Swaragini secret love episode 6

Hello first of all happy diwali

Episode starts with sanlakaean step in clg
Three went to admin room
Ram(peon) gave one paper to them he says fill this and sign
Sanlak filling paper but karan searching for pen he checking his pockets suddenly someone puts pen infront him
( guess who)
At railway station
Swaragini stepped out of station hired taxi ragini gives small paper
Rags: take us to this address.taxi wala nodes

At clg
Karan is shocked and surprised to see that person
Karan: asha u
Asha smiles
( guys whatever asha says in gesture only so I’m not mentioning its her gestures)
Karan: u here wow so u also joined in same clg sanlak was just staring at them
Lucky ; arey karan u only give her chance to talk
Asha makes sad face
Karan (low voice): she can’t speak
Sanky: asha u looking so pretty

Lucky: haa bhai
Asha smiles and says ( gestures) I will leave now
Asha head to go but karan stops her
Karan: do you have any relatives here
Asha nodes no

Karan : where are you staying
Asha shrugged her shoulders
Laksh y can’t u stay with us sanky didn’t reacted to him be oz after all he is his brother he can’t deny his any kind of question but karan gives some kind of different expression (I too don’t know re)
Asha denys but with lot of effort of laksh she agreed
Sanky: okay then get u bag out we will wait out side

Out side

Karan: what is this laksh how can she stay with us
Sanky: why.can’t she our hous is too.big what will.do.with that much big house
Lucky: haa.not only that look at her once she looks so innocent how can we leave her alone
Sanky: yes karan he.is right

On road
Ragini shouting at taxi wala if don’t know correct route of this address u nave say first
Swara: ladoo cool

Ragini: wt cool.di my.foot we.have go.to.clg.also
Don’t worry a voice from back side
Swaragini looks back : who r u
Guy: I’m rahul
Ragini: so wt
Rahul: so much attitude I came here to help you shouting at me huuh?
Ragini: no need
Swara: ladoo plz
Ragini: pat dii
Swara: rags plz

rahul: atleast listen to ur sister ladoo
Ragini gives a death glare to her rahul winks at her
Rahul(to taxi guy) did they gave any address paper to show me
Taxi guy gives paper to him rahul reads and says the address correctly
Rahul( to ragini) hello cutie pie u have to be….his words cut by swara
Swara: okay bye

Rahul: oh so much attitude u both sisters atleast thank me yaar
Swara: how should I belive u that u gave right direction to him I’ll say thanks but not now when we meet next time swara winks at him
After some time swaragini reached their flat they entered their room this is also very nice and big they arranged all their things
Swara: perfect
Ragini: except one

Swara: what
Ragini : out side cheppal stand
Swaea: I.Will arrange don’t worry she walks bakwards.talking to ragini swara hits dehalezz she was about to fall but in nick of time someone holds her both swaragini get shocked seeing him

Episode ends…….

I’m sry for my grammar mistake plz forgive me
Why swaragini were shocked who might be he

Once again happy diwali


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  1. Sindhura

    He might be rahul

  2. Fairy

    Happpy happpy diwali dear????superb epiddear…heheheheh loved swargini n rahul scene???? keep rong n stay blessed dear…post nxt part soon????

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    Superrrr dear… Keep it up.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  5. Asra

    awesome dear…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  6. Awesome and I think it’s rahul.

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