Swaragini – The Secret Reopens..(Episode 11)THE NEW CHAPTER…

Hey I am back with Swaragini-The Secret Reopens….I will start the 11th episode…Sorry for the late update actually i was out the whole day..

The scene starts In NewYork…

Swaragini have already reached Newyork and have also started to study with full concentratation as the next week swara has her finals and ragini has her prelims..The whole week passes by studying only. The exams gets over soon and Ragini and Swara are now without any burdern of studies…though ragini has already gotten the idea that Swara is in love wid laksh but swara is still admant abt her feelings…
Ragini-Di now as our exams are over are u willing to go back?
Ragini-Di to India
Ragini-di do u love me?
Swara-Yes obvio..
Ragini-Do want to meet sanskaar?
Ragini-Di wen we went to manali did u miss ma baba?
Ragini-Do u miss laksh?
Ragini smiles..at her statement..swara realises that is was ragini's prank..
Swara -Ginu..who have turned extra smart ri8?
Ragini-Di woh toh pehle se hi hu(di i m start frm start only)
Swara twists ragini's ears in masti…Ragini asks her to forgive her….And swara playfully agrees…
Ragini thinks that di u love him..i never thought that u will fall in love that to wid a flirty like lucky but di no strees when ragu is here…frst i need to ask whether lucky also loves di…4 that i have to ask that sadu..oops ragu its sanskaar 4 u..for his help…oh god…i forgot to take his numbers.. i donot have d no of lucky also…what will i do now..ragu…u r great…haina!…chalo koi na..hojayega sabh!

The Scene shifts to Mumbai…
Here sanskaar and lucky also reached and have finished their exams jst like our  thodi theeki and thodi meethi Swaragini😛😜

Sanskaar -Lucky hows ur gf?…
Lucky-Bhai i dnt have any. !
Sanskaar gets up with a jerk and in shock what did u jst say?are u fine?shall we go d doctor?or wait lets go to d hospital…
Lucky-Bhai sssshhh!calm down…take a deeeeep breathe…
Sanskaar-Lucky i m fine 1st tell me ant ur health?
Lucky-I m fine bhai its jst that frm wen i have come from manali i m not willing to have a gf..i dnt knw why?
Sanskaar-aisa kya hogaya jo lucky the flirty ko laksh the good boy banadiya?..
Laksh-dont knw bhai!..
Sanskaar-Btw whom are u missing?
Laksh-Swa.. he stops himself where i am missing?som1?..
Sanskaar noticed d sudden change in his statement…

Sanskaar thinks bhai u r in love..wow i m so happy but how …i knw who it is!but is she also in love with u.?i have to chck and then ill help u to ur lve story d perfect one!…❤❤
But before that i have u call ragu to knw abt swara's feeling but i dnt have her no ab kya karenge?…Chalo kuch toh hojayega…

The scene shifts to dp and ap…
Dp-I found him…
Ap-Now we have to inform bhaiya…
Dp-Yup will inform himm…but i wont..
Dp-U knw na we have promised them..and i will never berrak my promise..
Ap-But we have to inform…them…
Dp-We will call but i will not sanskar will…
Ap-How can u do that?..
Dp-we will not tell him..we will jst tell him to tell that we have found him and i knw that they will understand that about whom we r talking!…
Ap-okay the way u like i will call sanskaar..

After sometime sanskaar enters dp's room  with ap..
Sanskaar-Bade papa u called..
Dp-yes sanskaar i wanted u to do a work..
Sanskaar-yes telp me wat i have to do.?
Dp gives sanskaar a chit..
Sanskaar-bade papa whats this?
Dp-This chit has a number..go give a call in the no..and whoever pics the call jst tell that person to inform the owner of the mansion that mahesh has found him..
Sanskaar-bade papa who is mahesh and who is him?…
Dp-Dont question sanskaar jst do the work…please its urgent and i have no time to solve ur queries u will get ur answers wen time  comes..
Sanskaar agrees..and leaves…and as soon as he leaves d grp he takes his phone and calls on the given number…

The scene changes to New York…
Hearing this both Swaragini comes down aling with sumi…
Swaragini-Yes papa..
Shekhar-Princess  u both have finished ur exams and tom ur results will be out..if u both achieve..

Very good percentage as b4..i will give u a gift which can be anything which u want and we will not question u pukka!…
Swara-But that we have everything what will we ask 4?..
Sumi-(playfully)so u r sure that u will be getting good marks huh?.
Ragini-Obvio ma…
Shekhar-Okay lets see tom..and he leaves for office..sumi resumes her work…and SwaRagini go to their room..
Swara-Ginu what shall we ask for tom?..
Ragini-Di i have no clue lets chck on internet..
Ragini chcks on internet suddenly an ad comes..on the screen showing a tour of mumbai,india…the best place to visit on monsoon…the best rains a thousands of sightseeing places…ragini is amazed and happy seeing the ad..ans asks swara shall we ask dad to gift a tour to mumbai..its gonna be so much fun…right di..swara also accepts it…(BOTH SWARAGINI DOESNT KNOW THAT SANLAK LIVE IN MUMBAI)..
Ragini- So deal we r going to ask for a cimbined give a trip to mumbai..
Swara- Ofcourse it will n the best gift…

And they dozz of hoping for a better tomorrow…

The sun rises indicating morning and the result day of our swaragini…!Both swaragini and shekhar are ready and r leaving for d college where the results will be announced by the princi himself..

The scene shifts to the college audi..
Principal-Good morning parents..So the results of the final and the prelims exams of students will be announced here the rest our put up on the soft board this is bcoz these two exams are the most crucial part of education for d students..So i would start wilth the percentages…
He takes many names along wid their percentage…names of all d students have been taken except for our swaragini..
Now its time to announce the topper of the exams..and without any doubt its our swaragini who have been topping all their exams..
Swaragini and shekhar are delighted..shekhar congratulates them and says that i knew u both will top d exams again now i want u to ask me ur gifts..and as promised i will give u anything…have u both thought of nythng..
Swaragini in union yes.. shekhar asks them wat it is?to which they reply saying that we will tell once we reach home…shekhar agree and they proceed to their mansion…
Precap-Swaragini tells shekhar their wish!

The question arises to that
☆Will shekhar allow them?
☆Whom is Sanskaar calling?
☆Who is 'he'?
☆How will swaragini and sanlak meet in mumbai wat will be their reaction?
The question will get their answers soon…
Thanks for reading…and do keep commenting,♡…Forgive me 4 all my mistakes .

Thanks 💥

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  1. A.xx


    |Registered Member

    nice and i think sheker wont be able to let them go alone so he’ll go with them and waiting for RagSan and SwaLak to meet and SwaLak to confess waiting for revelation of the man and SwaRagini and SanLak’s families past.xx

  2. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Aww, it’s amazing..Loved their bonding.. Keep it up.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

  3. sona

    heeyyyyy…… superb episode….. waiting for the next one… plzzz update today itself if u caann….. cant waitt….. take care… stay blessedd….

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