Yess..how come..

Receptionist-it seems u all knw eachother…Jorawar sir can u give the room no 302 to them..as they want rooms side by side..

Jp-Yaa..mein toh yahi batlane aaya tha ki mane voh room na chahiye..

Receptionist-Sir do u have d keys..
Jp gives d keys..

Receptionist gives 1 key to swara and 1 key to Sanskaar…

Jp-chalo..humre saath..
Swara-Kya!..i mean…we can go..
Jp -ARee aise kaise…Tumhe pata hai…mera room tum dono ke room ke saamne hai..

Swara-(majboori se)Ohkay uncle aap chaliyea..we r comng behind u..

They all leave..

On the 3 rd floor..
Swara-Haash..atelast he went now we can peacefully go 2 our rooms..

Jst wen..
Swara-Ragini and Sanlak r entering their respective room..Jp comes out and he looks shocked..

Jp-Aeee..yeh kya horaha hai..
All get scared..

Jp-Tum log apne honeymoon mein aaye ho to chore aur choria alag alag room mein kyon jaarahe…ho..

All realise n remember d lie which dey said..

Jp..-Mane pata hai ki..jhagda hota hai..par..pati aur patni ko prem se apna jeevan chahiye..chalo..apne pati ke saath kamre mein jao..(i knw ki husband and wife fights..bit u shd live with love..go couples..will stay in a room)..

All r shocked..
Jp-Humne..ek baar joh kahe diya phir hum khud ki bhi nhi sunat hai..
Swara- grinding her teeth..okay..
Ragini-Chalo sanskaar..grinding her teeth and faking a smile..
Swara-Hmm chalo laksh..(tensed)..
Jp-Ghor kalyug..hey baghwan..he starts shouting this..
Ragini-Abh kya hua..(now wat hppened)
Jp-Tum chorio ne sharam varam na aati..apne pati ka naam lete hue..woh tumhare pati dev hai..unka aadar karrna tumra dharam hai..
Ragini and swara r damn shocked..
Ragini-Toh aap hi bataye kya bulaye (so wat shd we call u only tell)..
Jp-Unhe aap…suniye ji..swami aisa bulao..

Swara angrily okay..-Chaliye..
Laksh gets scared seeing swara so Damn angry and quietly proceeds for d room..

Whereas ragini in dam anger moon..jwalamukhi..types..Chalo mr swami ji..we r getting late..

And they also leave…
Jp-Bahut prem kart hai yeh log ek dusre se..he smiles and leaves….

Precap-Golmaal hai bhai sabh golmaal hai!…Dance…Couch and bed fight!…..


The question arises…

Whose this DARLING???…


Hey how was d epi..hope u all liked it..❤…
Do comment ur views❤

Thank u for Reading ❤…

Take Care ❤…


Loads of Love..

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