Swaragini-The Secret Reopens..(Episode -19)


Hey Guys..Meethi is back with the 19th episode of SWARAGINI-THE SECRET REOPENS…I m so so sorry that i am not able to update regularly..its jst because of the school burdern…but yes..these 4 days i will definately update regularly…So without any of my further bak bak..i will start..

The scene opens in the mall..

Swaragini are walking and talking whereas Sanlak are shown walking behind them and their hands are filled with loads of shpping bags..
Swaragini enters one more shop of sarees…as ap asked them to buy a saree or any other traditional dress as they have a puja at home..and swaragini had forgot to pack traditional wears..
Sanskaar-This is height..how much do u want to shop..and that to today..and..
Laksh-And  the most imp thing are we ur coolies..
Swara-Arre laksh aunty asked us to buy the saree..this is the last shop..then we will go home pukka..
Ragini-Di..wat r u telling them..this sadu and laksh..toh are of no use..they cannot even hold four five shpping bags..

Swara giggles..
Ragini-Yes!teasingly..chalo di..their hands might have got tired..na..they are so weak..chhh chhhchh…??…
They both go inside….where as sanlak also follows them..
Sanskaar-Bhai abh toh humare izzat par baat aagayi..
Laksh-Yes bhai..now we will show who we are..
Swaragini are selecting sarees..
Swara Finalises a blue saree with heavy border of golden and a golden blouse..
Ragini finalises a pinkish red saree with the borders of gold..and a pinkish red blouse..both d sarees are very beautiful..

They go to d counter and pay the bill wen..
Person at cashcounter-Mam.to swara..ur bill has already been paid !..
Ragini-how?who paid it..
Person to gini-Mam he and he points towards a man standing their…
Ragini -di lets chck who is he?..yes gini come..swara says..
They both go towards d man who is standing facing a mannequin..in d shop itself..they both go at pat that persons  shoulder..
It is shown that sme1 is recording all the thng gng there..by hiding..

Ragini-Hello mr..who r u ?and why did u pay d bill..
Swara-Yes who d hell r u!..
Person turns..
Person-Tum (to swara)..mujhe nhi pehchan rahi ho…pushpa..i knw u are angry with me but y did u leave d home..pushpa..

Swaragini are shocked..and feel embarrassed  as..all d ppl in d store are staring them..
Person continues-I knw i drnk alcohol but its not such a big thng that u left me..
Swara-Mr who r u!..and u the hell is this pushpa…i m swara…swara g and she stops..
Person-what y r u faking that u dont knw me..ok if u dnt recognise me atleaat u recognise bunty and babli..
Ragini-Now who d hell r they…
Swara-Who.. r they?
Person-Areee..hey bhagwan kaisa kalyug..u were not identifying ur husband and now children..
On the name of children..swaragini-fhat d wuck!…
Swara-Children…and mine r u kidding me!..
Ragini-di he is a mad fellow jst leave him we will go..
Person holds swara's hand..
Person-Pls dont go janemaaan…u r my wife..
All d ppl are gathered arnd..and an old woman says..beta forgive him..he is asking for ur forgiveness…the person continue holding swara's hand .Ragini sees this and is angry..
She holds his hand by which he is holding swara…and says leave…And she shouts..I SAID LEAVE!..
Person-leave my hand are u mad….
Ragini slaps him hard..and he leave swara's hand..

The camera shifts to two boys who r watching this drama frm behind d mannequin…
Sanskaar-Bhai the situation is gng out of hand..junglee billi has started hitting ram..
Laksh-yes bhai..if we dont stop knw..i think we will have to loose our frnd..okay come lets go their..

The scene shifts to Swaragini..
Ragini-Tis is 4 holding my di's hand..she slaps him again..for creating such a fake story…..she is going to slap him one more time wen her and is held by some1..
Ragini sees dat d person is none another than SANSKAAR….
Ragini-Sanskaar leave me..this cheapo..phsyco…
Sanskaar-Stop it jungli billi he is not any of these infact he is our frnd..
Laksh-Bhai is saying d truth actually we told him to act ..we thought u both will get afraid and

And ask our help..and then we will shw u our importance but..the plan took a uturn
Laksh-Sorry ram..
Sanskaar-Yes very very sorry…
Ram-Its ok dude..for frnds sabh chalta hai andhe leaves…
Ragu and swara are dumbstruck they are boiling in anger..
Ragini-U both..u made us embarrass infrnt of d whole shp jst to take ur bl**dy revenge..
Swara-How could u both do this..
And they leave angrily..
Sanskaar-We did a mistake lets goo and apologises..
Laksh-But i dnt think so that she will forgive us..
Sanskaar-Lets try..and they leave..behind them..

