Swaragini – The Secret Reopens..(Episode 10)


Hey Meethi is back..with the 10th episode of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens…I cant believe that i completed ten episodes wen i started writing i thought that I will only write blunders…but my passion 4 writing forced me 4 writing.I knw that my story and ff is not up to the mark but i am trying to make it more and more interesting pls do comment where ever u find a flaw… And 1 mre thng I am sorry 4 the late update it was bcoz yesterday my school started after vacations and i was really exhausted and hence i was not able to update yesterday so sorry…So now i will stop my badbad and will start wid the 10 epi..As many requested for more Ragsan scenes i ll try to balance both the pairs equally…

The Scene starts wid Ragsan smilling at eachother…

Sanskaar-So miss new friend shall we sit or u want to stand d whole night..
Ragini-Haha very funny(Sarcastically) sit down…
Sanskaar-So miss new frnd tell me smthng abt urself?ur hobby?..whats that…
Ragini-My hobby uhmuhm..yess!my hobby is doing pranks on others..yess thats my hobby and i better warn u b4 hand i dont even spare my frnds…
Sanskaar-Oh so miss jungli billi opps sorry i meant ragu..wat r ur other hobbies than troubling others…
Ragini-Sanskaar it's completely okay if u call me jungli billi to be very honest i love that name.ohho?and my other hobbies would be…as u jst saw singing and cooking..yup.these are my hobbies other than troubling others?
Sanskaar-Oh cool miss jungli billi..
Ragini-wats ur hobbies..
Sanskaar-Mine is reading..and reading and reading.
Ragini- Seriously!Complete nerd I must say..
Sanskaar-Thanks 4 d compliment.Vaise i want to ask u smthng..
Ragini-Whats that?
Sanskaar-like see ur sis she is calm and innocent but u are complete volcano package..which can any time erupt.wat i meant was y r u so naughty and mischievous types…any particular reason..
Ragini-Yup there's a reason that INCIDENT..but i wont tell u abt it now i ll tell wen d ri8 time comes..cool!
Sanskaar-Yup and tell me..

The Scene changes to SwaLak…laksh is running here and there wen he sees swara laughing…
Laksh-So this was ur prank ri8..
Swara-Yup..y u didnt like it..
Laksh-Swara how could u..
Swara-U told me that u are not afraid of anything so i wanted to test u…so mr laksh urf Lucky how was d test….hmm?
Laksh-3rd class…by any chance if i would have gotten a heart attack then?
Swara-Shut up mr dramaking..sit down…I am feeling sleeeppy…
Laksh-But i m not i want to talk
Swara-Okay but for sometime only….laksh accepts it..and they talk…

The scene changes to RagSan…Ragini and

 Sanskaar telling eachother their favourite colour,fruit,vege..and even the place they like to visit d most..they both are continuously talking..After 1 hr..only sanskaar is  saying that he loves books because it helps to distract his mind wenever he feels low but finds his talking partner..that is his ragu..asleep…he also decides to sleep and goes beside her..to take the support of d tree and sleeps…

The scene changes to SwaLak…
They both r also seen asleep…taking the support of the tree…

And the night ends….

The rays of the sun hit ragini's face..she gets disturb…and sees that she is sleeping on Sanskaar's shoulder…she gets a smile on her face…but y?…..
She wakes up and decides not to wake sanskaar who was enjoying his sleep..she decides to go for a small walk coz it was morning and that now no1 can dare to scare ragu the prankster…and she left…

The scene changes to SwaLak

Due to rays our lucky gets up and sees that he was sleeping on swara's head who inturn was sleeping on his shoulder (hope u can imagine)he smiles and decides to wake swara as they have to go and find ragini…
Laksh tries to wake her but  u all remember na how big kumbhkaran she is…all his efforts go in vain inorder to wkae up swara..wenever he tries to wake her up swara replies saying that ragu let me sleep..
Laksh then decided to use swara's trick..he shouted snaake snaaakkee…

The scene shifts to RagSan…

Here sanskaar wakes up and finds ragini no where..he gets…
Panicked…he sees everywhere but he is not able to find her…Sanskaar thinks that where has Ragini gone..he thinks it is bcoz of him only now wat will he tell to swara and laksh..oh god ragu where r u.. suddenly..

Ragini-Sanskaar u woke up..?

Sanskaar sees her and gets angry…he goes to her and holds her shoulders tightly..ragini is not able to understand Sanskaar's action ..Sanskaar starts shouting at her saying that how could she go..she shd have informed me..oh sorry i forgot ki u like troubling others..
Ragini shouts shut up sanky y r u behaving this way u were sleeping i thought not to disturb u as u helped me a lot yesterday..i was tired of sitting hence went for a walk..hearing this sanskaar realises wat he was dng and leaves her and apologises to her….ragini smiles..and says thank u frnd for caring 4 me.?..
Sanskaar smiles hearing the name frnd…and says now miss jungli billi we have to go to d hotel asap…

The scence shifts to swalak

The scene starts wen laksh is shouting snake snake…hearing d name snake swara opens her eyes and gets up wid a jerk…she gets so panicked that she starts jumping in fear and starts shouting ma….baba…ginu…bu…and she stops herself frm saying d last name…laksh notices this…laksh shouts swara..seeing laksh she hugs him and asks him where is d name ..how big was it…wat colour…was it poisonous…was it angry and says laksh pls save me …pls…bachao mujhe…laksh reveals his prank saying that there is no sleep and he did it jst to wake her up swara gets angry and says u lucky u are so bad..u knw na how much afraid i am of snakes and u did this to me…wat if i would have died of..laksh covers her mouth b4 she could complete her sentence and says that u will never say like this..swara feels happy seeing his concern but y…?….now laksh asks her that wat was d last name she was talking abt? Swara becomes serious and contradicts his sentence saying dat we have to reach d hotel soon and see whether sanskaar found ragini..laksh is confused but agress..And they leave the place….

Then it is shown that RagSan and SwaLak both reach the hotel at d same time..
swaragini is very happy seeing eachother and they hug each other.
..(SwaRagini tune plays)Sanlak smile seeing their love for eachother…swara gets conscious and starts shouting on ragini saying y did she go in the jungle wen she herself knew how scared u are of darkness..if smthng happened to u then wat would i have done…Sanskaar interrupts saying that swara leave ragu let her rest she was very tensed and scared yesterday night..swara replies saying that ha i will let her but frst she has to…she stops  saying and asks sanskaar wat did u jst call her. Ragu?wen did this happen..ragini replies saying that yest we both became frnds…laksh days finally swara now we will have less headache..swara replies saying ys laksh now we dnt have to stop their fights..both sanskaar  and ragini says we dont eat ur heads u both eat ours and they leave saying this…both swalak smile…

Like this the rest of d days of d camp pass..their frndship increases..swara and laksh start to fall in love with eachother but are admant abt their feelings…

The last day of d camp…

Both swaragini and sanlak are wishing eachother..to have a good journey..they all think

I wish that we will meet soon…dont knw but y bidding u a farewell makes me sad..i hope…we meet soon..
They all say good bye and leave towards their journey…wishing to meet eachother soonnn…

The scene ends on sad faces of SwaRagini and SanLak…

Precap- New Chapter?

Now the question arises….
☆Who is bu?…
☆Which incident did ragini was talking abt?..
☆Will SwaRagini and Sanlak meet again or is this d end of their ❤ story?…
U will get the answers soooon…Till then keep reading and commenting me ur views…ur comments motivate me to write if u all feel like this ff is not good do tell me i ll try to end it soon..but pls tell ur views…

Thanks for reading….?

Take Care..?..

Byeee ??

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