Swaragini secret love episode 8


Episode starts……
At swaragini flat
Both were having their breakfast
Swara: wow ladoo laksh is here only he didn’t change he is so smart( ragini listening silently)swara (sad tone ) i’m missing him badly and those days lot of fun that one day chaged our life becoz of me that day I lost my LOVE
Ragini ( angry) : stop it di how can u think abt that laksh after he hurts that much
Swara: no laddo mistake is.mine
Ragini: plz.di.Don’t blame yourself and it’s getting late for clg I’m going wait i’m also coming but no use she wait swara step out to lock the door her phone rings
Swara: unknown number se she lift the call
Swara: hello whose this ?
Unknown: so forget me
Swara: arey whose this?
Unknown: its me ur secret follower
Swara: wt you
Person: yes me i’m missing my sleeping beauty
Swara: so ur flirting with me sry I don’t have time now. Listen I’m already in love ( guys its not joke seriously she is in love).but I want to know how u know me who r u? How u know my past?
Person: when time comes u will understand everything
Swara: atleast tell your name
Person: no not now
Swara: I don’t have time now bye.swara end the call
Down parking area
Here sanlak karan and asha were already present. Ragini is walking looking somewhere but our sanskar staring ragini
Here swara descending steps thinking about that person words
If u want to mend ur relation u have to try as best as u can
Swara(thinking): I never tried to talk papa now he is far from me but in laksh case I won’t repeat this mistake again I know how to convince him I will get my friend back to us
Swara starts running shouting: ragini!!!
Swara stops running and looking laksh smiles at him but laksh turns his face swara runs towards them
Swara to sanskar asha and karan : hi my name is swara I’m ur neighbour trio says hii
Karan ; hii i’m karan swara nice name
Swara: tq karan
Swara hugs laksh sry lucky but I miss you I missed my best friend a tear escape from her eyes in mean time ragini comes breaks the hug
Ragini ( di its getting late drags her from there both swaragini left
Laksh: this girl will never change stupid
Sanskar laughs okay let’s go
All left

I’m also going bye
See you soon

Sry i’m not on track and no sanskar sences I will try to give in next episode

I will try to give lengthy episode ……

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  1. Fairy

    Wohooooo loved it!!!!!!waitng for raglak fght 😛 !!!awesome update dr….keeep rockng n stay blessssssed dr????????????

  2. Exiting precap!

  3. A.xx

    loved it eagerly waiting for a little revelation the fight and rahul meeting them i think this is a RagLak and SwaSan in the end…..basically i’m waiting for the next update soo plz dont keep me waiting,,loved it and cont. rocking.xx

  4. Asra

    superbbb dear…..update soon…tkcr dear….

  5. Akshata

    awesome update, i think raglak love each other

  6. Super amazing

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