Swaragini secret love episode 5

Someone who came to swara receives a letter he starts readinig
Swara( letter): plz whoever you r but u know I don’t deserve love if someone who loves me he or she will loose their loved one becoz of me my dad loves me a lot but because of my one mistake he.started hating me. So I don’t want to gave again pain to another And I know every guy will to marry a modern girl I’m not a modern girl so think ur selection was totally worng
Letter ends
In swara room;
Swara crying in her room someone throws paper on her she turns back she saw shadow on window she goes to window
Swara: can’t u listen what i’m saying before she could say something
Guy: I don’t who hates u or who loves u but I can say u dad hates u without ur mistake
Swara was hell shocked
Guy: I know u shocked I know everything about you becoz I LOVE YOU. If anyone was in ur dad’s place they will react same but not as ur father is doing he was giving punishment from 3yrs but as a daughter its ur responsibility to mend relation between u both
Swara: but how I going to mumbai tomorrow
Guy: see if u have faith on urself then it doesn’t matter u far from ur father or not
Swara : seriously but y ur saying all these to me
Guy : becoz I already said u
Swara: can I ask one question
Guy: ofcourse but one condition
Swara: wt condition
Guy; first say u will accept or not
Swara : okay

Guy: okay then ask
Swara: y ur not showing urself
Guy: u will get to know when I meet u until then u don’t ask me okay
Swara: okay fine what’s ur condition
Guy: can I have ur number
Swara: y
Guy : simply to know about you more
Swara: but you know everything about me
Guy : please
Swara : ok fine I am giving my number because to find who you are
Guy: you can’t
Guy : that’s secret I can’t say
Swara: okay fine u can go I want to sleep
Guy: hey u breaking promise where is ur no
Swara: 9*********9

Guy: tq
At karans place
Leela: take care karan call me when you reached their
Karan: okay will definitely call u after 1 hr okay
Mr. Malhotra: okay its getting late to ur flight
Karan: okay mom bye don’t worry about me.karan leaves after 1 hr karan reached to mumbai airport while he walking he collides a person
Karan: sry
Person: its okay karan mend down
Person: hey its okay I forgive u no .need to touch by feet
Karan: come dude I’m not touching ur feet I just taking my card he takes and showed to that person
Person:takes card from karan so u want to go to this place
Karan: yes but why r u asking this
Person : actually we.have to go to that place
Karan: oh great what’s your name
Person: i’m sanskar maheshwari and he is my brother laksh maheshwari and urself
Karan : I’m karan malhotra we can go together
sanlak: okay
At railway station
Swaragini and Shekar shomi reached there
Ragini went to.some stall
Shomi is busy in talking phone
Swara : papa I hurt u a lot but now I’m going far from u I know I will meet u after many years at least say bye to me that’s enough for me
Shekar: plz i’m happy now don’t spoil my mood got it
Swara: I know y ur happy becoz I going far that’s y na I don’t care u angry on me not but I Love u papa ur mu best friend and ur my super man saying this she hugs him and weeps shekar eyes also filled with tears but he didn’t huged her back swara.cries and weny to her seat after sometime ragini bid bye to Shekar and shomi she went in train moves Shekar and shomi leaves
At some place
Sanlak and karan step out from taxi
Karan: so what’s ur apartment name
Sanky: xyz.name
Karan : me to wait don’t say that plot no 546
Laksh: exactly how do you know
Karan happily hugged laksh so we r roommates
Sanky: okay.then come.lets go.to room
They reached room it is of two.floors.it is very big
Sany: it’s very nice
Karanlak: yeah
All.went.to their respective rooms
At sanky room
As he entered room he lied on bed
Sany.closes his eyes
Adharsh: I’m sorry sanky I really don’t want to send u far
Sanky: it’s okay.bhai I.can.understand y u sending us far becoz of uttara and laksh right
Adharsh: ya right
Sanky: bhai w e have to wait.Some time everything will be fine
Adarsh: kab tak yaar it’s been years till now uttara behaving rudely with pari
Sanky: but y r u sending laksh away its better to stay here to patch up
Adharsh: no if laksh stay here he hates uttara more untill.we convince uttara its better to laksh away from us but I can’t leave him alone he such a innocent he don’t anything without u he day.will.not start
Sany: can I ask one question
Adharsh : ofcourse
Sany: I know ur happy with bhai but I’m asking again r u happy with bhai
Adharsh : yes sanky i’m happy with her she is my wife and life now
Sanky open his eyes becoz he feels some weight on his legs
Sanky: arey lucky wt r doing y r u sit on my legs
Lucky: bhai shall we go to site seeing
Sany: u can ask another way also instead of sitting on my legs
Lucky: oops sorry
Sanky: no we r not going anywhere go take some rest.lucky leaves
Sanky(in mind): lucky meri bhai don’t worry I will patch up u and uttara I know u love her a lot
At train
Swara closes her eyes some flashes came infront
Swara(shouts): papa tq so much i’m really happy I love to travel in train
Shekar : I know my little princess
Swara: I will miss u these two days Shekar: papa too miss u
Swara and shekar hugs
A tear escape from her eyes

Freezes on crying face of swara and sad face if sanskar

Precap : sanlakaran at clg. And rahul entry and swaragini………..
Then wt abt asha??????
I’m sry laksh and.ragini fans.today’s episode is totally on sanskar.ans.swara .but I will give equal importance to all seven

Don’t think abt pairs.I tried my level best to give lengthy episode i’m sry if didn’t reached ur expectations.I hope u liked it


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