The scene shifts to Swara and Ragini..
They are shown walking in d road wid loads of anger..the road is empty..there is no car seem on d road..and sanlak are seen running behind them…
As soon as swaragini sees them..they start walking faster…

 A police jeep passes by and a police man sees this scene..he stops d car and comes out..(he is 50-mid aged man..and has a pure rajasthani an d bihari mixed.. accent)…
He stops Swara Ragini….
Police-Aee choria..kahe bhaag rahe ho tum..Koi gunde..vunde peeche padh gaye hai tumre..
Swara-N..is cut by..Ragini
Ragini-Ji inspector sahab..see these two boys who r behind us r following us..
Swara-Ginu par..
Ragini winks at her and says lowly..di they shd get d punishment for dng this..

Behind..SanLak are wondering tht y r swaragini talkinng to that buddha inspector..suddenly they see inspector calling them using is index finger..and sanlak goes towards him..

Sanskaar- Wat happened inspector..
P-tum humse puch rahe ho!..sharam na aati tum logo ne..inm bholi bhaali phool jaisi bachiyon ko *chedh* rahe ho (dnt u feel ashame teasing them)..
Sanskaar-No sir we r not..
Laksh-Yes sir..we r not..teasing them..
P-Aae choriyon..tum log kya inn choro ko pahenchaante ho?..
Ragini-No sir not at all…we toh dnt knw them..
Laksh-Swara atleast u toh tell d truth..
Swara sees him and melts but again keeps mum seeing ragini glaring her..
P-Aae..chorio..inn choro ko tumara naam maalum se…
Ragini-Actually i was calling her swara na..so i thnk he heard it..
Sanskaar-Such a big lier u r..we all knw ki u dont take swara's name..(shouting)
Ragini-See sir..now he is shouting also..and starts acting of crying..
????Who will save this aabla naari..sabh pe bhaari…wali naari?????..Pls god send a mssgenr..save us..frm this cruel world..???

P-Aee chori ro na..mein hu na aathe..inn choro ko mein hawalat ki sair karwata hu..
Sanskaar and Laksh are shocked..
Sanskaar -No sir they r lieing..
P-How do u knw..
S-actually..hmmhmmmhmm….voh voh..
P-Kya voh voh…
P-Aree…batao na humka..humre paas pura din ka vakkt naahi hai..
Sanskaar-In 1 breath..we r husband and wife..and they r angry wid us..
Sanksaar-Yes sir..we r married..
P-Kya..arre baaapre..itna jholjhaal..pehle humka batao..ki kaun kiski patni hai aur pati hai..(oh god..okay frst tell me who are d pairs?)
Sanskaar-voh..he points at swara..she is his..pointing towards laksh..wife..(as he knws tat laksh likes swara)
Laksh though happy-But!..
Swara though she is also happy-Par!..
P-Acha..abh humare samjh mein aayi..ki tum (sanky)isske (ragu)ke pati ho!…
Ragini unknowingly smiles but hides it!..
Sanskaar-yyy…aa..yess…hhhaaa..he is also feeling on cloud 9 but dismisses d feelings..
P-ab humare baat samjh mein aayi..u all fought..hence ur wives r not recognising u…
Turms 2 swaragini-Chorio..yeh jaise bhi hai..tumre pati dev hai..inko apni galti ka ehsaas hai..aur pyaar mein toh nokjhok hotte hi rahte hai..
Hearing the word pyaar dey feel butterflies in their stomach….but how egoist pppl they are uff!?..
P-See in marriage it happens..u need to respect this relation..vaise tum ko bataye..ki humri patni bhi humse bahut jhagda karti hai par prem bhi bahut karti hai..(my wife also fights wid me but loves me alot..)..
Laksh-Yes sir..now we r soughted now u can go…
P-Wat do u mean?..
Sanskaar-He means tat u are so busy na.
U might be gettng late
P-Yes yes..now i will leave..par ha..ladhai na kario..
Ragini-Bilkul..grinding her teeth in anger..
The policeman leaves..as ssoon as he leaves..Ragini bursts..her anger..
Sanskaar r u insaan u n me husband and wife have u gone nutz..oh god..how could..
Sanskaar angry-So i had ny other choice bcoz of u we were gng 2 jail..
Ragini-Hhha..so wat..we would have bailed u out!.
Sanskaar-Huuf and he turns around..
Ragini-Huff and she also turns arounf now their backs are facing each other..




Hey so how was d epi..hope u all liked it…


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