Swaragini – secret love rewriting – Introduction

Hello frnds I’m sindhu actually I update my ff secret love only three episodes.it’s been very long I didn’t update my ff so I know all r forgot abt this so I’m again vonyuning my ff again a small introduction I will try to be regular so let’s start.

Dp-father od sanskar laksh and adharsh he love his family a lot but he loves his daughter more(a no one business man in Kolkata)
Ap- wife of dp single word family is her world
Sansaka- a naughty guy he loves his brother a lot
Laksh- innocent but naughty too he love is brother but he is angry on uttara
Adharsh and pari ,- bhai and bhabhi of sanlak
Uttara-nice girl she loves her family except dp and pari

Gadodia family.
Shekar-he is also a business man he hates his elder daughter a lot (there is a reason).he love his younger daughter
Sumi-wife of shekar.she cares both the daughter’s equally
Swara – elder daughter of shekar and sumi very nice ,innocent and naughty she loves her sister a lot
Ragini- younger daughter of shekar and sumi very nice she loves her father a lot but she doesn’t like one thing in her father that is he hates swara without her mistake she loves swara a lot
Karan malhotra(by sagar in ganga) – he is very flirty guy but very nice at heart
Asha(by meera snbs):she can’t speak but very nice and intelligent she works at cafe
Rahul(by karthik in yrkkh)- he is poor but very ambitious
(Brief what happened in those three episodes)
Karan meets asha in cafe usually he started flirting with her . He gets sad after knowing she can’t speak but he impressed by her doing

On other side
Swara receive a love letter early mrng so.she used to its her daily routine she doesn’t know who was written letter to her after sometime shekar call them down so he says that swaeagini has to go to mumbai for further studies .swaragini were upset.they went to clg where they fnds waiting for them do narrated that his father sending them to mumbail for further studies these whole conversation heard by someone
On other side sanlak went to a clg for admission becoz of laksh admission got cancelled.
What will happen next will swaragini go to mumbai.

Precap—- swara talks to letter boy

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